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Analysis of Trump’s Second Presidential Election

Analyses of Trump’s Second Presidential Election

Political analysts have determined that around one third of the voters in Alabama are not going to vote in the next presidential election on the 3rd of November 2020. Unfortunately, neither of the big political parties that are squaring-off in this inflated round of made-for TV political elections give a tinker’s din about what happens to the general populace. As far as I am concerned, I will quote Alexander Solshenytsyn to sum up the current political situation in America, “I refuse to take-part in this lie!”

If the percentages hold true, then regardless of who “wins” this next round of big political circle-jerks, only around 1/3 of the total populace will actually go out and cast a vote for Biden. Moreover, only Eastern Liberal elites and corporate honchos will be enthusiastic about propping-up old Sleepy Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. Despite Biden fronting the band, Kamala Harris is the real singer of choice for the Zionist ruling elites, and she always has been. Thing is, Kamala “Kamal-Toe” Harris failed to win the Democratic Party’s, I mean the Communist Party’s, nomination due to her unpopularity, even when judged by the butt-low standards of White Lib-tards and colored folks. Given Harris’ poor public reception, Los Zionistas figured that they could quietly open that old jar of  Vaseline and pull a midnight-sneaky on the American public by sliding Hot-Tamale Kamala through the back door of  the oval office while the masses snore-away in a roofie-fueled slumber.

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about economic recovery during a campaign event at Colonial Early Education Program at the Colwyck Center on July 21, 2020 in New Castle, Delaware. Biden took no questions from the press at the conclusion of the event. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Have millions of misguided people gone out and tried to shove Sniffing Joe Biden into the top realty-TV gig under the banner of  “Anybody but Trump” with Kamala tagging-along as the liver-spotted loser’s sidekick? It appears that the answer to that question is an emphatic YES! The plan seems to be this: Get old Sominex Joe into the White House, then use the new 25th Amendment to remove his decrepit, senile, and antediluvian ass after a few short turns of the lunar cycle. After Biden’s geriatric and wrinkled rear end has been evicted from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the next step in the Uber-Zionist’s scheme will be to switch Joe Biden who is the worn-out cog in the soft machine with their pet of choice: Kamala Harris.

1 kamala harris gender gap

On the other side of the tennis court, roughly a third of America’s voters will pull for Trumpolini on a rainy day, yet only the most dedicated and worshipful of Cheeto-man’s camp followers will have any real enthusiasm for voting their man-of-the-hour into another term. Indeed, El Trumpo is a messianic character to his most dedicated groupies, and R the Donald could be counted as a cult figure on par with The Gipper, who is also known as Ronald Reagan.

Crazy Citizen

To a dedicated Trumpista, the Orange Man is like a Vicar, or a representative of Jesus on Earth. Sadly, both the soy-poisoned goons of Antifa and the legions of pickup-driving Trumpistas are both mobs of fanatics who are capable of doing practically anything, which includes believing that this-here planet just is not big enough for the two of them.

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Lastly, approximately one-third of all American voters will refuse to take part in the hybrid Covid19-Election Hoax. The “News” that splatters a runny mess across the bus station bathrooms of the American Empire now consists of virtually nothing but Covid19 fear-mongering and tropes about the “Election.” The pot of soup made from the Covid-19 and a rigged set of political elections now sits and simmers on the Jewish media’s stovetop. This simmering media stew cooked-up by the Jews is also seasoned with dashes of periodic shootings by Blacks and hurricanes flattening the Gulf of Mexico.

For all intents and purposes, the USA is already a politically and administratively failed state! These days, Americans have no sense of themselves as a people and their society is disintegrating. Now, us residents of the U.S & A are heading for a minority presidency, regardless of who technically “wins” the next political tele-novella that masquerades as a political election.

Despite having a guarantee that around 1/3 of the American populace will be OK with Snake #1 getting crowned as their new TV-Personality in Chief; regardless, whichever clown the Zionists install will never be supported by more than 1/3 of the American public. Let’s face the truth, we now have a recipe for civil war in America because 1/3 of the populace will like whichever presidential puppet sits and watches television in the Whitehouse, 1/3 will hate this marionette who yammers from a teleprompter on the idiot box, and 1/3 will be totally unpredictable.

Old TV Set

It seems likely that if America breaks-out in a civil war there will be a military dictatorship that is aligned with Netanyahu and Israel who will hold the keys to whatever kingdom is left after the dust has settled. However, international Jewry is clearly getting sweaty palms these days because they are aware that they might be creating an uncontrollable Frankenstein Monster when the go around destroying nations and playing drinking Jenga with millions of peoples’ lives. Donald Trump’s cozy connections with Jews and of the 100-dollar quickies he has turned in the bar’s parking lot for Israel seem to have divided Jewry into two minds, so there seems to be a lack of consensus about how to proceed from here on out amongst elites Jews.

Randall Lee Hiburn

ADL Overtime

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