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The Fash Bash

Fash Bash Impressions

by Brian Ruhe

I was away from April 17 -24, 2019. The organizers of the “Fash Bash” (as in fascist) flew me to the Poconos in Pennsylvania to be one of their guest speakers to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s 130th birthday April 20th. The gathering of about 40 people went from Friday to Sunday April 19 – 21st.

I got a taxi at 3:45 am and my flight stopped in Minneapolis. Then I flew to Detroit and met a French woman, France, at Detroit airport during lunch and red pilled her on the Jews and Hitler. She was smiling and friendly so I kept talking. She flinched when I told her the Holocaust was a hoax but she was very interested in seeing my videos and sources so I gave her my card. That was a good start!

I was reading the last third of Mein Kamph on the plane because my 1971 copy split. I was excited and inspired reading it but accidentally left it behind the seat in front of me when I left and I felt such a loss. I was looking forward to reading it on the way back but Jan Lamprecht gave me his book, Government by Deception – Psychopolitics in Southern Africa so that was a great read on the way back.

Monika Schaefer came from Jasper, Alberta and met me at the same airport, JFK and our host Jovi picked us up along with Jan Lamprecht, another guest speaker. Jan and I had already made several videos together and we had a happy greeting. We stayed in Queens and the next day another main organizer, Ice Wolf, drove us out and he hated driving through Manhattan. Ice Wolf is a great guy and was very helpful and would do anything for us.

Jersey looked flat and desolate and the Poconos looked similar to Ontario. We had two big buildings to use and before the Fash Bash started about a dozen of us went to Bushkill Falls and took a photo of us seig heiling in front of the falls!

When everyone got together it was a good energetic mix of like minded people of all ages. Some were very talkative, some quiet and I had a chance to talk with everyone there. Good people and varying characters. I stay up ‘til 1:00 am the first two nights, then after the meet and greet on April 19th Friday, I was up ‘til 2:00 am.

Hitler’s birthday was the big day with the formal talks. We started with Jan Lamprecht downstairs because he needed the big screen for his slide show. His theme was about South Africa and Zimbabwe, not Hitler. He gave a great part one talk, then Jovi selected me as the second speaker. They raised a platform and I drew about 30 people for my 45 minute talk. It went over better than I hoped and I brought a tear to some eyes. I had to hold mine back as I am devotional for the fuehrer. Mine was the only talk about Adolf Hitler, actually so I felt I picked the right topic and was very satisfied with my lecture. The audience was very kind and listened attentively. I did my fuehrer chant at the end and got a good applause. Our talks we live streamed on Jovi Val TV channel on YouTube. You can see them at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_Ztgq8ccqwnxJ6bkft3kA

Monika and I took turns videoing each other. Monika gave a spirited talk on her experience in prison in Germany and the outrage of the attacks on free speech. The time spent on talks went way further than the three hours advertised. Pastor Eli James gave a talk on white Christian identity which was very good. He is well known and he was a great guy to talk with one-on-one as well. Next Travis Golie gave a talk on activism and he is most impressive. He is truly a motivational speaker who walks his talk and he brought a huge dufflebag of white national sheets in a baggie with a stone to hold it down. He and his team toss them out of windows onto people’s lawns to get the word out and he is effective. He brought his 12 year old son Christoper who is a chip off the old block.

We took breaks for pizza and drinks and went very late into the night. We had an Adolf Hitler 130th birthday cake and celebrated and ate that! Jan Lamprecht did part two of his talk from 11:50 pm until 1:35 am. Then after that we did a live stream Q & A with the panel of Travis, me, Monika and Jan. We didn’t get to the speakers building and to bed until 6:00am! Then we had to get up at 9:30 am to get ready to go back to New York.

I expected that the Fash Bash would be mostly an informal gathering of people who wanted to talk and share their ideas and experiences and that’s what it was. He all had plenty of time for one-on-one meetings with people to make connections. I enjoyed spending time with Fredrick White who was a close associate of George Lincoln Rockwell, who was assassinated in 1967. Rockwell worked closely with him for a couple of years and looked deeply into Fredrick’s eyes and knew him well. I looked deeply into Fredrick’s eyes listening to his stories, like sleeping on the couch when he and Rockwell stayed over at Rockwell’s girlfriend’s place so I felt that connection to George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.

Jovi organized the Fash Bash with friends and we all thanked Ice Wolf who is such a nice guy and he drove us there and back. I made a video of the Fash Bash which is still in the editing process. Attendees felt it was a success and we talked about organizing the next one. I’m glad I went!

Afterwards we went back to Manhattan on Sunday Morning and Monika and I stayed until Wednesday to be tourists and see the Big Apple. We stayed at Air BnB’s and did a Top View bus tour. Most impressive was St. Patrick’s Cathedral with it’s incredibly high and majestic spires. Monika and I slowly walked through each part and sat and meditated in one of the quiet rooms with a shrine to the Virgin Mary. I did my deva invocation practice there, visualizing the spot were I do it at home in Vancouver so when I practice at home I can experiment with imagining bi-location at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I thought that this was where they had the funeral for Bobby Kennedy and I was right so that added more power to my experience.

The New York library was amazing with it marble walls and high arches. So many tourists where filing through while people were quietly reading.

We went to ground zero to see the Freedom Tower which Monika called the tyranny tower. I took a video of Monika confronting people in the line up for the 9/11 museum, including orthodox Jews. She would say, “We know who did 9/ll! The Jews did 9/11!” She was brave and afterwards Monika told me she felt like she just got going as her fighting spirit was aroused.

NYC is the centre of elite Jewish evil in America and we saw countless orthodox Jews and some dark institutions such as the Rockefeller Centre, Wall St. and a Holocaust Center.

On our last night our host Jovi took us on a tour of the night lights and it was great to see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Jersey City across the Hudson River. The best part was driving and walking around looking at all the buildings and architecture. Each block was like a canyon of buildings going for miles. Then we would walk to the next block and see another canyon of high rises. It was awe inspiring! I felt pride in what white people have designed, built and accomplished.

Brian Ruhe


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  1. You are so great! Thanks for doing all of that! I missed out, I am 150 miles South of where you were. So sorry to hear you lost your copy of Mein Kampf. I need to get a copy for myself and would like to get a recommendation on a good source for that.
    Monika is so great. We do know who did 9/11! It wasn’t just the jews, but they certainly were in on the master plan and played a central part. Our whole government (mind controllers) is owned by them and I am still discovering how far back it goes. The next time someone says the White Man was responsible for African slavery, I’ll tell them that 78% of slave traders were jews. They ran the distilleries out of New York to fund it. They also started pushing it to the Native American Tribes. Spirits of the devils.
    I look forward to watching the videos.
    Thanks again,
    Jeffrey Schaefer

    1. Mein Kampf: The Stalag Edition
      The Only Complete and Officially Authorized English Translation Ever Issued By Adolf Hitler
      Translator: Unknown NSDAP member.

      First issued as My Struggle, By Adolf Hitler
      Zentral Verlag Der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachf. GMBH 1937-1944

      Presently Published by Ostara Publications (c) 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
      ISBN 978-1-68418-597-9

      You can read this one easily and you won’t have to wade through any of the usual idiocy in forwards.

  2. Been trying to get in contact with Brian Ruhe to read through my book I wrote via email. I hope to here from him soon. I am now currently working on my second volume. Heil Hitler!

  3. Howdy Iron Eagle,

    I get so many people asking for my time so I have written out my worldview at: . If your request fits in with my worldview than please contact me again. Please read it and consider if it would help or hinder our cause for me to consume more of my time.
    Thanks for your understanding,
    Brian Ruhe

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