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What were the Goals and Scope of Adolf Hitler’s Eugenics Program?



A book called “Hitler’s Table Talk” was edited by Martin Bormann, and in this book, Bormann and others recorded Hitler’s informal after-dinner conversations with various individuals. During Hitler’s Chancellery, it was common practice for Hitler and his closest confidants to get together for a general bull-session at the end of the day, and during these informal gatherings, all sorts of things were discussed in an off-the-record sort of manner, and these issues of discussion included many of Hitler’s long-range plans which were never publicly addressed.

The Chad Furrer

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Concerning Hitler’s ideas about eugenics, he had the goal of purifying the German Folk over a VERY LONG PERIOD OF TIME, and Hitler took it for granted that he would not live to see the culmination of his eugenics plans; never the less, he intended to take things as far as he could go on the eugenics front within his own lifetime so that his successor(s) could continue with the same program. At the time of the 3rd Reich, only about 5% of the German Folk were of pure Aryan stock, so Hitler’s program focused on maintaining purity for that particular segment of the population while gradually working to purify the rest; needless to say, this plan was certainly a task that would take several generations.

Vitruvian Man

The image above shows Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous sketch of what he considered an ideal human form, this sketch is commonly called Vitruvian Man. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Contrary to what the public has been led to believe, there was no “Genetic Manipulation” involved in any of Hitler’s eugenics initiatives; however, nature was allowed to take its course within a framework of strictly enforced Racial and Marriage Laws. As Hitler envisioned things, purity was to be achieved through focused long-term breeding plans rather than through direct genetic manipulation. Within the workings of Hitler’s eugenics plans, individuals were of course free to choose their own mates, but only within the context of laws which governed marriage.

Drindle Couple

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As stated earlier, Hitler’s intention was to return the German Folk to the same racially pure state that exited around the 1st Century CE and before instead of trying to make the German people into something new. Hitler’s vision was the way it was because during his time, German genetic stock had already been thoroughly mixed with outside blood lines.

The human bodies we are familiar with today are totally unsuitable for long-range space travel, and matter cannot exist past the speed of light, so the act of traveling between planets is a bit of a challenge. At the speed of light, a one-way journey to the closest exoplanets that orbit the nearest star to Earth, which is called Alpha Centauri, would take at least FIFTY YEARS, yet multi-generational space journeys pose problems because human skeletons become extremely brittle after long periods of time in space.

On the other hand, the peoples who retain clear memories of being BROUGHT here from other planets all say basically the same thing about their origins, and these peoples include: the Cherokee – planet in the Pleiades; Sioux – planet orbiting Sirius; The Dogon People of West Africa – a different planet orbiting Sirius. According to the legends of all the previously mentioned peoples, their ancestors simply appeared here on Earth as they are now; however, their bodies were altered so they could be brought here by “The Spirits”. According to all of these legends, once the ancestors of the peoples mentioned earlier had arrived here on planet Earth, they were all altered back to their original states of being so that they could live on Earth for the long term. That being said, exactly how the ancestors of the peoples mentioned earlier were modified is still not clear.

Despite the lack of information pertaining to exactly how previous generations were modified to travel through space, there are only two ways to make people suitable for long-range space travel, and these methods include selective breeding and direct genetic manipulation. Genetic manipulation can also be used to create slave species for use on the Earth and in other places for that matter, as the Annunaki did in Africa.

Biden Voter

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After having analyzed the end results from the Annunakis’ processes for genetic engineering, one can easily gain a certain mistrust for these types of plans. Even if the Grays had the best of intentions; never the less, the trees of their genetic engineering schemes have still born bad fruit.

Some reports say that some “Extraterrestrials” are shapeshifters, and there are also reports which state that good Greys and bad Greys do exist, perhaps not unlike those who claim that good Reptilians and bad Reptilians have their cocktail parties from time to time. Some people have speculated that the Greys are basically a benevolent race, but these same people have also been known to claim that there are shapeshifters who hang out in front of the neighborhood drug store, disguise themselves as Greys, then they go out and do some really terrible things. So, many reports say that when the Greys metaphorically get a bit too lubricated on a Saturday night and then go around making trouble, they then pin the blame for this vandalism on somebody else. It has just occurred to me that this pattern of blaming others for crimes committed sounds quite familiar.

The Tuatha de Danaan (The People of The Goddess Danu), who were of the most ancient Eriu origin, (The original name for Ireland is Eriu.) contributed significantly to Irish genetics by “intermarrying” with the regular human inhabitants of Ireland from that time. At the time the Tuatha de Danaan arrived in Ireland, the regular people who were living there were called the Milesians. The Milesians were originally from Galatea, which is in the northwestern part of the Iberian Peninsula, and the Fir Bolg, a name which originally meant “Men of the Bag,” were the aboriginal inhabitants of Ireland before the Milesians set up shop, and it has also been speculated that the Fir Bolg were Cro-Magnons.

Unga Bunga

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The Tuatha de Danaan came to Eriu from four lands as it is recorded in old Irish legends, and some scholars have entertained the distinct possibility that the Tuatha de Danaan were Nordic Extraterrestrials who had come from four different planets somewhere else in our galaxy and then spread outward to all over the British Isles and Brittainy. My very ancient ancestors on my father’s side were among the people who intermarried with Nordic aliens.


Nordics And the Aryan Homeland

The Van Allen Radiation Belts come down near the Earth’s surface at point around the poles, and these belts of radiation leave a gap at the polar regions because they do not quite make it to the ground. To get around the radiation belts, the Nordics based themselves near the poles and then traveled about the Earth from there. The Nordics are now based in the Antarctic, but they were originally situated in the Arctic region of the far north when our planet’s climate was warmer and the Arctic ice cap was much smaller. The Aryan homeland, at least relative to the Earth, was in the Circumpolar Region of the Far North which would today be called the Canadian High Arctic, Greenland, Spitzbergen, Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Lapland, and the Arctic Coast of Siberia.


Legend or Suppressed Evidence?

 Back in the late 1960s, my Great Uncle Elbert alerted me to this story because he had a deep interest in UFO’s and lost civilizations. Elbert’s interest in UFOs came from seeing these craft zinging around the sky from the porch of his remote cabin that was deep in the woods, and his interest in lost civilizations came from his experiences digging coal in the mines up and down the Appalachian mountain chain.

At some point in the early 20th Century, a man who was out hunting and exploring in the Canadian High Arctic came upon an abandoned city that was partially covered by ice and snow. This intrepid hunter of the far north would eventually report this find to the Canadian government as well as the Canadian academic authorities, and there was initially a serious investigation launched into this hunter’s report. It was established by the academic establishment that what this hunter had seen was a small city which had less than 30,000 inhabitants when it was occupied, and whose city it was could not be established because there were no artifacts left behind, so academics concluded that the inhabitants of this zip code had plenty of time to move out and take all of their belongings with them. Thus, it seems likely that a changing climate was the factor which forced this city to be abandoned.

Canadian hunter

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Historical research established that this city which the artic hunter had seen was also occasionally mentioned by French explorers who had previously visited the same area, and the French were the first Europeans to explore the Canadian High Arctic. Concerning the lost city of the Canadian High Arctic, the “local” Inuit (Eskimos) were also questioned about this location by Canadian government officials in order to see if the Inuit knew anything. When questioned, the Inuit said that this abandoned city was already there when their ancestors moved into the area, and they also mentioned that this same place was abandoned long before their ancestors had first arrived. The Inuit came from Eastern Siberia millennia ago, and they considered the lost and abandoned city in the Canadian High Arctic to be a “Bad Place;” therefore, no righteous Inuit would ever go anywhere near that spot. Local Inuit avoided this abandoned city even though they had no idea who the original inhabitants were, and the local Inuit avoided this spot because they expected the old tenants to return some day and they did not want to be guilty of squatting or trespassing when the city’s builders came back.

eskimo pie

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After a few short years, the story of the lost city in the Canadian High Arctic being discovered was squelched and the hunter’s tale became something that was exploited by the imaginations of modern-day alternative media personalities and paranormal researchers. This story about a hunter finding a lost city in the Canadian High Artic made a brief but significant appearance in the late 60’s due to the efforts of alternative media networks and researchers; however, this story was driven underground once again after a few years of public discussion. I have seen the story about French explorers discovering a lost city in the Canadian High Arctic and a similar story about a great Canadian hunter of the far north who also explored a lost arctic city occasionally get mentioned over the years, but nothing has been said about this story for quite a while now.

The exact location of this lost city in the Canadian High Arctic has been suppressed for decades, yet I have seen suppressions of the truth in cases like this one happen before. Perhaps this lost city in the frozen far north of Canada lies in an area that has restricted access at this time, and perhaps this lost city has been demolished many years ago — who knows? It is also quite possible that the local Inuit who live close to this abandoned city have also been warned by the Canadian government to keep their mouths shut concerning the existence of this lost arctic city.

studly do right

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The Spiritual Aspects of The Nordic Alien Agenda

This body of writing is not intended to be an attack upon other members of the “Galactic League,” nor is this writing intended to be an attack on those who are aligned with the Galactic League. No, this writing is simply meant to explain the particulars of the Nordic Alien program for human advancement.

The principal geographic area of concern is the “sphere of influence” that is associated with the Nordic ETs, which is Europe, and this construct that we all think of as “Europe” includes the Western/European regions of the former Russian empire, although there are also scattered enclaves of European culture and genetics elsewhere around our planet.

If we go far enough back into the primordial past of the Aryan race, which includes dealings with the Higher Spirits, connections with Extraterrestrials, and reverence for our Ancestors, then these seemingly different factors become one and the same. As entities devolved down from a higher state to a lower state, the three factors of higher spirits, extraterrestrials, and our ancestors all became separated. The ages have rolled on, and the time of The Great Return has come once again, and the arrival of the Adolf Hitler deva marked the turning of a new tide.

The original Egyptians were described as fair-skinned, red-haired, and blue-eyed, so these people were clearly an offshoot of the Aryans; however, the ancient Egyptians were not completely synonymous with what we would call ancient Aryans. A group of Nordic aliens who called themselves the Neteru are the ones who made the Egyptians i.e. The Aryan Nobility. The Aryan Nobility who made the Egyptians were the most noble of the Aryans, and these people were also the world’s greatest civilizers, the most sublime judges, and an unsurpassed group of teachers as opposed to a cadre of dictatorial rulers. The Egyptian Aryan people were also charged with the task of re-establishing civilization around the world after it had been destroyed in a great cataclysm.

Egyptian Priest

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In time, the Neteru came to be considered gods after their departure from Egypt, but it must be understood that the Netaru never actually called themselves “Gods,” yet they only called themselves Neteru when they were asked who and what they were. Egypt, more specifically Giza, was established as the Navel of the Earth where a system of latitude and longitude references and measurements was established just like what we use today; except, the origin point for this ancient Egyptian system of coordinates was based on the location Giza instead of being based upon the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England; like it is today.

In the time of ancient Egypt, boundaries for the various races, nations, and tribes were laid out relative to their point of origin. In this old Egyptian system of boundaries, there were the Men of the North (Aryans), the men of the East, the people of the South, and the folk of the West, and each people that was assigned to a compass direction also had three separate sub-races. For the Aryans, their three separate sub-races were the Nordics (Germans, Celts, and Balts), Southerners (Southern Europe and Coastal North Africa), and Easterners (Slavs, with parts of the Middle East and India included). The Ancient Egyptians also divided each race into 12 nations, where each nation was divided into twelve tribes. The Egyptians also made it clear that the Nordic Extraterrestrials themselves are a tribal race of beings in a similar fashion to the people of Earth.

Rameses Rubber Profolactics

Image of vintage prophylactics from 1929 courtesy of pinnalcebuckles.com

All ancient sacred sites around the world are laid out on the worldwide grid in a regular pattern, regardless of their geographic locations, and regardless of the race that was involved in their creation.

It is obvious that multiple ET Races with varying agendas have been involved in the affairs of planet Earth for quite some time, and it is also quite clear that there must be some manner of overall organizing principles amongst them, and this was the condition of things during the last Satya Yuga (Golden Age). According to the Ancient Egyptians, the Higher Spirits/Extraterrestrials that are most concerned with the races of Earth do their best to ensure that each race of humans lives in the region that is best suited for them from an ecological standpoint. In our previous Gold Age, the practice of “Associated Relations,” was the principle that governed trade and contact between various groups of people, and back in the day, associated relations were carefully regulated to prevent lawlessness, warfare, and reckless race mixing.

The Gold Age

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When the Higher Spirits and extraterrestrials finally had to depart our Earth, they left Mixed Bloods or Hybrids behind to guide the affairs of Earth on their behalf, but the specific ways of doing things also varied by the alien race in question. The Nordics were enough like men to make intermarriage with humans into a viable possibility, so these unions between humans and Nordics brought about the Silver Age, which was a time that was associated with the “Rule of the Demigods.” The Silver Age was not quite as spiritually advanced as the age that came before; but nevertheless, this time was still very advanced.

Silver City Casino

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The superior blood of the Nordics got thoroughly diluted during the Bronze Age, which was also called “The Age of Heroes,” and during the Age of Heroes, martial rule was the norm, and what we might call “knightly virtues” was the moral code of that time.

Conan the Barbarian

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After the Age of Heroes passed to the wheel of time, things continued to decline until everything started to break down, which led to our present Iron Age, or the “Kali Yuga,” as it is also called by the Hindus, as well as the “Axe Age” as these times are named by ancient Germanic peoples. The Kali Yuga is also called the “Age of Spiritual Darkness” because this vile time is characterized by strictly materialistic ways, and during these dark times, money and brute force alone rule over a world that is totally devoid of truth and spiritual value. The spiritual fabric of the Iron Age becomes mixed with miry clay, and this clay represents the ongoing self-destruction of this world.

The Iron Age

The Iron Age. Image courtesy of laurelleaffarm.com

Dark Wojack

Image courtesy of Dikario on deviantart.com

The rot that is endemic to the Iron Age is brought about by the arrival of a race that are cosmic parasites; however, it is important to remover that parasites cannot seriously threaten the well-being of a truly healthy organism. Parasites may not kill a healthy organism, but parasites certainly can make an organism become sick or injured. For example, mistletoe cannot take root in a healthy oak tree, but mistletoe will kill a previously weakened tree over time. This race of cosmic parasites that invaded during the Iron Age attached themselves to the Earth and then started sucking up resources from an already wounded world while putting nothing back. This race of cosmic parasites that now weakens the Earth has been spreading diseases of the body, sicknesses of the mind, and blight of the spirit as they move across the galaxy. As this world or ours dies, these parasites are already searching for new worlds to conquer and then ruin, like vampires who suck their victims dry of their physical blood and life energy and then abandon them.

vampire Jew

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As our world slowly dies from the predation of cosmic parasites, a time is foretold when a Great Return will come to pass and the Higher Spirits/Extraterrestrials will return again and restore the natural order. The Great Return will be initially marked by the demolition of this present world system, then followed by the launching of a New Renaissance. This New Renaissance will begin with a stirring in the spirits within those who have never seen the fire of their inner Ancient Sunlight completely go out. For those whose Ancient Sunlight has never gone out, there is still something remaining deep down that may be intangible, but this invisible force still pulls their collective gazes upwards on starry nights towards the lights of their ancient home. Those who have never lost the fire of their inner Ancient Sunlight somehow know that they belong up there in the stars, and this longing for ancient homes on other planets attracts the attention of those who have come seeking long-lost relatives. When the people of Earth are finally reunited with their long-lost relatives from the stars, this will be a time of joyous family reunions, renewed friendships, love, and laughter as the cycle of life comes full-circle at last.

Unicorns Rainbows

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Part 1. – Describing the Universe

Since some point in the late 19th Century, it was known, at least in German academic circles, that our universe is in fact an infinite circle. The understanding that our universe is actually an infinite circle was established through both laboratory experiments and practical experience alike, yet for our purposes, a person can journey to the stars by going deep within. The ability to travel by introspection is the way it is because every limitation falls within the mind of an awakened person, so in other words, our universe is really a self-contained unit that a truly awakened mind can navigate freely.

Let us now envision a “Numbers Graph” that begins with a horizontal line with a midpoint labeled “Zero.” At this chosen midpoint or zero point, another line can be drawn upwards from this spot and labeled with positive numbers. At this same chosen midpoint on our imagined graph, another line can be drawn downwards and labeled with negative numbers. In this scenario, the positive integers on this chart journey outwards and the negative numbers on this chart journey inwards, and the 0 coordinate represents what the ancient Germanic peoples referred to as Midgard, or The World of Mortals. So, we can call this imagined graph that we have now discussed as the “Zero Point Graph.” The integrity of Midgard and all of the other points on the Zero Point graph must be maintained by keeping the positive, negative, and neutral forces in balance which translates to eight Worlds that need to be balanced: 3 Lower, 3 Higher, 2 on the Same Level (Neutral).

High School Algebra

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Part 2.  – The Greys

The Grays come from the stars on the positive direction of the graph, yet the way they accomplish their interstellar travels cannot be by way of conventional movement as we understand it, and this is the case because matter cannot exist past the speed of light, at least not in this dimension.

the grays

I suppose this is one type of grays. Image courtesy of fairwarning.org


Part 3. – Other Native Galactic Races

 For the sake of brevity, I will not discuss the other alien races of our galaxy in detail here; however, I will say that what is said about all of the other alien races within our galaxy also applies to the Nordics and the Greys. There is a search for balance at the Zero Point of our universe on the part of the Galactic community, and this is an important issue to keep in mind.


Part 4.  – The Nordics

These particular extraterrestrials come from the stars, just like the Greys, except the Nordics arrived here by way of the negative direction on the Zero Point Graph.

Nordic Alien

Image courtesy of mrowl.com

Part 5. – The Jews

The Jews and their ilk do not originate in this universe at all because they are really invaders and parasites who hail from a completely different universe within our common multiverse. For the sake of brevity, I will not dwell on the subject of our multiverse, but let it be said that the laws and the values of the universe where Jews originate are completely antithetical to those of our own universe, as H.P. Lovecraft described symbolically in his Cthulhu mythos genre.

Jew Goblin

Image courtesy of key0.cc

On the Zero Point Graph, the Jews represent a force that comes from a diagonal direction which destabilizes all of the systems within this universe. The goal of the Nordics is to drive disruptive Jewish forces of discord back to where they came from and then to restore balance to this universe during the process. The force that acts opposite to the Jews and keeps them in their place is known as the female entity Hel, and Heli is the ruler of Helheim. Hel maintains a sense of balance in this universe by imprisoning Jews in her realm. The Greco-Romans spoke of a gigantic three-headed dog they called Cerberus who guards the entrance to the Underworld and keeps the denizens of Hel in their place, let us say that Cerberus is Hel’s personal guard dog.

Devil Pepe

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Part 6. – The Inner Earth

Under the auspices of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, a bore hole was drilled through the Earth’s crust and into the mantle that rests underneath the Earth’s crust during the latter part of the Cold War. The Earth’s rocky crust turns out to be about 50 miles thick, and this geological layer floats on top of a semi-molten level of magma called the Mantle. The Earth’s Mantle has a consistency which is a lot like that of peanut butter, and this strata of our planet is also very hot, plus this subterranean layer contains its own convection currents.

Peanut Butter Pie Crust

The earth could be liked to a peanut butter pie with a candy crust. Image courtesy of abountifulkitchen.com 

It was known to The Ancients, and is has also been confirmed by researchers in modern times, that the Earth’s crust is actually riddled with immense caverns kind of like a giant chunk of Swiss cheese, and these huge underground cavers are inhabitable almost down to the Mantle level so long as these caverns do not lie directly over a major convection current of lava that is too close to the crust. The presence of mantle currents tends to limit the inhabitable distance under the Earth to not much more than twenty miles; fortunately, these Mantel convection currents do not move around too much, nor do they oscillate much; therefore, long-term habitation of these huge caverns is quite possible. This vast global network of huge underground caverns unfortunately came to be known as the “Hollow Earth,” which has caused no end of trouble over the years.

Swiss Cheese

Image courtesy of thejakartapost.com

Part 7. – The Coming of The Nordics

Our Earth is about 4 billion years old, and for the first billion years our planet was too inhospitable for life as we normally understand it to exist. At some point soon after our Earth’s atmosphere “settled down,” various “tribes” of Nordics began to arrive, and these tribes of Nordics arrived by way of the Earth itself. When the Nordics first arrived, they encountered the massive caverns that sit underground and then took up residence there. After setting up shop in the Earth’s underground network of huge caverns, the Nordics founded the ancient underground civilizations that still exist in some locations to this day; Himmler and some of his associates certainly thought that these large cavern civilizations still exist. Eventually, the Nordics began to explore the Earth’s surface, and most of these early explorers of Earth’s surface decided that they liked the surface better, so they relocated to the surface and stayed there.

When the Earth was developing, vast numbers of different Nature Spirits came into being; and during this same time, the Nordics somehow wove themselves into the fabric of the Earth herself, supervised these nascent nature spirits, and finally helped these spirits turn the Earth into a garden planet. To help the Nature Spirits in their work, the Nordics begat certain mortal bloodlines who they would sometimes intermarry with much later on, similar to what happened with some of my Irish ancestors.

Nordic Track Achiever

Image courtesy of nordictrackproskier.com


Part 8. – Earth the Galactic Park

The Nordics are a lot like park administrators or park rangers for planet Earth, yet other members of the Galactic community are still free to use the Earth for their benefit as well. Despite the Nordics pattern of permitting other alien races to visit the Earth, the Nordics still make all visitors answerable to the Park Authorities while they are visiting. So, the Greys and others aliens are free to pursue their agendas here on Earth without interference, so long as they do not trash the place nor engage in illegal activities.

Yogi Bear

Image courtesy of jellystonemillrun.com


Part 9. – What is in a Name?

I am now going to focus on that “tribe” of Nordics which came to the Celts of the British Isles and are still known as the Tuatha-De-Danann in Ireland. The Tuatha-De-Danaan are known by the Irish peasantry as The Gentry because of their authority over local Nature Spirits, and old-time Irish country people were dependent upon local Nature Spirits for the health of their crops and other matters.

Tuatha da Danaan

The image above shows a copy of John Duncan’s 1911 painting of the Tuatha Da Danaan called Riders of the Sidhe. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org

In Ireland, the Nature Spirits have traditionally been called Faeries, and the Nordics are frequently referred to as Royal Faeries as well. In Ireland, the local Nature Spirits also go by such names as Fey and Sidhe; Sidhe is pronounced “she.” The name, Tuatha-De-Danann means “People of the Goddess Danu,” in old Gaelic, and these people came to Earth from four planets that are located in the constellation called Corona Borealis, which means “Northern Crown” in Latin. These People of Danu are shapeshifters and command almost godlike powers in addition to their “technology.”

A word must be Spoken here about the Light Elves who are Germanic cousins of the Irish Sidhe. The Light Elves are still known to occasionally walk amongst men, and they are noticeable by the color of their eyes, which are always changing, but their eyes tend towards violet coloring most of the time. Elves are the ones with the pointy ears, so they always keep the top parts of their ears concealed by their hair or something else whenever they travel amongst humans, and it is worth noting that the Light Elves will fight alongside the Heroes of Valhalla at the time of Ragnarok.


Image courtesy of BBXL on Deviantart.com


Part 10. – Formorians

 Before the coming of the Tuatha-De-Danann, Ireland had been seized by a group of beings called the Formorians who hail from the same universe as the Jews, so, I do not need to dwell on the particulars of their character. Not surprisingly, the Formorians engaged in a reign of terror over the Fir-Bolg, and this Formorian reign of terror included devastating the environment or Ireland. The name “Fir-Bolg” means The Men of the Bag, and this name was derived from their custom of carrying possessions in a haversack. The Fir-Bolg were descendants of Ireland’s original inhabitants which were likely Cro-Magnons. After taking exception to the wicked things done by the Formorians, the Tuatha-De-Danann utterly crushed the Formorians in a great battle. At the conclusion of this great battle for the island of Ireland, the Tuatha-De-Danann drove the vast bulk of the Formorians into the bottomless sea which lies between the worlds according to the ancient Celtic legends.


The image above shows John Duncan’s 1939 painting of the Fomorians which was called The Fomors. Image courtesy of wikiart.org


Part 11. – Conclusion

The Nordics could easily exterminate all mortal resistance and devastate the all of the Earth in the process if they so choose, but they will not do this for two reasons. The first reason that the Nordics will not destroy planet Earth is because they want mankind to return to what they once were and then achieve their ultimate potential. The second reason that the Nordics will not destroy the Earth is because they now consider our planet to be their Mother as well.

I do not know for sure why there was a delay, but if the 3rd Reich had held on for only six more months, then the Nordics would have been able to intervene and offer the 3rd Reich proper technical assistance, and this outcome would have been a complete game-changer for World War II. The Nordics have their own equivalent of the German General Staff, and the Nordics believe in meticulous planning and preparation just as the Germans do, so when the Nordics return in earnest, their homecoming will be like an avalanche that will achieve a quick and decisive victory.



Towards the end of his long life, and at the terminus of his long career, Joseph Campbell publicly revealed his final conclusions about the origins of humanity in a lecture which I saw in a video that I watched years ago. In Campbell’s ground-breaking lecture, he concluded that there are at least five separate origins for the human race, and this conclusion was slowly ascertained during Campbell’s long years of intense scholarship. According to Campbell, the different families of hominids that currently live on planet Earth are all members of the same species, but only in the most rudimentary biological sense.

Joseph Campbell

Image of the late Joseph Campbell courtesy of wikipedia.org

As expected, the Jews went ballistic when Campbell shared his thoughts about the extraterrestrial origins of humanity, and soon after Campbell shared his controversial thoughts, the Jews started accusing him of promoting the old tropes of “anti-Semitism,” “fascism,” and of course, “racism.” In spite of the fact that Campbell was careful not to postulate any specific value judgements when he shared his controversial ideas about the origins of humanity; regardless, the card-carrying members of the “Out of Africa Cult” were screaming for Campbell’s blood after he stated that only part of humanity originated in Africa and that part of the human race that originated in Africa does not include Europeans.

Campbells Soup Kid

Vintage image of Campbell’s Soup Kid courtesy of arleyart.com

The implication of Campbell’s theory was the idea that many extraterrestrial races helped create various portions of the human race, so we can see that several different agendas have been pursued at the same time during humanity’s arc of developed. According to Campbell, each extraterrestrial race improved their chosen lot of humans in their own way, which presents no particular problems so long as nobody tries to mix different races in a willy-nilly fashion and nobody tries to deal with every race in exactly the same manner.

Run from da polices

Image courtesy of memedroid.com

What I have talked about earlier is essentially the Nordic Alien program for human development which basically amounts to Nordics breeding an improved human race by mixing their own DNA with that of garden-variety humans. The Nordics have infused their own genetics into the human genome because they are trying to return humanity to the fold of an enlightened society and they are working to prevent humans from sinking even further down into the muck than they already have. In regards to cyclical time, the Nordic agenda is simply intended to help return things to their previous and better state. The Devil/Loki/Yahweh is the God of this Kali Yuga (Spiritual Dark Age), and his Children/Chosen People are the Jews, and the Jews are the primary corrosive force that gives the Kali Yuga its essential character.

Despite their terrible nature, and despite the flippant nature of their crimes, the Jews cannot be decisively challenged until the right time arrives; but fortunately, a new age of Hitlerism is now dawning and the first rays of sunlight are now beginning to appear, but the sunrise of Hitlerism has not yet come to pass in a meaningful fashion, and rise it will! The sky is already a fiery red hue which portends the sunrise of a new Hitlerian age, so remember the old adage, “Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.” It is also important to remember that Hitler’s 3rd Reich & Co. simply had to fail so that cosmic order can be restored here on our planet, and Hitler also had to physically die in order to bring about the deepest darkness.

scared Pepe

Scaed pepe

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Concerning the arrival of the next age of light, keep in mind that “The night is always darkest just before dawn,” so change is now imminent, and the worst of the darkness shall soon end. The Jews claimed to have killed the Sun, which can be understood as the Sacred Swastika or the Black Sun, but the Jews lied, the Sun is only hidden for a certain amount of time as the world turns. The red sky that foreshadows the sunrise of a new age is the sign that divine wrath shall “soon” burn away the evil works of The Tribe that presently direct our Kali Yuga. (Channeled message from Savitri Devi 4/5/21 am.)

The Nordic alien agenda is meant to first bring about a dawning followed by the sunrise of a new age that will exist in cooperation with the “Galactic Council;” however, some factions of aliens are doing their level best to thwart any agendas that might change the present status quo or better the lives of humanity, and the Bad Reptilians are a great example of just such a group.

The Earth herself is about 4,000,000,000 years old, and according to the Hindu Puranas, mankind has existed in one form or another on Earth for around 3,000,000,000 years, but not existed continuously. For example, machine-made artifacts have been unearthed in South Africa that must be more than 1 billion years old based on the geology where they were found, and bones of anatomically modern humans that must be over 700,000,000 years old have also been dug up in places all around the world.

As the Egyptian Priesthood told Plato, who was an ancestor Solon, there have been many creation and destruction cycles on planet Earth since long before the kingdom of Egypt arose. Some of these destructions of the world that the Egyptian priesthood chronicled were total destructions, and others were not. In my channeled opinion, the Earth was seeded with life from elsewhere, which included humans and humanoids, and this seeding process of alien life began as soon as our planet had cooled and settled down enough to support life. Additionally, some life forms were settled on Earth directly from elsewhere, while others were modified to enable them to live here, and others were created here.

The Earth herself was indeed created by sentient beings, and our Mother Earth herself is also a sentient being. In fact, our planet is really something like what is called a Colonial Animal in the scientific field of biology. In conclusion, our Earth was initially populated through the efforts of Extraterrestrials and beings from the Higher Planes, such as Niflheim, Muspelheim, and Svartalfhiem.



The Jews have maliciously connected Hitler with certain unsavory individuals who were active in the United States during the early 20th Century, and these individuals in question were planning to use eugenics to develop themselves into a super race that would rule the world, so these people were essentially trying to make themselves into veritable gods. True, these early American eugenicists were all “White” men who were already very wealthy and powerful from the start, so their motivation was to make themselves even more powerful than they already were. My father was as racially conscious as any Aryan man who has ever been, but he told me that the old American eugenicists were really a collection of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and he made no secret of the fact that he detested these people.

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The most famous quote from George Orwell’s book Animal Farm is the phrase: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others;” likewise, the idea of eugenics was initially sold to racially conscious Whites as a means to purify and improve their race in order to gain public support, but this program was reality a disguised plan to elevate a certain set of individuals to power over everybody else. When the truth concerning American eugenics programs finally leaked out, it left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth, so it was relatively easy for the Jews to mislead people in regard to Hitler’s motivations on the eugenics front.

So, you see, there are good eugenics and there are bad eugenics, it all just depends the motivations and goals of the people executing the programs. Unfortunately, a great number of people have been deceived by the Jews concerning the topic of eugenics, and today the Jews still malign anyone who so little as breathes a word about this subject. Indeed, Hitler still gets attacked the worst for his talk about eugenics, but the Jews continue to attack anyone and everyone who wishes to even discuss the subject of eugenics to any extent, and the Jews also attack everyone who even dog-whistles anything about eugenics. The Tribe still attack people who discuss eugenics because they fear the results that will be achieved when a good eugenics program like the one that Hitler started is put into practice.



I have come to believe that the Alliance which formed between the 3rd Reich and other earthly powers during World War II was no accident, and I have come to this conclusion based on our current geopolitical conditions where Germany functions as the leader for Northern Aryans, Italy serves as the leader for all Southern Aryans, and Imperial Japan guides the affairs of East Asians. There were unknown “spiritual” currents that brought these empires together during World War II, for example, the old Imperial Japanese flag included the image of a rising sun, and the symbol of a Sun ties back to the Swastika through the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, provided you go far enough back.

Currently, East Asia falls within the purview of the Good Reptilians who are connected with benevolent dragons according to a former UK defense minister. Interesting historical trivia follows the East Asian connection to dragons; for example, in WW2 there was a large Japanese aircraft carrier called IJN Zuikaku, which means dragon and castle in Japanese. During World War II, there was also a Japanese light aircraft carrier that was called the IJN Zuiho, whose name means “dragon’s house” in Japanese. So, what is in a name?

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Concerning the topic of alien intervention on Earth, I am presently meditating on the best way to approach this topic, and this is where I am so far…

My guess is that alien intervention in human affairs is probably a counter reaction to the problem of human devolution. It seems to me that the price of colonizing the Earth for extraterrestrials is the snag that if aliens choose to live here on Earth, then they are forced to enter into this planet’s cyclical time cycle along with everything else. Admittedly, there are BAD alien races who take advantage of the Earth’s cyclical time cycle to further their own agendas; however, these miscreant aliens always find themselves opposed by good alien races that are represented by the Galactic League. In opposition to the plans of bad alien factions, the alien races which are members of the Galactic League are in the process of bringing about a global renaissance for planet Earth.

During the time of the 2nd Reich, Germany possessed colonies in Africa and the Pacific, yet they had a radically different attitude towards their colonies than other colonial powers. When the German 2nd Reich held overseas colonies, the Germans always tried to milk the most potential out of their colonies, so they pushed development initiatives that were designed to maximize whatever potential existed in a given colonial area. By stark contrast, Belgium administered the Congo region of Central Africa with the most brutal exploitation. The contrast between the way the Germans ran their overseas colonies was so stark compared to their colonial peers that at one point during WW I the Congo rebelled against Belgian rule and asked if they could be annexed by the German Empire.

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I am bringing up the subject of how the German people administered their remote colonies because the attitude of the Galactic League vis-a-vis the Earth is somewhat analogous to the ways that the German Empire managed their colonies. On the other hand, the attitude of the bad aliens is analogous to that of Germany’s worst colonial rivals; this is the opinion I have come to have.

There seemed to be three broad streams of Aryan migrations out of the Far North who were forced to abandon their original Earthly homeland in the circumpolar regions due to a period of serious global cooling. This southerly Aryan migration crossed what is today called Scandinavia, then progressed southeasterly into western Asia, and another all-but-forgotten stream of Aryan refugees first traveled southwesterly into the region around Hudson’s Bay, then progressed southward down into what is today called the Appalachian mountain chain.

In the process of migrating southward, the traveling Aryans progressed southward and eventually mixed with the Algonquins, who were a family of more-or-less related Native American nations. Like the traveling Aryans, some of the Algonquins were also forced to move southward because of the impact begat by a changing climate. Other peoples who interbred with the Algonquins were brought in from the Pleiades, and in the same process, the Algonquins, the migrating Aryans, and the people of the Pleiades all interbred and produced what is today known as the Cherokee Nation. There is no doubt in my mind that the abandoned city in the Canadian High Arctic which I talked about earlier belonged to this group of migrating Aryans.


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn


Here is song which is an ode to supermen and kryptonite.



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