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The Prince of the Power of the Devil (Installment Part 2) The American Experience

The Prince of the Power of the Devil (Installment Part 2)

The American Experience

I – Before Andrew Jackson


There were two factions within the American Ruling Class circles even before semi-independence was gained from the British Crown.


One faction essentially wanted to carve out a decent life for their selves and then live and let live. Most Americans I feel were probably more or less that way. This attitude was especially prevalent in the South.


My Father’s people were like that. Mother’s family had been expelled from Ireland by the Crown and they had moved far to the west to live with the Cherokee, in order to escape the hated English Crown.


The other faction is what I call the ‘Imperialists’. They wanted independence from Britain, so they could go about establishing a world ruling American Empire. They desired a highly centralized authoritarian state, with a central bank connected to Rothschild, who would issue debt-based currency used to pay for the Imperial project. They would procure it with the money loaned to them from the Rothschild Bank. The country didn’t have the money to pay for the Imperial Project so they would pursue it with money from Rothschild. Alexander Hamilton was the most well known early lender of this faction, before he was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr the ‘wannabe’ American King and absolute monarch.


The United States was considered a “Freemasonic Republic” by both factions of the “American Founding Fathers” as they were called. They were all Freemasons except for Thomas Jefferson who was a Rosicrucian.


The British leadership’s military, driving the American Revolution were themselves all Freemasons.


Not all American Presidents were Imperialists. Never the less, by the time Jackson took office the country was heavily in debt to the Rothschild Bank.


2 – Andrew Jackson


When Andrew Jackson took office he abolished the Central Bank and kicked out the International Bankers (the Rothschild Bankers). The financial problem then temporarily solved.


His problem was that his administration would not live within its means. So, they had to borrow money from the Domestic American banks. They were actually criminal enterprises themselves. Their financial crimes continued and ended up collapsing the United States economy, sending the whole country into an economic depression. After Jackson left office the country ended up borrowing money again from Rothschild banks, in order to pull its self out of the depression.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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