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Adolf Hitler’s 1936 Speech to Volkswagen Workers

Seig Heil Everyone,

 This is the first speech of Adolf Hitler’s that I am posting on the Thule Society website. The transcribed and translated speech printed below was addressed to the workers at the Volkswagen plant. It is very apropo considering the current economic conditions within the United States, which are increasingly being compared to the same economic woes of Weimar-era Germany that Hitler and the NSDAP had to contend with.

The source I am using offers a complete compilation of Hitler’s speeches, and every speech within this compilation has been accurately translated into English without commentary or editing (adulteration). The speeches in this compilation span the years  between 1921-1945 and add up to 993 pages in total. Rather than present these translated and recorded Hitler speeches in chronological order, I am concentrating on publishing what I recognize to be the most significant for our present situation.

 There are a number of problems one encounters when one is researching Hitler’s speeches:

(1)Many of the alleged Adolf Hitler speeches one encounters online are totally fake.

(2) Quite a few speeches one might encounter across the internet are attributed to Adolf Hitler; however, these speeches were actually made by senior members of the NSDAP and then falsely attributed to Hitler.

(3) Many online transcripts of speeches attributed to Hitler are the genuine article, except these transcripts are only partial speeches whose meanings are distorted because they are incomplete.

(4) Many Adolf Hitler speeches that are posted across the internet are very real, and these transcribed speeches are also in complete condition; however, these speeches are still distorted because they are taken out of their proper context.

(5) Many transcripts of Adolf Hitler’s Speeches that are found online have been edited, with some things being added and other things being taken away.

When it was first suggested to me that I post translated transcripts of Hitler’s speeches, I already knew what I was up against, so I basically looked until I found the source that I am now using. What I am now using is a comprehensive set of well-translated, complete, and unedited speeches spoken by Adolf Hitler himself. The speeches I now offer you are presented without any sort of commentary because offering commentary more often than not only confuses matters.

I think our campaign to publish real and complete speeches made by Adolf Hitler himself is going to prove itself to be highly productive in the coming years because people will gain access to his genuine words, which will permit Hitler to actually speak for himself for a change instead of having Jews wrongfully tell us all what Hitler supposedly said. We are publishing Hitlers speeches so that our readers will not be confused and mislead concerning what Hitler actually did and did not say, and what he did and did not mean. The Thule Society has a radical idea: Let Hitler speak for Hitler!! We at the Thule Society want to let Hitler himself explain to people what he is talking about. Actually reading what Hitler  had to say in his many speeches certainly turned things around for me, and I believe that it will do the same for other people as well once they can clearly read his actual words.
Heil Hitler deva!
Cover image courtesy of TheHotRodAnvil account on Pinterest.com