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Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism 1

Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism

This was Chapter 13 of Brian Ruhe’s book “Freeing the Buddha” published in 2005. I was so ashamed of this chapter that I asked our editor in chief, James Rouse, to edit out the “normie” views I had when I wrote it. This is the updated Chapter 13.

“The last thing I want to do is find myself inside the skin of a Buddha.” – Adolf Hitler

Lest We Forget

Indeed, approximately twenty-five million people were killed in World War II — but for what? On Remembrance Day people say “Lest we forget,” to emphasize that we must never forget the causes of this terrible war, so that we can ready ourselves to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. Many people today have relatives that were killed during the war, and their scars are still alive. Why did their loved ones die? It makes clear sense to say “lest we forget,” because this could happen again. However, there is a problem with this attitude. The problem is that most people don’t know why World War II happened in the first place! In order to prevent such things, people must understand them, and the Buddha defined love as understanding. The real causes and conditions of World War II are still shrouded in mystery because the people that caused this war have controlled the flow of mainstream information prior to the mass arrival of the World Wide Web in the first decade to the 21st century. Perhaps Buddhism and Occultism can shed some light on the mystery of why World War II really happened. This chapter pieces together my views on Adolf Hitler and World War II, and the views of many Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike that I have interviewed.

A Buddhist reckoning of Adolf Hitler’s life states that the powers of the higher realms were invoked and harnessed by Adolf Hitler, and these higher powers were exercised during World War II. Many Buddhists now believe that Adolf Hitler and his companions tapped into the immense powers of the devas as described in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology, and the more you dig for evidence, the more evidence you will find. Another intent of this chapter is to prove that the higher realms really do exist.

The Theory in a Nutshell

The theory — in a nutshell — is that Hitler’s NSDAP was founded by a group of Theosophists who wanted to expand their ranks. Theosophy is a spiritual tradition that was founded by Madame Blavatsky, and in the 1880’s, Blavatsky lived in Germany and established quite a following. Theosophy was a home-grown mixture of spiritualism, occultism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Blavatsky’s own ideas. Offshoots of Theosophy sprouted up in Germany starting in the 1880s, and in 1919 one such group, called The Thule Society, founded the German Workers Party. The German Worker’s Party invited workers to come to their meetings to discuss their problems and challenges in life, and this practice was enacted in hopes of getting new people to join their ranks so that the Thule Society could expand their influence. The purpose of the political arm of this Theosophical society was to extend their influence deeper into society.

Meanwhile, since the armistice of WW I, the German Army was interested in new political groups that might be sympathetic to the interests of the Army. The Germany Army was interested in this new German Workers Party, so they sent a spy over to sit in on the German Workers’ Party meetings and investigate this suspect political group. The spy that the German Army sent to investigate the German Worker’s Party was none other than Corporal Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was sent to investigate the German Worker’s Party because he was a highly decorated hero from WW I, and the army wanted to give him something to do in recognition of his importance. In other words, the German Army wanted to give the decorated Corporal Adolf Hitler a job in those tough times.

Adolf went to his first meeting with the German Workers Party and he was not very impressed with this group of about fifteen men. Upon arrival, Hitler thought that the men at the worker’s party meeting seemed like a bunch of losers, and they did not strike Hitler as the kind of party that would ever get any politicians elected. After Adolf Hitler’s initial visit to a German Workers Party meeting, nothing much transpired, yet he kept coming to their meetings. Despite his misgivings he returned to meetings over and over again until one day the young Corporal Hitler strongly objected to the political views that a speaker put forth at one gathering. When Hitler objected to this speaker’s opinions, the young corporal Hitler proceeded to verbally beat this speaker senseless with an eloquent stream of words and strong emotion that truly grabbed everyone present.

After Hitler’s eloquent outburst at that fateful meeting, the founder of the German Workers Party, Anton Drexler, was so taken with Hitler’s gift as a speaker that he immediately tried to woo Hitler into joining their party, yet Hitler refused. Hitler remained disinterested in joining the party because he was still not convinced that this group would ever amount to much. However, over time, Hitler did return to the German Workers Party meetings after his eloquent outburst, and he did keep sharing his powerful inspirations with other members and the group’s founder. Despite his initial skepticism, the members eventually convinced the charismatic Adolf Hitler to join their group, and Hitler soon became their leader.

Hitler’s Higher Realm Connection

What are the higher realms? According to the Buddha, there are realms of heaven where good and bad devas (heavenly beings) live and relate to our human realm on a daily basis. If people develop their minds, or if they learn effective techniques, then they can ask the devas of the god realm or the shady devas camped-out in the jealous god realm to assist them in whatever they want to do — for good or for bad. Harnessing and directing the energy of devas is the basis of black magic and Satanism, but also the basis for such great things as miraculous healing. Buddhism teaches people to only apply the good uses of the higher realms, but such powers can be used for all sorts of purposes.

Esoteric Buddhist teachings can be used to harness the dark side of the higher realms; for example, in Mao Tse Dong’s case, both he and his devoted wife were very powerful spiritual personalities. Mao’s doctors have reported that Mao used the feminine energies he collected not only from his wife, but also from the countless peasant Chinese women he bedded. Many people believe that Mao had so much sex with so many different women because Mao thought that he could harness power from the yin/yang exchange of energy linked with sex. Contrary to what many people might imagine, Mao’s belief was correct. In a technical sense, Mao was the most powerful person who ever lived because he ruled over more people for a longer time than anyone else in recorded history.

Given Mao’s great political power, there is plenty of well-founded suspicion that Chairman Mao’s wife was actually a master of the higher realms. An example of Mao’s occult powers was possibly put on display August 15, 1950 when the young Dalai Lama was washing up for the night in the Portola Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. That night, the young Dali Lama felt the ground shake under his feet; it was the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history. This powerful earthquake of August 15 that rocked Tibet, was followed by eerie sounds that could be heard all over this section of the world. These eerie sounds connected to the 1950 earthquake that rocked Tibet sounded like the discharges of 40 rifles being shot across the sky. Everyone who heard the rifle sounds connected with the Great Tibetan Earthquake of 1950 took this as a very bad omen, and as the Dalai Lama watched the sky turn red in the east, he felt like the world was coming to an end — because it was.

In October of that same year as the Great Tibetan Earthquake, the communist Chinese invaded Tibet and took control of the Dali Lama’s kingdom. Millions of Tibetan Buddhists believe that the August 15 earthquake was the result of the protector deities of Tibet losing a battle with the devas of China, with the mysterious sounds indicating that the Tibetan spirits had unsuccessfully tried to fight-off the Chinese devas. It was a human realm decision initiated by Chairman Mao to invade Tibet shortly after this earthquake, but was the earlier earthquake a coincidence? Thus, the question arises: Who initiated the earthquake that hit Tibet in August of 1950, and what caused the thunderous sounds that accompanied the shaking ground? Was there a heavenly set of beings behind the Great Tibetan Earthquake of 1950? Who knows. It is also worth noting that the Buddha described how ascetics of great meditative attainment can cause earthquakes at will. Was Chairman Mao, his wife, or higher realm masters in their employ behind this bizarre earthquake? That is the $64,000 question.

Harnessing vast, unthinkable powers are within the capabilities of human beings that cultivate their minds in meditation. The Buddha said that mindfulness practice is “the only way to enlightenment.” This is true, mindful practice is the only way to develop true extraordinary powers. You do not have to be a Buddhist to meditate, but you must meditate to attain higher states of consciousness. In one of the Buddha’s discourses with a well-known Jain disciple, the two of them were describing ascetics and masters who had the power within their minds to cause earthquakes at will and to destroy cities if they chose, we are talking about destroying many cities, up to 50 cities at a time. Causing earthquakes at will is a scriptural example of the powers that can come when a person develops a focused mind — hopefully in a beneficial manner.

One thing we do know is that many Buddhists point to Adolf Hitler as an example of someone who was so highly attained that he could truly raise peoples’ spirits and stir their energies to an incredible degree. For the record, I believe that Adolf Hitler was the most powerful spiritual being to manifest in human form during the 20th century. Could Mahatma Gandhi protect himself from assassination by invoking the powers of the higher realms? No Gandhi could not stop over a dozen truly dedicated attempts on his life, yet Hitler thwarted assassination attempts over 27 times! This hardly needs to be emphasized, as it is so obviously true — Hitler’s spiritual power came from deep within him, or perhaps beyond him. Like many Buddhists, my view is not unique, I believe that Adolf Hitler naturally tapped into the staggering powers of the higher realms.

The Tibetan Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche described Hitler as, “Our friend Adolf” – a master of the higher realms, yet Buddhism is still quite small in the West, so it would be auspicious for Buddhism to gain some publicity by sharing their ideas about Hitler. The insight that Buddhism can shed upon the life of Hitler validates Buddhist claims about the powers of the higher realms. I was criticized the most for this chapter in previous editions of Freeing the Buddha, but this is also the most popular chapter in the book since Hitler is such a powerful example to use when discussing ways to apply higher-realm powers to worldly aims! What other example could possibly grip people’s attention more than a discussion about Adolf Hitler! Love him or hate him, everywhere in the world people always reserve an important spot in their hearts and minds for Adolf Hitler. The saga of Hitler will remain real and valid for centuries to come because Hitler is timeless, and Buddhism provides an understanding of the higher realms that Hitler summoned which Western society may not even want to acknowledge. It is also the duty of Buddhists to be vocal about danger signs that others will ignore.

The Swastika

The swastika is an ancient and potent Hindu/ Zoroastrian symbol which was adopted by the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. It is quite likely that Hitler read more about Hinduism than he did about Buddhism, yet the swastika is also an important ancient native Germanic symbol as well. In his 20’s, Hitler studied Buddhism and other spiritual arts in a more focused way than people realize. Hitler studied the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, yoga, occultism, astrology, and Hitler also studied under the guidance of his German mentors Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. Like Hitler, Schopenhauer was also strongly guided by eastern philosophy. Any real study of Hitler’s spiritual quest indicates that he was searching for big answers to big questions. Hitler once said “The last thing I want to do is find myself inside the skin of a Buddha.”

People accuse Hitler of taking the swastika and turning it around backwards, painting it black, and invoking a powerful red background behind it; however, the swastika symbol is used both ways by Buddhists. When I worked as the public relations official at the largest Buddhist temple in Canada, the single most common question I would hear was “What’s that swastika doing on the Buddha’s chest?” To the Buddhists, the swastika symbolizes ultimate power, the sun, the brightness and the power of the sun, the wheel of life, the rotating aspect of life growing and dying, good fortune, and other meanings. In Pure Land Buddhism, the swastika represents the ultimate power of the sun god from the Zoroastrian religion, although Pure Land Buddhists do not generally know that their tradition is mixed with a lot of Zoroastrianism. The Buddhist swastika is truly a Zoroastrian syncretism within the Buddhist religion, so the Pure Land strain of Buddhism is not really Buddhism spelled with a capital ‘B.’

The swastika has been known in Germany for 10,000 years, and dates back to the time when the glaciers retreated and this land was first settled by humanoid beings. The swastika is also indigenous to the cultures of the American Navaho Indians and the native Indians in Saskatchewan, Canada. Five monkeys with sticks could come up with a swastika — it is a simple enough design; however, Guido von List proudly pointed out that it is an Aryan symbol and that non-Aryan races have never used. Even the Christians in England have traditionally used the swastika. Interestingly, the swastika was one of the most respected religious crosses around the world until World War II. Just one look at the swastika conveys a feeling of great power, and the Germans and British were the first Europeans to introduce Buddhism to the West, around the middle of 19th century. Even before WW I, there were Buddhist practice and study societies active in Germany, and the swastika was recognized as a Buddhist symbol by these groups.

In The Occult Roots of NAZISM Secret Aryan Cults and their Influence on Nazi Ideology, the Buddhist connection is established to the Nazi swastika (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, 1992; 151):

In May 1919 Friedrick Krohn wrote a memorandum with the title [‘Is the swastika suitable as a symbol of the National Socialist Party?’], in which he proposed the left-handed swastika (i.e. clockwise in common with those of the theosophists). He evidently preferred the sign in this direction on account of its Buddhist interpretation as a talisman of fortune and health. However, since most Listian swastikas and the device of the Thule Society had been right-handed, it is clear that there was no standard usage regarding the direction of the swastika in the Volkisch tradition. Hitler actually favored a right-handed, straight-armed swastika and prevailed upon Krohn in the German Workers’ Party committee discussions to revise his design. Krohn was responsible for the color scheme of a black swastika in a white circle on a red background. On 20 May 1920, this swastika, originally proposed by Krohn and modified by Hitler, made its first public appearance as the flag of the new movement.

Hitler stated that the reason why he chose the direction of the right-handed swastika was because of the way the rotation of the sun would have appeared to the inhabitants of Thule.

Roman Salute

In the sacred geometry of Egypt, a point in space extends itself in all directions and these equidistant points then form a sphere, and if one point on a sphere extends out in the same way, then the result is the formation of two overlapping spheres. The idea of extension is represented by extending an arm straight out in each direction, and extending the arms outward represents the original movement of spirit, which is a movement of love.

Hitler’s Nazi salute is a reflection of the original creative force, and the swastika is a symbol of the original creative force. In the sacred mystery school teachings, awakened consciousness cannot be experienced by one person alone, but it needs someone to confirm it, so the full arm salute needs to be confirmed by another person, or an outside agent. To perform a full arm extension properly is to execute this motion with love. In the Hindu practices, the straight-arm salute is also a technique for raising kundalini energy, and some people do the one-arm-extended salute to connect with their devas during their higher realm practice. Hitler took the idea for the straight arm Nazi salute from Benito Mussolini.

By Buddhist reckonings, the straight arm salute is a powerful way to raise people’s Windhorse energy. “Windhorse” is a Buddhist term for stirring-up your energy and inspiration, like riding a horse on the winds of energy and delight. No one can deny that Hitler’s oratories inspired and lifted Germany out of their metaphysical depression, and nobody denies that Hitler also reenergized the German economy and lifted his people out of a very real economic depression.

After the Roman Empire conquered Egypt, they had to encourage the Egyptians to give grain to feed the Roman soldiers. To encourage the Egyptians to give their grain to the Romans, Augustus Caesar erected statues of himself on temple buildings and proclaimed himself as a god to his Egyptian subjects. This Roman practice of building statues of their emperor was done to appease the Egyptians so that they would feel better about giving away their grain if they believed that they were making their grain offerings to a god, rather than just to a bunch of all-too-human Romans. When the Egyptians were petitioned to give their grain to the Romans, they raised their right arm in salute to the statues of Caesar. This “hail to the great one” gesture is where the salute comes from.

When reading about the speeches at Nuremberg, one may think, “So what! This seems like a bunch of disjointed thoughts.” But if you were actually there, live, and on-the-scene, then you would have been moved — anyone would have been quite moved if they were there. What you cannot read on paper is the Brahma voice that flowed through Hitler at these events. In the Digha Nikaya, (Long Discourses) the Buddha described the Brahma voice as a powerful resonance associated with channeling devas through speech. Before he delivered his speeches, Hitler performed deep solitary practices in front of a mirror for hours and used this time before his public speeches to chant and align his body. Clearly, when Hitler gave a proper public speech, he made his body and mind a landing pad for the devas of the higher realms and a throne for the great German gods. Sometimes, Hitler would stand in silence for the first five minutes on stage while the crowd whipped themselves wild; then he would start slowly and softly, building up to his riveting warriors cries. During his oratories at the Nuremberg rallies, Hitler may have invoked “a saturation of devas.” There was such power in his presence during his public speeches that the crowd who was present would still have been hypnotized even if he had just recited the recipe for Black Forest cake.

Hitler was first spiritually inspired when he was only 15 years old and he had just finished listening to Wagner’s Rienzie play. Interestingly, Hitler’s childhood friend, Gustl Kubizek, watched with wonder as a being began speaking out of Hitler’s mouth in a most unusual voice. The being that seemed to be speaking through the young Adolf Hitler described how Hitler was eventually going to change European history and he would receive a Mandate from his people to lead them “from servitude to the heights of freedom — a special mission which would one day be entrusted to him.” Although, the realization of Kubizek’s vision would not be fulfilled for many years to come, this vision did eventually come to pass.

Hitler claimed that he had a vision and offered his body as a vessel to the “superman” (translated from a German term). The event where Hitler offered himself as a vessel for the “Supermen” occurred when he was in the hallowed presence of the Sword of Destiny, which was kept in Vienna, Austria. This legendary sword is said to be the sword used by a Roman guard to pierce the side of Christ after his crucifixion. Christ’s body was not pounded to break his bones, so many believed that for a moment the Roman soldier who wielded his sword held the fate of all mankind in his hands because he enabled the resurrection of Jesus to take place. Regardless of the stories and lore surrounding the Sword of Destiny, biblical scholars now admit that no one really knows how Jesus died, nor does anyone know for sure if Jesus was actually crucified at all. Additionally, the whole idea that a sword could be passed down for 2,000 years without being lost or switched with another sword is hard to believe. That being said, the legend surrounding the Sword of Destiny does not disavow the idea that this artifact is the most precious religious relic in the world, nor does anyone totally dismiss the idea that this artifact possesses real powers— this famous sword just may not be the actual weapon that pierced the side of Jesus!

Hitler first saw The Sword of Destiny in 1909, and this sword is believed to give the highest powers of good or bad to a person who knows how to control its awesome power. Hitler also credited this same sword with assisting him after he became the Furhrer of Germany. Hitler is known to have confided to his close associates that “the superman is living among us now!” when discussing the power of The Sword of Destiny.

As Hitler stood in front of the Spear of Destiny display in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna and stared at the Spear, strange sensations exploded within him. As he later recounted, “The Spear appeared to be some sort of magical medium of revelation for it brought the world of ideas into such close and living perspective that human imagination became more real than the world of sense. I felt as though I, myself, had held it in my hands before in some earlier century of history—that I, myself, had once claimed it as my talisman of power and held the destiny of the world in my hands. Yet, how could this be possible? What sort of madness was this that was invading my mind and creating such turmoil in my breast?”

Many Hindus in India believed Hitler’s claim that he manifested the powers of the gods. In the 1930’s many Brahmins — the highest caste in Indian society — believed that Hitler was an avatar; namely, a god in human form. At this same time, the Indians were very impressed with the powers that Hitler was wielding over the Europeans, and some Indians appreciated his efforts to conquer the English during the war because they wanted to get the British out of India. Let this stand for the record, Hitler was actually quite popular with most Brahmins!

The devas knew that this particular person — Hitler — commanded the lives and deaths of millions and millions of people. Beyond a doubt, the devas related to Hitler and Goebbels in a very special and very concentrated way. Paul Joseph Goebbels was eight years younger than Adolf Hitler, yet he was the leader of the 3rd Reich in many ways, particularly when it came to calling down the old German gods. Ordinary people have devas babysitting them from time to time, but individual Chackravartins (universal monarchs, or great leaders) typically command a whole deva administration that looks after them around the clock. Regardless of whether the Nazi party was elected fairly or not, they were in power for 12 years, and they pulled the strings that raised all of Europe out of an economic depression. How did Hitler the chancellor, and Goebbels who was the minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda, move masses of people to march forward? Answer: Through the power of The Higher Realms!

Hitler’s Gurus

Hitler was trained to be a supreme adept in the spiritual arts by a member of the Thule Society, or Thule Group. Briefly, the creed of the Thule Society inner circle was as follows: Thule was a legendary island in the Far North, similar to Atlantis. According to the Thule Society, both Atlantis and Thule were the centers of civilizations that were high-level yet lost; however, not all of the secrets of Atlantis or Thule had been completely wiped out. Those secrets of both societies that remained were being guarded by ancient and highly intelligent beings. Within the Thule Society, the truly initiated could establish contact with these beings who could endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of these energies of Thule, the goal of the initiated was to create a new race of supermen of “Aryan” stock.

A special member of the Thule Society was Dietrich Eckart, who trained Hitler well. Hitler worked with Dietrich Eckart to develop his level of consciousness to such a level that his Pineal Gland, or his “Third Eye,” would develop and open. After his Third Eye had opened, Hitler was able to “see clearly,” and the relationship between mankind and earth was finally understood, plus Hitler came to see the differences between this earth and the spiritual consciousness of the Cosmos. Having this extrasensory vision explains how Hitler sensed and avoided the numerous assassination attempts that were leveled against him.

 Hitler’s Spiritual Grandmother 

In her book called The Secret Doctrine, (1888) Blavatsky discussed the Theosophical theory of creation, where “races” evolve from a lower to a higher level. According to Blavatsky, our current “root race”— the Aryan race — follows the Atlantean pathway. Blavatsky used a variety of esoteric symbols in this book, including triangles and swastikas. Blavatsky also claimed to be the chosen spokesperson for two “exalted masters” who communicated telepathically with her from their secret dwelling place in Tibet (Goodrick-Clarke: 18ff).

As Blavatsky wrote, the Aryans were the most spiritually advanced people on earth, but the Jews had a “religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside itself.”

An 1892 periodical titled Lotus Blossoms, featured Blavatsky’s writings and “was the first German publication to sport the theosophical swastika upon its cover” (Goodrick-Clarke: 25). As time went on numerous other Theosophy-based occult groups formed in Germany and Austria, and several of these groups would provide the philosophical framework for German National Socialism.

Denis de Rougemont said of Hitler: “Where do the superhuman powers Hitler shows during his great speeches come from? It is quite obvious that a force of this kind does not belong to the individual, and indeed could not even manifest itself unless the individual were of no importance except as the vehicle of a force for which our psychology has no explanation. What I am saying would be the cheapest sort of romantic nonsense were it not that what has been accomplished by this man — or rather by the force working through him — is a reality that is one of the wonders of the century.”

The medium who is possessed by outside forces is not necessarily conscious of their strength, nor of the direction in which these forces are leading him; the medium actually dances to a tune which is not his own. Until 1934, Hitler thought he was doing all the correct steps, but he was not keeping strict time. He thought that all he had to do was to make full use of his “Powers,” but one cannot “use” such Powers, one can only serve them. This is the meaning (or one of the meanings) of the fundamental changes that occurred during and immediately after the Purge of June 1934. The Great Purge of 1934 involved Hitler destroying his enemies, and one such person on the hit list was Ernst Rohm. Rohm was slated for removal after his embarrassing homosexual escapades in Italy caused Hindenberg to tell Hitler “Either you get rid of Rohm or we’ll get rid of you.” The movement that Hitler himself thought would be National and Socialist in nature and nothing more never lived up to his billing became National Socialism was destined to become infused with secret doctrine from the very start. Hitler never dared to inquire into the reasons for the “suicide” of Strasser, and he also signed an order that elevated the S.S. to the rank of an autonomous organization that rested above the governance of the National Socialist political party.

It was Himmler who was entrusted with the task of organizing the S.S., not as a police force, but as a bona fide religious order with a regular hierarchy ranging from the lay brother to the Father Superior. Among the highest-ranking officials in the S.S were those in charge of a Black Order, whose existence was never officially recognized by the National Socialist government.

The Spear of Destiny states (Bantam Books) (Ravenscroft, 1973; 254):

The Secret Doctrine describes how the whole evolution of the earth and the being of man developed out of the spiritual Macrocosm as the result of the ceaseless creative activities of Spirit-Beings. It describes a great civilization that was submerged below the Atlantic Ocean in the proximity of Iceland. They migrated eastwards across Europe to Asia and they settled in Tibet in two vast cave encampments below the mountain sanctuaries of the Sun Oracle where the Great Initiates established themselves to direct the wise guidance of the civilizations of the Post-Atlantean Age.

Whereas the Sun Oracle fell into decline after some five thousand years, the Cave Communities which served the evil hierarchies continued to thrive into the modern age. The sudden and final eclipse of these demonic mystery centuries took place when Communist China annexed Tibet in 1959 and the soldiers of Mao massacred all the contemporary adepts.

Many rumors and stories about the activities of these Cave Adepts had reached the West in the first decade of the twentieth century, and the literature of the Thule Group spoke of this subject.

It was largely through the initiative of Professor Karl Haushofer and other members of the Vril Society in Berlin and Munich that exploratory teams were sent out to Tibet. The succession of German expeditions to Tibet, which took place annually from 1926 to 1942, sought to establish contact with the Cave Communities and persuade them to enlist their help for Hitler’s cause. Three years after the first contact had been made with the Adepts of Agarthi and Schamballah, a Tibetan community was established in Germany; however, this community was small, and only adepts who were willing to support the cause of National Socialism were accepted.

During their stay in Germany, Adolf Hitler held regular discussions with the leader of this group of expat Tibetan monks who resided in the German capital. The Tibetan who lead this small and elite contingency of monks that lived in Germany was a man with proven clairvoyance who had mastered the arts of prediction. It was rumored that the Tibetan master adept in Germany had predicted the exact date upon which Hitler would become Chancellor, and the date of the commencement for World War II.

The teachings of this Tibetan group, which had been built upon the direct inspiration of Professor Karl Haushofer, attracted the enthusiastic attentions of the Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. Himmler set up a school of occultism in the Berlin branch of the NSDAP, and many of the leading ranks of the Totenkopf SS, the Sicherheitsdienst, and the Gestapo were ordered to attend courses in meditation, transcendentalism, and magic.

It was in this establishment that Himmler was persuaded to found the Ahnenerbe, which was also called the National Socialist Occult Bureau. The Ahnenerbe incorporated the membership of Crowley’s spurious Templar Order, the Vril, and the Thule Gesellschaft into the Black Order of the SS. Its aims: To make researches into the localization, general characteristics, achievements and inheritance of the Indo-Germanic Race.

During the final months of the war, the lamas from Tibet who remained in Germany were suffering along with the rest of the people trapped there at the time, and when the Russians reached their quarters in the suburbs of Berlin, the invading Russians discovered the naked bodies of this small group of Tibetan monks lying in orderly rows, each with a ceremonial knife piercing his abdomen. The Tibetan monks who had assisted the 3rd Reich had chosen the Oriental form of suicide rather than surrender to the Communists and suffer further disgrace.


After Hitler joined the NSDAP, he soon met Joseph Goebbels. There was a devoted partnership between Goebbels and Hitler, with Hitler serving as the public front man and Goebbels performing a lot of the crucial support work. Goebbels was loyal to Hitler until the end, yet Goebbels was never a formal member of the Thule Society. Despite never formally joining the Thule Society, Goebbels’ voice and his propaganda indicate that he had some mastery of the higher realms. For example, Goebbels would practice his speeches for hours in front of a three-way mirror. The Third Reich was Hitler’s vision, but it was also the vision of Joseph Goebbels’. Like Goebbels, Hitler certainly knew about the powers of the higher realms and he used them, so he was not just a politician.


How did Hitler raise up his people and inspire the masses? In part Hitler became the chancellor of Germany because the people of his nation were experiencing desperate times on account of a terrible economic depression and the crippling effects of the treaty of Versailles; therefore, Hitler arrived at a time of great crisis when standard political tropes would not suffice. In a more prosperous environment, Hitler would never have never been presented with an opportunity to seize power, yet even in these later times, Hitler’s message still holds peoples’ attention because his ideas are fundamentally timeless. For example, at the Nuremberg rallies from the early 1920’s to 1939, Hitler and his inner circle created an elaborate mandala to employ the four karmas of Tibetan Buddhism. According to Tibetan monks, the Four Karmas are, Pacifying, Enriching, Magnetizing, and Destroying. Joseph Campbell, who was a famous scholar to world-wide mythology used a video of the Nuremberg rallies as a teaching aid to demonstrate how a well-orchestrated ritual can pull people away from their own egos and personal consciousness and meld each person’s being with that of the group.

No doubt, attending one of Hitler’s big rallies was a grandiose spiritual experience for everyone involved. The largest of Hitler’s public rallies featured flaming torch bearers, performances by gymnasts, and of course, no big National Socialist rally was complete without featuring pyrotechnics galore — the grandest show on earth for its time. Hitler’s rallies were designed to raise Windhorse energy, and the late musician David Bowie referred to Adolf Hitler the world’s first pop star. In the 1930’s even Winston Churchill, who was a sworn enemy of Hitler said “Adolf Hitler is the greatest leader of our age.”

After coming to power, Hitler appointed Goebbels as the Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment. Propaganda wasn’t a bad word then — it simply meant propagating the truth. With Goebbels at the helm, the NSDAP made the most skillful use of all the media technologies available at that time e.g. radio, movies, and the photographs that went into newspapers and mass-circulation magazines. Buddhism teaches that visualization is a powerful tool to affect the mind because sight accounts for over 80% of our sensory input.

The Hitler Religion

By 1934, many members of the German Workers’ Party were moving to revolutionize religion. A proposal was promoted within the party that would resurrect the old Germanic religion, and in his speeches, Hitler invoked Germanic devas because he wanted to promote the devas that kept watch over Germany. This is what Tibetan Buddhists call Lokapala, the higher realm devas that live at a particular place, or are associated with a particular geographic region. Buddhism teaches that Germany has her own devas like everywhere else, and these are the higher realm beings that Hitler, Goebbels, and others were channeling. There is some evidence that Hitler was protected from above by these devas; for example, during World War II, when buildings were bombed apart, there was more than an average number of walls left standing that were adorned by a picture of Hitler. Walls that were adorned with swastikas also seemed to avoid getting knocked-down, even after the heaviest and most violent of bombings.

It was Haushofer who became the leading figure in a secret society called “Vril” or “Luminous Lodge” which was founded in Berlin. The Vril Society had powerful meditations and exercises to develop superhuman powers of concentration and clairvoyant vision. The Vril is the ancient Indian name for the enormous resources of energy which can be made available as the result of the expanding the Etheric Body or Time Organism within a human being. The initiates of Vril spent untold hours in silent contemplation of seeds, leaves, flower blossoms, and fruits; they even spent hours meditating on apples that had been cut in half. In fact, the members of the Vril Society were studying the laws of the metamorphosis in plants which had been worked-out earlier in Europe by Goethe. Goethe was the first European to achieve a partial extension of the etheric organism through intensive mental focus, which explains both the source of Goethe’s incredible genius and his remarkable extra-sensory powers.

This idea of Hitler scouring the world for artifacts that were charged with mojo from the higher powers is the theme of the 1981 movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark that starred Harrison Ford. In India, and that part of the world, Hitler was not despised, and he was certainly not disposed in the years before World War II. Even today in India, Mein Kampf continues to sell well quite well, and Hitler is still not regarded nearly as negatively as he is in the West.

Heinrich Himmler followed Hitler’s example by also invoking powerful visualization practices and NLP techniques. Himmler also had a castle restored, and he decorated the rooms of this palace to suit the many great German kings and leaders of the past. Himmler would bring high-ranking German officers to stay at his cozy little castle so that the spirits of these grand German heroes would be imbued in his men. The 3rd Reich’s aspiration to consummate unearthly powers within themselves was successfully demonstrated by their great leader, Adolf Hitler.

Himmler’s castle was additionally slated to be something akin to another Vatican City for a separate SS state. Himmler’s practices compare to Tibetan Buddhist practices because in both traditions, a leader visualizes himself as a deity, or a guru, or perhaps a dharma king. The cultures of Tibetans, Hindus, and National Socialists, all deliberately create an aura of absolute power around a guru or leader, and they all believe in following a leader who is an elitist. Under these three systems of thought, advisors are present to serve a leader with the best advice, but democracy is nonsense. The Dalai Lama first introduced the concept of democracy during the early days of the Tibetan government in exile, and this new constitution included provisos for the Dalai Lama to be democratically impeached if necessary. This new constitution that the Dali Lama introduced was such a shock to the Tibetan people that it drove many into despair and depression, and some Tibetans even hovered near suicide after hearing about this proposed new democratic constitution. To the Tibetans, the idea of democracy instead of solid leadership is nonsense, and the Dalai Lama is seen as their guru — and that is it.

Despite securing the title of German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler was still first and foremost, a guru. Hitler’s disciple and deputy Furhrer was named Rudolf Hess, and Hess still serves as is an example of a person who had total devotion to a guru. Rudolf Hess had an unwavering devotion to Hitler, and even in the 1980’s reporters would still interview him while he languished in prison (the Russians would have been very upset if the Germans let Hess free) and these visiting reporters would ask him, “So, what do you think of Hitler now?” To their surprise, Hess would take a deep breath, and raise his right arm and say, “Ah! . . . Mein Fuhrer! He was just the greatest man who ever lived!” Hess showed remarkable and total devotion to Hitler until he died, especially after having served 40 years in prison.

Demigod-like Powers

Hitler possessed a manner of speaking to large masses of people that absolutely captured their imaginations and stimulated tremendously powerful emotions within them. When Hitler was elated, his normal halting awkward style of speech was transformed into a magical flow of words that was delivered with spellbinding effect. On these occasions where Hitler’s speeches transcended the bounds of everyday life, it was as though Hitler himself was listening to the extraneous intelligence which had temporarily taken over his soul. The strange transformations seen in Hitler during his speeches would later be described by others who saw these events as akin to watching Hitler rise step by step to the very pinnacle of psychic power.

Given his remarkable psychic powers, it is no surprise that during the years of his chancellorship millions of Germans developed a religious devotion to Hitler. This level of devotion to a guru that the German people showed for Hitler is taught within Tibetan Buddhism much more so than it is pushed within the Theravada Buddhist tradition. In 1934, after Hitler had consolidated his hold on Germany, he had a 90% approval rating by his people, which is quite incredible. In the 1930’s, when the rank-and-file Germans saw Hitler step out of his Mercedes, they were typically breathless with adulation and sometimes many people would faint dead away in the street when Hitler arrived unexpectedly. Not even the Beatles could do that! Clearly, the higher realms were behind this incredible magnetism that Hitler showed. It is also worth noting that in the early years of his chancellorship Hitler traveled around Germany almost nonstop, so countless ordinary Germans had opportunities to see their chancellor in person.

There have also been 42 serious assassination attempts against the life of Hitler that were documented in one place or another. This amazing record of failed assassination attempts also indicates that Hitler was protected from above because no one could succeed at killing him. Typically, before an assassination attempt, a feeling would come over Hitler and he would leave a place just before the attempt on his life would commence. The most famous and nearly successful attempt on Hitler’s life happened in July of 1944. In this notable attempt on his life, Hitler got up and walked across the room, then suddenly a briefcase that was resting next to his feet blow-up and killed a few high-ranking officers, yet Hitler’s life was spared. Soon after the July 1944 attempt on his life, Hitler was on the movie screen newsreels smiling with one bandage around his little finger. Although Hitler put on a great game-face after the July 1944 attempt on his life; in truth, he was severely traumatized by the explosion and he was actually never the same again after that failed plot. Hitler was permanently affected by the July bomb blast because after that incident he retained little use of his right arm and he continuously shook from that point onward.

Hitler seems to have possessed the same ability that many highly attained spiritual practitioners also seem to have; namely, the ability to affect the weather. For example, some spiritual adepts are able to create double rainbows above themselves at will, or they are able to manifest incredible wind, hail, and thunder when it suits them. In the mid 1930s, Hitler was the first national leader to use an airplane to travel between meetings in his own country, and during one such trip, a party of faithful devotees were waiting for him at his destination when a storm brewed-up out of nowhere and Hitler’s plane was in the midst of it. When the storm arrived and Hitler’s plane had still not landed, the people who were waiting on Hitler’s arrival got very concerned; however, the gathered crowd saw Hitler’s plane coming in for a landing despite the bad weather, the they witnessed the storm calm right down just as Hitler’s plane approached the airfield.

After Hitler’s airplane touched down on the tarmac, the aircraft taxied up to the relieved crowd and just as Hitler stepped out of the aircraft, a shaft of sunlight broke through the clouds and shone directly on the chancellor at that precise moment! It was as if the weather was controlled to set the stage around the chancellor of Germany! Witnesses said that when Hitler greeted the adoring crowd there was a glow coming off of the people’s eyes as they gazed upon their beloved leader. Some wondered aloud whether Jesus had the same glow that Hitler had at that moment. History never changes, only our perspective on it does. Since the history books are written by the victors, we are not aware of any of the good things that were connected with Hitler and his party, nor do we hear a peep about the uplifted people that worked with good intentions for the German Workers’ Party. Let it stand for the record, no Hollywood World War II movies will ever show any good side to Hitler nor will Jewish-controlled Hollywood ever portray the German people in a positive light.

While I lived in Chiangmai, Thailand; I knew an American man who was a close personal associate to the Tibetan guru Kalu Rinpoche for more than 10 years. The American was named Sherab Ebin, and I would sit eating toast and jam with him in a local America restaurant, while he described how Kalu Rinpoche informed him that he had met Germans sent to Tibet during the 1930’s and 40’s. The Germans who visited Tibet in the early part of the 20th century arrived there with orders from their Führer to uncover the secrets of Vajrayana Buddhism, then to bring these secrets back to Hitler in Berlin. Some of these Germans who were sent to Tibet by Hitler remained in that part of the world after the end of World War II, and some of them even helped to get the Dalai Lama out of Tibet in 1959. One of the Germans who returned from Tibet to Berlin and managed to report his findings to the German chancellor recalled that when he went in to see the Führer, he felt that Hitler was a vast and powerful being that just sucked the information right out of him. This German explorer of Tibet staggered out of Hitler’s office as if he had had an audience with a god! It was obvious to the returned German explorer that Hitler was one of the highest leveled gurus he had ever met.


The economist John Kenneth Galbraith said Hitler was a man “who succeeded spectacularly in the area of economic recovery.”

Indeed, Hitler achieved his economic goals, but his ultimate aim was to exalt humanity, and the S.S. were the embodiment of this ideal. In the mid 1930’s, Hitler’s transformation of Germany’s economy was in full swing, but aside from just transforming the German economy, Hitler ordered the SS to marry racially suitable German women and have at least four babies. It is worth mentioning that the men of the SS were very rigorously selected, so the idea of promoting the best genetics began by forming this elite group. The selection criteria for the SS was in-fact so rigorous that this organization would turn-away men who had ever had a single dental cavity! The men of the SS could not produce enough children with one wife alone, so the laws against bigamy were eliminated only for the men of the SS. To produce even more fit and healthy Aryan children, single German girls were also encouraged to have babies.

It is worth mentioning that the science of Eugenics did not originate in Germany, but Britain, and the actual practice of Eugenics began in the United States, not in Germany. Many contemporary thinkers such as the notable author, scientist, university professor, and internet personality Edward Dutton, along with many others, have noted that Eugenics offers a real solution to so many of today’s economic and social problems. For example, if the medical condition of high blood pressure causes so many health problems for untold millions of people, and if this condition also costs the economy billions of dollars per year in medical expenses and lost working time, then a great long-term solution to this problem would be to selectively breed a population that will never suffer from this problem at all, regardless of environmental factors.

The science of Eugenics also offers the potential to eliminate a host of crippling social ills like mental illness and drug addiction. It turns-out that a high number of people who are homeless are also mentally ill, and a solid and long-running campaign of careful breeding could eliminate most common mental illnesses amongst the entire population of a nation, and in-turn a solid and long-running eugenics program would practically eliminate the problem of homelessness.

Scientific research has demonstrated time again for over a century that most of what makes us who we are as people is inherited; for example, the economic class that a person belongs to is largely a function of who their parents are, and whether a person has a criminal record or not is heritable to a large degree. The most striking argument in the inherent nature versus environmental factors debate rests with identical twins who were separated at birth and raised separately. It turns-out that identical twins who are raised in totally separate environments share eerie similarities. Some of the eerie similarities that have been found in identical twins separated at birth include having spouses and children with the same names, having the exact same collections of music, holding the same exact jobs, driving the same exact cars, and having the same types of dogs and cats with the exact names.

Admittedly, Eugenics does not offer any magical solutions, nor does it offer any quick fixes for much of anything, but this science does offer the possibility of gradually reducing a long list of social problems. Edward Dutton and others have also pointed-out that harsh social-Darwinist living conditions will keep a population’s genetic pool very strong and clean because the sick and unfit will be weeded-out by the tough environment, but once a solid civilization had developed and the harsh Darwinian crucible of genetic selection has been greatly reduced, that is when poor genetics will slowly begin to accumulate over time and eventually destroy an entire civilization through a process of slow rot from the inside.

As mentioned by Edward Dutton, one of the biggest factors that destroyed the old Roman Empire, the Greek city states, and Babylon was the phenomenon of dysgenics setting-in over time. Although the Romans never created an environment that negated Darwinian influences to the extent that living in a modern first-world country does, the Romans still had working sewer systems, public baths, and they boiled their clothes to clean them, so the Romans were able to keep a lot of diseases in check through basic hygiene. The Romans also set-up public housing and provided bread lines for the poor, so they had an old-time welfare system that also promoted dysgenics by supported unchecked breeding by the least enterprising and intelligent members of society.

The Romans also had reliable birth control measures in place as did the Greeks of antiquity and the Babylonians, so all of these ancient civilizations had a situation where the wealthy and intellectually advanced could easily elect to keep having sex, but avoid having children. Like the ancient Greek city states that preceded Rome, and the Babylonian civilization that existed before the heyday of the Greek city states, it was the smartest members of society that tended to breed the least. The Roman situation was marked by the rich, educated, and smart breeding the least.

Harsh Darwinian living circumstances could be illustrated by studying how people lived in Colonial America prior to the war for American Independence, or by studying how people lived in Europe during the Medieval era. It turns-out that the average life expectancy of a White man was around 42 years of age in America until around 1900, so Darwinian living circumstances were the norm until the 20th century in pretty much every part of the world. Two things that characterize a set of Darwinian living circumstances is a scenario where half or more of the babies born will not see their 18th birthday, and a high number of women will parish from childbirth, say 30% or more. So, the problem is this: Harsh Darwinian living conditions produce really good gene pools over time, except very few people would want to live this way if they had a choice in the matter.

According to Dutton and others, the first manifestation of a slumping gene pool is a slow decline in the average IQ of a population, and even if formal IQ tests do not exist, evidence of declining intelligence levels is evidenced by a slow loss of literacy, or a slow decline in the use of advanced words. As a population’s genetics devolve over time, other conditions slowly emerge such as a slow increase in the number of birth defects and a slowly worsening appearance quality across the entire population. Other issues of note for a society suffering from genetic failure include an increasing rate of mental illness coupled with an epidemic of slowly worsening immune systems. Dutton and others have basically postulated that the only way to maintain a functional civilization for more than 250 years is to practice a process of Eugenic selection that will keep the gene pool at least somewhat solvent. Professor Edward Dutton has also theorized that one big reason for the current decline of Western civilization is a long-running absence of tough Darwinian natural selection criteria that has permitted a troubling accumulation of bad genetics and an accompanying creep of mass mental illness.

The author and activist named Savitri Devi believed that Adolf Hitler was in-fact an Avatar of the Hindu god named Vishnu the Preserver, and Devi’s claim is really not so crazy upon deeper analysis. In the Hindu cannon, Brahman is the god of creating, Vishnu is the god that preserves, and Shiva is the destroyer. Devi’s idea that Hitler was an earthly embodiment of Vishnu makes sense when one studies the German chancellor’s ideas, and this is the case because Hitler’s plans and concepts were an excellent blueprint for establishing and maintaining worldly order, and Vishnu adores order above all else.

In a deep sense, conservative ideas are really just ideas that are primarily aligned with those of Vishnu, and the concepts of preservation and order are not bad concepts at all, but simply cosmic principles that are actually worthy of admiration. It is interesting to note that most liberals in the modern West accuse conservatives of being unable to accept change and liberals also accuse conservatives of mindlessly clinging to a past that never was, yet all living things must make efforts to preserve themselves to some degree. For example, a giant Sequoia tree lives for over 1,000 years and humans live over 60 years as opposed to a dog’s lifespan of around 15 years. One can also note that across the entire kingdom of life plants and animals have all evolved defense mechanisms to preserve their lives — at least in an immediate sense.

It is important to remember that preserving a working civilization for more than around 250 years will require making some type of investment in a Eugenics program. According to Dutton, a pattern can be observed where a society achieves a level of development that negates Darwinian selection criteria, then dysgenics set-in, and finally the society collapses and the population reverts to harsh Darwinian living situations once again, which then rebuilds the genetics over time and allows high civilization to emerge once more after centuries or perhaps millennia have passed.

Contrary to what Left-wingers and Communists preach, changes and revolutions are not categorically great things for their own sake; by contrast, traditions are often worth upholding, and old ways often rest on foundations of valuable wisdom.

It is additionally worth mentioning that the National Socialists in Germany did sterilize a relatively small number of their underclass who were long-term welfare dependents, but this practice originated in America, most notably amongst very poor and inbred Whites who were living in America’s Appalachian region. Despite sterilizing a certain number of people, the government of Hitler’s Germany chose to focus on promoting the good as opposed to eliminating the bad, and focusing on promoting the good has been slated as the way to go in the future for all present-day advocates of Eugenics. True, sterilizing the genetically defective is one way to eliminate a list of problems, but this approach will inevitably cause a lot of social strife and simply hand Communists too much good material to leverage for their rotten schemes. The old time German National Socialists also realized that they would have to focus their Eugenics programs on promoting the good as opposed to removing the bad because estimates held that at least 70% of Germany’s population at that time would not meet the party’s established Eugenics criteria.

One could also make a good argument that Eugenics has been practiced for thousands of years in one form or another on plants, livestock, and yes, even human beings, so any argument against adopting Eugenics policies has to acknowledge that these practices have actually been enacted for quite a while. Edward Dutton, and Kirk Doolittle have both discussed how the death penalty was used quite liberally in Western Europe for around 1,000 years after Christianity became the de-facto state religion for the subcontinent. For more than one millennium, around 2.5% of the males from each generation were executed for criminal conduct, so this social pattern has altered the genetic makeup of the European population permanently.

Europe’s millennium of culling criminals is believed to be one main reason that Whites commit much less crime than other racial groups besides East Asians. Likewise, Japan, China, and Korea also had strict execution protocols for a long time, so this old practice also partially explains why Asians commit so little crime compared to other groups. By contrast, Russia and Eastern Europe never had the same mass culling of criminals as Western Europe, so to this day Russia has more than five times the rate of violent crime as Western Europe.

It is also worth noting that social policies in the past have shaped modern genetics in ways that go far beyond just culling violent criminals. For example, the author and video blogger Kirk Doolittle discussed how many parts of Europe had policies in place where almost all of the farmland was owned by the nobility so anyone wishing to become a tenant farmer had to obtain letters of recommendation from their superiors. During that same time period, any man who wished to join a trade guild would also have to present papers attesting to his character along with personal references, so social policies like this have permanently altered European genetics towards men who are hardworking, conscientious, and deferential to authority. Admittedly, none of the social policies that existed in Europe during the Renaissance era eliminated the White underclass, but these policies are credited with greatly reducing the percentage of the European populace who belonged to the underclass.

Another issue to consider is the effect that more than 4,000 years of stateism have exerted on the genetics of East Asians. For example, for millennia the Chinese had a system of imperial examinations that permitted men from lowly family backgrounds to climb to positions as imperial advisors. The effect of this system on the gene pool of China is not hard to imagine because men who could pass these examinations would gain wealth and social standing which would grant them access to more women and allow them to procure more offspring, so over time the existence of an imperial exam system would favor traits in the population like studiousness and being good at passing tests. Having a long history of an examination system may serve as a partial explanation for why East Asians have the highest IQs of any racial group and why they excel at schooling.

Despite its obvious merits, the science of Eugenics has taken a real battering since its inception. The real reason that the science of Eugenics has faced such a tough road is because international Jewry has hated both the scientific study of race and any discussions about Eugenics from the very beginning of either field of study. For whatever reason, Jews hate any discussions of either race science or Eugenics, so they have applied their considerable wealth and political influence to a long-running campaign to snuff and suppress both of these fields of inquiry.

An argument could be made that Communism is just a secularized form of Talmudic Judaism, so it comes as no surprise that Communist regimes have always been rabidly opposed to any talk of Eugenics. Communism has also frequently rose to power by appealing its message to a targeted society’s most dysgenic people along with those who were simply dissatisfied with the government or are feeling short-changed by the present economic situation. It was well-known that the Jewish Bolsheviks that eventually would-up commanding Russia purposely chose the dregs of society to administer their gulags as well as to hold high-ranking positions within the Communist apparatus. The dysgenic people chosen for positions of power by the Jewish Communist ringleaders often had terrible physical appearances, mental health issues of all types, gender dysphoria issues galore, sexual deviancy of every stripe, and substance abuse issues of all kinds.

During and after the Communist revolution of 1918, the Jews hand-picked the most dysgenic people in the host population of Russia because they know that these people would be all-in on Communism because it offered them status and power that they could never gain by any other means, and for the very dysgenic, holding a position of power in the Communist regime also offered a way for this hand-picked collection of resentful misfits to strike back at those they resented. The Jews also chose the most dysgenic people they could find and them installed them in positions of power because they knew they could count on these people to be cruel and loyal to the Communist party. Many of the dregs that were assigned positions of power under the Communist regime eventually came to regret accepting their positions, and they eventually saw their situations for what they were; none the less, once they had accepted their assigned positions and then did cruel and terrible things with their positions of power, they came to understand that they had to fight as hard as possible to prop-up the rotten system they had joined or else suffer horrible deaths.

To this day, Jews, Communists, and Leftists in general all violently oppose any discussions about Eugenics because they tend to wish that all inequalities and disparities in the world are just the result of unfair circumstances. No doubt, unfair circumstances do account for a lot of the world’s inequity, yet genetics is a far larger factor when it comes to creating inequality or defining our world.

Recycling People

The National Socialist elite may have believed that they were recycling humanity through the process of rebirth because they did believe in reincarnation and Heinrich Himmler openly boasted that he was the reincarnation of an ancient German hero.

It is important to have a belief in the law of karma to understand World War II. If we understand Hitler’s views on karma, that will help us to understand his motives. According to Buddhist teachings, the past does not exist but history does exist. Perhaps time is a convention and there is really nothing beyond just a present moment of memory; therefore, all of the suffering in the future does not exist, because it has not yet arisen. The Buddha also said that the future is flexible, so it can be changed; however, the past is inflexible, so it cannot be changed.

The vital point to understand here is that it is still not right to break the five precepts of Buddhism, even if everybody’s karma has come to the point of ripening.

Buddhism is not pre-deterministic and it is always possible to lessen the effects of bad karma by doing good deeds. So, just keep doing good deeds and thinking good thoughts, because it is not necessary to kill people just because they killed you in a previous life. Stop. The time to stop is now. Stop. Break the cycle. Stop. Breathe in white. Breathe out white. Just keep doing good.

Out of compassion for the world, the higher realms should be tapped into for the benefit of others. Certainly, the Buddhist teachings train people to develop a conscious relationship with the higher realms. Joseph Campbell taught that it is necessary to live your life with a sense of the power and mystery contained in life. Campbell also stressed that a person should maintain a sense of mystery concerning his or her place in the cosmos. Joseph Campbell taught us that retaining a sense of mystery and wonder is the function of mythology, so we must take the higher realms seriously and ask for their help to subdue mankind’s recklessness and heal our world.

It’s a chicken or egg question: Do devas or humans initiate new mythologies? According to Joseph Campbell, the weakness of the world today is that we have little or no mythology. Campbell felt that our era is a period in the terminal moraine of mythologies and a mosaic of conflicting hodge-podge mythologies. For a more uplifting and positive future, the role model that we find in Joseph Goebbels is a great example because he was the modern master of transforming mythology into physical reality. There is no other storyteller like Goebbels because he alone was the most skillful genius at communicating pure vision. Goebbels raised-up the German world and brought down the German devas to manifest a physical reality on earth, and that was a very great thing.

Methods of how to apply Goebbels’ sacred teachings to benefit our world with compassion in the 21st century are not explored here because the people who will be responsible for applying the work of Goebbels in the future will be responsible for every other decision that will come after that, so applying this knowledge carries tremendous responsibility and opportunity. Any attempt to move mass psychology in a powerful way such as Goebbels or Hitler did, must be thoroughly considered by many responsible people in order to properly and compassionately uplift our world.

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  1. Mystics are no more of a myth than any other source of belief. It manifests within the holders of the original flame; these spirits and prophets who have come to us with timeless presence and influence. The ancient ancestors of our blood and spirit of soil never grow old. Nor do they die. Their energy only dissipates into a more robust realm of spirituality and the true life forever. As with one day, our depictions of the superior being will once again walk this earth against the grain of all opposition and evil with “SIEG” being the eternal battle cry.

    A enlightening read . Danke

    1. Wow, you said that well, Brendan! I feel that Adolf Hitler deva is timeless, as you wrote. And his inspiration dissipated into a more robust realm of spirituality and the true life forever. The Thule Society brings that down to our brothers and sisters.
      Brian Ruhe
      President Thule Society

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