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Covid-19: Fact, Fiction, Ghosts in the Machine, and the Kung Flu

COVID-19: Fact VS. Fantasy


Not too long ago, I was laying down in bed before the start of my day, the sun was just beginning to rise, and I was thinking of nothing in particular; however, I was listening to cold rain falling on the roof and pelting my bedroom window….then it hit me! So, what hit me? I was struck like a thunderbolt with an immediate insight about the Covid-19, which also known as “The Coof.” That morning, the flash of information I received about The Coof first exploded inside my mind, then I sat bolt-upright and shouted, “Now I See It!”

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It is now generally understood by many people just what the Covid-19 is really is, and this is a good thing. True, from one perspective The Coof can be viewed correctly as a hoax; however, people who only think of The Coof as a hoax inevitably miss the main point of why The Coof exists in the first place.


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It is important to remember that COVID-19 IS A PROGRAM OF POPULATION REDUCTION!!

There has been an agenda for some years to reduce the world’s population back to 500,000,000, so introducing The Coof is really not as big a leap as it might initially appear.

When thinking about the elite agenda to reduce the world’s population to 500,000, it is important to remember that we are not talking about having a population of 500,000 actual people here, but instead, we are talking about the future turning into a dystopian world with an arrogant, degenerate, and out-of-touch ruling class who preside over a dump that is filled with Transhuman Slaves, not regular humans of various races like we have today.

The Coof is actually not a disease per se, though sundry diseases both natural and manmade will play a part in this rotten depopulation stage production. True, various diseases have a part to play in the The Coof’s script, but The Coof is really one of many things that is being instituted at the same time to achieve the specific goal of reducing the world’s population. Think of it this way: The Coof is a program of population reduction itself. The greater Coof agenda includes the following items as well: an induced element of hunger, calculated malnutrition, amplified poverty, environmental pollution, weather engineering (including the resulting desertification and crop failures.), and the malfunctioning/breakdown of the “health care” system.

All of the afore mentioned items are packaged together and designed to weaken the population and leave the unwashed masses vulnerable to any number of potentially fatal illnesses. As a part of this program to exterminate billions of people in a slow, quiet, and deniable manner, a number of biological weapons have already been developed by the Pentagon at the behest of Israel. Sadly, many of these engineered biological weapons have been used (according to Vladimir Putin) against China, Iran, and Russia. To make matters worse, every time a nation encounters a new biological weapon that the Jews have thrown at them, these unfortunate countries then encounter something entirely new soon after. Fortunately, these Jewish bio-weapons attacks are nasty, yet beatable; for example there was a recent attack made against North Korea which was decisively defeated by those crafty Koreans.

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Actually, the intention behind The Coof is to depopulate the Earth of anything we would recognize as natural humans, and this final depopulation would then clear the way for humans to be replaced by the Transhuman Slaves that I mentioned previously. The mostly-Jewish global elite that are behind this nefarious depopulation agenda have calculated that their vast fortunes and the technology their money makes possible will protect and/or deliver them from any adverse consequences of their depopulation program. These same nasty characters have also instituted a War on Nature itself, and this war on all things natural is meant to rid the planet of any and all lifeforms that these Satanic and narcissistic Jewish elites cannot use to either generate maximum profits or to do their bidding.

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When considering that these globalist elites are working against nature itself, it is important to keep in mind that this vile bunch is working tirelessly to digitize their own consciousnesses and upload themselves into computer systems then eventually transform themselves into godlike beings of pure artificial intelligence. The long-term plan for these Jewish megalomaniacs is to download their consciousness into computer systems, then to move to different computer systems after each machine they inhabit slowly wears out over time, as all things eventually do.

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The plan for these aspiring Hebrew gods includes continuously transferring their consciousness to newer and better machines whenever possible in a continuous process of self-improvement. This intended process of continual self-improvement and transference between computer systems serves as a means for them to achieve immortality and virtual godhood. Indeed, the elites have their own ambitious transhuman agenda, yet the remnants of humanity will be maintained as a group and never allowed any individuality, and these new transhuman slaves will only exist to serve a small group of new “gods” who are made from computer parts and information that is stored in cloud-computing systems and blockchain ledgers.

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Among the Ancient Celts, the word “godling” (never capitalized) referred to mortals who falsely tried to pass themselves off as a genuine gods or goddess. Being a godling was one of the very few capital crimes in old Celtic society, so once a person was identified as a godling they were killed immediately. Killing any mortal who claimed to be a god or goddess may seem a bit extreme, but the ancient Celts had a clear understanding that failing to kills these false gods carried unacceptable risks.

Pixar's 'Brave': How the Character Merida Was Developed - The New York Times

I will leave this article with anecdote. I have noticed that the prices of food in American grocery stores has been increasing for a few years now, and the Jews are presently blaming this price increase on The Coof, as you would expect. Yes, the Jews are now blaming the increases in food prices on the Coof, but food prices have actually been on the rise long before The Coof ever rode into town.

The price of food had been going up for years now, but the price of pet food has also been going up for years as well, especially canned cat food. The really sad issue with canned cat food is the fact that countless poor elderly Americans who are living in urban areas have been purchasing canned cat food for their own consumption, and this is not a new trend. The reason that so many poor elderly people who live in big cities buy cat food is because this feline mixture is cheaper and more nutritious than dog food, plus cat food contains more calories per dollar than any human food they can afford.

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The information I am presenting about poor elderly American eating cat food out of desperation is referenced from an article that was published in the old AFP newspaper (American Free Press ) several years ago. Those who remember this newspaper know that it could be considered a Semi-National Socialist weekly publication. The article I just mentioned is notable because the cost of catfood is now increasing, so a source of cheap calories for the desperately poor urban elderly is now beginning to dry up.

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Well there you have it my friends, the meaning of Covid19.


Coofer | Know Your Meme


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


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