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National Socialism in Cyclical Time 4th Installment: THE GREENWORLD – EUROPE BEFORE THE COMING OF THE ARYAN


National Socialism in Cyclical Time

4th Installment:



The name Greenworld has an interesting history. It refers to both the homelands of the Aryans once they settled in Europe and among the Celtic Tribes to The Otherworld/Higher Spiritual Realms. Which was experienced as immense forest and sylvan settings. Something I can vouch for as I have journeyed there myself. They saw The Otherworld and their physical homelands as being interwoven with each other and simply different aspects of the same whole. One lower and the other higher.


I am of Germano-Celtic Ancestry myself personally. Descended from the tribes of mixed culture which occupied the borderlands between the two peoples once they settled in Europe.


In regards to Greenworld when applied to Europe geographically speaking. It is the Primordial European Forest. Which originally and continuously stretched from the Ural Mountains and Caspian Sea all the way west threw the British Isles, and from the treeline in northern Scandinavia to the shores of the Mediterranean. One vast ecosystem, speaking in modern terms.


The original inhabitants of Europe were a species of “humans” called Neanderthalers. Not without a certain level of development but at the same time brutish, savage, and predatory.



Then appeared the Cro-Magnons, who will turn out to be an essential component of our story. Being vastly superior to the Neanderthalers they pushed them out of all of the best places to live. They did this not through aggression, as the Cro-Magnons were a totally peaceful species of humans, but because they were in all areas totally capable.


Some have theorized that “Humankind”, whatever exactly that is and portions of them anyway, in very distant times past were actually more highly developed across the board than modern man is now. Even in my lifetime I have seen the degeneration continue to take place in many areas, with technology being used to compensate for it.


Cro-Magnons, who were a major component of the ancestry of the European Peoples, were more developed physically, smarter, and far more intrinsically spiritual than their modern day descendants, on average.  So what we see now isn’t human evolution taking place. Instead it is human devolution. The degeneration from a higher to a lower state.


This fits perfectly well with the concept of cyclical time. The process of deterioration from a Golden to a Dark Age. From a time when men were near being Demi-Gods to a time of an undead-army-of ‘skeletons’ (At Ragnarok), animate but lacking any spiritual component. In other words, ‘Transhumans’, as Kali Yuga becomes set to end, at the selfsame instant the Satya Yuga becomes set to begin. The “Demi-Gods” in embryonic form begin to appear at the exact same instant as the ‘skeletons’.


We must come to understand these Cro-Magnons if we are to bring on Satya Yuga.


Two cultures began to develop from these Cro-Magnons. In the fertile river valleys were established an Agrarian settled Goddess centered culture (concerned with fertility of the crops, childbirth, and the hearth). Then, in the depths of the forest were nomads of  extended family groups, Hunter-Gatherer, God centered culture (Concerned with hunting, fishing, and the gathering of wild plants).


The Neanderthalers now began to hunt and eat these unwarlike Cro-Magnons. They considered it easier to hunt them than wild animals so they became their principal source of protein. The Neanderthalers hated them anyway for pushing them out of the best land as I said.


There was another group of Proto-Europeans who came in by way of northwest Africa. These were in fact “White” and NOT Black. They would spread in time across the British Isles and Western and Central Europe just ahead of the Aryans. They would become the Fir-Bolg in Ireland, the Picts in Scotland, and other groups in other areas including Germany.


The Aryans now began to enter the picture. The German tribes coming into the Greeworld from the North and the Horse Tribes from the East. The Neanderthalers made the mistake of trying to prey on these very warlike newcomers. The result was a war of extermination being waged against the Neanderthalers. The “White” Cro-Magnons sought the protection of these Aryans and would in time be absorbed by them. All peacefully I might add. They would contribute a great deal to the physical, mental, and spiritual development of Our Various European Folks. The Aryans would also end up absorbing the newcomers from northwest Africa as well.


The remnants of the Neanderthalers, not very many I might add, now fled Europe and took refuge in caves in remote places in the Caucasus Mountains. There they would dream of and plot their revenge against the hated Aryans. (But that is a story for another time as they say.)

(This concludes this 4th installment.)

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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