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Adolf Hitler Deva vs Disinformation in the Media by the Children of the Devil

Adolf Hitler deva is quick to point out that his NSDAP was NEITHER Right Wing NOR Conservative. It was a thing totally unto itself. National Socialism does not equate with anything else but National Socialism. Too many insert their own programs into it without bothering to take into consideration what Adolf Hitler deva actually said he was doing. National Socialism was indeed a Nationalist movement, but only within a Socialist context. The obverse could equally well be applied. Any of those who have a problem with that are having a problem with Adolf Hitler himself. (He seems to want this well understood by everybody at the present time.)


He also wants this understood, that Capitalism and Communism are both Jew tools. Which sometimes take on aspects of being different factions within the Tribe. But they invariably end up coming together in common cause in the pursuit of Jew Global Dominion. Communism and Big Business invariably have ended up getting in bed with each other. For one thing both depend on enslaving the Worker. The NSDAP by its very name designated itself as a Worker’s Party, but a National Socialist one rather than a Communist one, and Adolf Hitler deva never changed that designation. As an economic system National Socialism is once again an entity unto itself. It actually has nothing in common with the Jew gangster rackets of Capitalism or Communism.


Heil Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn

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