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Battling Windmills: Is the Western World Fighting Imaginary Enemies?

September 29/23

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Battling Windmills

In a recent interview on the Jeff Rense podcast, Frosty Woolridge, who is an American, made an appearance to discuss the politics of the day. In this case, the Frosty in question is not our favorite Christmas-season snowman, but he is a fine fellow who is quite a traveler and he reports on some of the places where he has been. Recently, Frosty said, “Have you seen what has happened to Vancouver? It is no longer Vancouver. It is 80% Chinese. It’s become a Chinese city”. He may have been exaggerating slightly because there are other large non-White groups who are now living in Vancouver, like South Asians, Latins, and Middle Easterners, but he was probably close to being correct if he meant that 20% of the population of Vancouver is now White.

Frosty the Snowman
Image courtesy of reelgood.com 

I live in Vancouver, and just a quick survey of any busy street, any given commuter train, or any city bus confirms Frosty’s observation. Whites are now noticeably scarce in Vancouver, which is a city that was founded and developed by Whites. If you doubt my word, then just take a drive through any part of Vancouver, then stop at a traffic light and look at the pedestrians and the people in the cars beside you, also look at the people who are getting on and off of the city buses; a minute of two spent observing a typical street scene in present-day Vancouver proves that Whites are now an obvious minority in this city.

Whites as a whole are not up in arms about this development, but they do continue to leave the city because real estate is too costly, so this slow exodus proves that Whites increasingly cannot afford to live in Vancouver. Recent immigrants may be given subsidies or seed money to get themselves started as entrepreneurs; however, White heritage Canadians get no such treatment. Besides just getting access to reserved entitlements, many new immigrants arrive in Vancouver who are already rich because they brought their wealth with them from their countries of origin. Most of Vancouver’s new residents claim totalitarian and repressive China or notoriously mungy, poor, dirty, overpopulated, and sweltering India as their place of origin.

Indian Stree Shitting

The image above is furnished courtesy of reddit.com 

Life in India
Give all of the poverty, overcrowding, and environmental degradation in India, is it any wonder that so many Indians, even rather wealthy ones, wish to move to Western countries to enjoy more comfortable lives? Image furnished courtesy of dalberg.com 

In Vancouver, there are numerous homeless street people and beggars, and it turns out that the number of beggars and street people in Vancouver actually outnumber that of Mexico City. The vast majority of homeless beggars in Vancouver are White, even though Whites now constitute around 20% of the city’s overall population. So, how did this rotten state of affairs come to pass? If you mention the prevalence of White street beggars and the overall displacement of Whites around the Vancouver metropolitan area to a White progressive person, then such talk almost always elicits a reaction like, “that’s not true, there are lots of Indians and Blacks among the homeless.” However, none of these White progressives have ever actually created any surveys that might verify their erroneous assumptions.

Yes, there are indeed a few Blacks and Native Americans who are homeless and living on the streets of Vancouver, but no orientals are ever amongst the ranks of Vancouver’s dispossess and homeless, and the vast majority of all the homeless people who are ever seen in and around Vancouver are undeniably White. The next retort or comeback from a progressive is to inveigh that “White people are lazy,” or “they’re all on drugs.” (These people are actually  “Progladites” to be exact; this term is a fitting synthesis of the words “Progressive” and “Troglodyte.”)

Image furnished courtesy of jeremy on twitter.com

“Progressive” people who say such things usually are proud of their tolerant and non-racist attitudes, yet these are the very same people who say nasty, judgmental, and racist things when they assert that White people are lazy. These are also the very same self-congratulatory White progladites who would never say that Blacks or Indians are lazy. Whites progladites may claim to not judge people by their skin color, but for some funny reason, these people seem to have absolutely no problem saying that Whites are lazy or addicted to drugs; therefore, “progressives” are really saying that indigent White people deserve no help or compassion. So, where does this rife progladite hypocrisy come from? I would like to know because such talk from White “progressives” is clearly a textbook case of cognitive dissonance.


Image furnished courtesy of David Alsop on twitter.com

The answer to this superlative hypocrisy might be found in the recent scandal involving the Canadian Parliament when a Ukrainian “Nazi” by the name of Yaroslav Hunka was given a standing ovation by every member of the Canadian House of Parliament. It took these House members a while before they realized what they had done; namely, they applauded a “Nazi.” Applauding anyone who has been labeled a “Nazi” is the most abhorrent thing in the world to a White “progressive,” so the Canadian House of Parliament quickly shifted in into damage-control mode in the wake of this incident.

Yaroslav Hunka 1320x880
The image above shows Yaroslav Hunka in the Canadian Parliament. The image above is furnished courtesy of themoscowtimes.com

The White Speaker of the House resigned, and Trudeau issued an apology, especially to Jewish people, and Trudeau also blamed this little “misunderstanding” on the Russians – yes, he blamed this whole debacle on “Russian disinformation,” then Mr. Justin went into hiding. I am guessing that this incident could theoretically end his job as Prime Minister, but Trudeau has withstood declaring martial law, calling legitimate protesters all kinds of bad names like racists and White supremacists and perhaps even “Nazis.” Trudeau has also broken international law that is written in the Nuremberg Code by forcing vaccinations on a large percentage of very unwilling Canadians, plus he fomented an unprecedented explosion in inflation because his economic policies during the Covid-19 “pandemic” consisted of  handing out lots of free money to people who were not working — by the way, this is what Communist countries do.

30 shots
Image furnished courtesy of Gab.com

Yes, Trudeau’s sinecure as Canadian Prime Minister has managed to survive all of the incidents that I mentioned previously , but it seems likely that his cringe-worthy tenure in office will not survive having unknowingly applauding a “Nazi.” Trudeau’s stay in office may not survive this latest “Nazi” scandal because some of his party members have already started to abandon him, plus Trudeau’s little boo-boo of clapping for a “Nazi” has graced many international new headlines; thus, the establishment’s respect for Trudeau is now gone.  (Aside from the ruling elites, I doubt most of Canada’s citizenry has ever really held much respect or love for this clown.)

Troudea Drag
The image above shows Justin Troudeau greeting a drag queen at a Vancouver Pride parade in 2018. The image above is furnished courtesy of dailymial.co.uk

Troudea Dressed Up in India

Photo of Troudeau Dressed Up in India is furnished courtesy of businessindider.com


Lunar New Year Celebration
The image above shows Mr. Justin playing dress-up again. The image seen above is furnished courtesy of Macleans.ca

Troudeau Costumes

Troudeau loves to play dress up at least in part  because as Felix Rex love to remind us all,  Justin Troudeau was a substitute drama teacher and a part-time ski instructor in his twenties, so Troudeau has never really had to grow up or deal with the harsh realities of life that the rest of us have to face on a day-today basis. It seems that  for old Justin being prime minister is really just another drama part and another occasion to play dress up. Playing dress up is fine for thespians and trust-funders who are insulated from economic reality, but this perpetual adolescent is tying to wear the big-boy pants which are usually worn by real heads of state – pathetic. If “Canada” has been deemed “the first post-national nation,” then perhaps being represented by a monumental moron such as Justin Troudeau is actually fitting. The image furnished above is provided courtesy of ebaumsworld.com 


Whenever the word “Nazi” is mentioned, eyebrows raise, ears perk up, and of course, people often lose their minds. This happens mainly because people do not know their history, but they do rely on media and pop culture to tell them all they need to know about “Nazis.” The other members of Canada’s Parliament obviously did not know their history, otherwise why did they applaud a convicted “Nazi”?  In the case of this “Nazi” scandal that has recently blackened Canadian parliament, I would guess that someone  started to applaud this “Nazi” in question, then the rest of parliament just followed along like sheep. It was only after the fact that this collection of sagacious Canadian parliamenters realized that they had applauded a card-carrying “Nazi” who fought on the side of Hitler, and it was Herr Hitler persecuted all those Jews.  After they realized what they had done, the Canadian parliamentarians all began to run for cover.

Image furnished courtesy of duckipedia.de

What does the word “Nazi” mean that makes those Canadian parliamentarians loose their minds? It seems that “Nazis” constitute a group of evil Jew-hating people who believe in the supremacy of White people, especially Germans (this will not due!). According to ((( prevailing histical narratives))), these “Nazi” people committed some of the most horrendous crimes in human history. Now, imagine if Canadian parliamentarians applauded a member of this group. Can they claim ignorance? Has the narrative  of “Nazi” barbarity not been hammered into these peoples’ heads in countless movies and books for the last 80 years? How could they miss something like this? Well, maybe the speaker who introduced this “Nazi” in question told Canada’s parliament that this old fellow was a Ukrainian freedom fighter who opposed the the Russian enemy. In today’s context, opposing evil Russians would be a good thing, but not in the context of 1944. In 1944, this man battled Russians alongside his German Allies, so this Ukrainian “Nazi” in question could actually be called a Ukrainian freedom fighter in a very real and truthful way.

It is not really clear if Hunka was a Nazi or just a garden-variety member of the German army. If Hunka was just a soldier serving in the German army during World War II, and if present-day Canadians want to make a “Nazi” out of him for that, then any soldier who fought for Germany during World War II was a Nazi according to this line of logic.
This line of reasoning would be a grand insult to many German Canadians today, but apparently their sensibilities are not nearly as important as those of Jews.

Were all the Americans that fought in Vietnam Republicans or Democrats?  I do not know, but it just follows that if you were in the German army during WWII, then you were a “Nazi.” There were over 150,00 Jews or mixed Jews that fought in Hitler’s army. So, were these people “Nazis” too? To relate this back to Canadian diversity, according to prevailing “Diversity” propaganda, the “Nazis” represented White supremacy, and so it was the idea of “White Supremacy” that actually cost the lives tens of millions of people,  including, and most importantly, the ** 6 million Jews ** 🥇. ( After World War II, the Jews are still the Gold Medal Winners at the Oppression Olympics 🏆 ). We all know that the Holocaust has no equal in history when it comes to barbarity; therefore, the last thing that any right-thinking person in Canada wants to be is a “Nazi.”

punch a nazi
Image furnished courtesy of treadless.com

If you want to know the real truth of National Socialism (Nazism), this seeking of truth will require some measure of real investigation and study. By contrast, following the official narrative about National Socialism which saturates our present mainstream media feeds, along with countless Hollywood movies and mass-market television programming will only get you a continuation of World War II propaganda that was leveled against Germany back in the day. World War II may be technically over, but the same old war propaganda motifs from that era persist because although the Germans may have been defeated and largely destroyed by the end of 1945, the same old propaganda that was leveled against Germany back in those days is now being weaponized against all White people in general. In present times, White heritage Canadians are so terrified of being called “Nazis” that they will destroy their own country by allowing it to be overrun with third-world migrants. Unfortunately, any heritage Canadians who object to this ongoing migrant invasion quickly find themselves being labeled “White supremacists,” and of course  “Nazis.”

As a freedom protester since the start of the Covid-19 “Plandemic” I have heard the epithet of “Nazi” being tossed around liberally by self-righteous “non-Nazis.” Historically, “Nazi” ideology was directly opposed to Communist ideology, so the same name-callers who go around accusing those who they dislike of being “Nazis” could be termed Communists; however, the term “Communist” still does not pack the same odious ring in the public’s imagination as the term “Nazi.” Communism was far more destructive than the National Socialist experiment ever was, nor ever could have been for that matter; none the less, Communism is still alive and “Nazism” is now dead. There are no real “Nazis” to speak of these days because Germany’s Third Reich was totally defeated back in 1945.

poster,504x498,f8f8f8 pad,600x600,f8f8f8
The image seen above is furnished courtesy of redbubble.com 

The Third Reich’s demise does not stop self-serving and misguided people from resurrecting old ghosts of “Nazis,” then trying to battle with these old comic book villains once again so that progladites can chase after an imaginary victory against a phantom enemy. Today, the ideology of “Nazism” is no more because this belief system died along with Adolf Hitler. Modern “Nazism” is a fiction, a hoax, and a red herring, so this farce serves as a distraction from the real enemies around us who are now seeking to destroy our heritage Canadian culture through mass migration. White heritage Canadians need to look for Communists who are rough us in present times if they wish to understand their real enemies. Canadians need to know who to they need to fight rather than wasting their time and energy battling against windmills like Cervantez’s iconic and eponymous character did in the landmark novel named Don Quixote.

Don Quioxte
Image furnished courtesy of Don Quixote furnished courtesy of fineartamerica.com 

Fredrick M. Daly

Cervantes n0 don quixote
Image furnished courtesy of hamiltoncs.org

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