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Storming the Capital Part 1-2 : Donald Trump & Joe Biden are Tweedle Dee + Tweedle Dumb


Donald Trump – Political Chameleon (aka Tweedle Dee)

What Is Up With Those Creepy Clowns? Two Words: Donald Trump
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Many people do not know this, but Donald Trump actually began his serious political career in the run up to the 2012 Presidential Election when he challenged Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. Strangely, in 2012, Trump was well known for his extremely liberal stand on many issues, yet his bid for the presidency went nowhere and he soon dropped out of the 2012 presidential race.

In the run up to the next election, Trump switched to the Republican party and set himself up as the champion of sheep who had been wandering around without a shepherd since the death of their previous shepherd, Ronald Raegan. In 2016, Trump played his cards well and built a base of support for himself from left-over conservative voters.

Ronald Reagan Meme














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To (((those who actually determine who will be the president))), Trump appeared to be someone they could work with because he was a charismatic showman who would say, do, and be anything they needed him to be in order to win the presidentcy. So, in 2016, Trump was selected ahead of Hillary Clinton by the elites because they required someone to run a fake campaign that would provide a smokescreen for what was actually a rigged election.


Count Von Count














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The Jewish elites chose to install Trump as the president in 2016 because they recognized that a great many White members of the middle and working classes were beginning to finally wake up to just how bad they were getting screwed by the system, and they were growing exceedingly pissed-off as a result. For many years, the elites saw that conditions were becoming ideal for the appearance of a great populist leader who would be an American version of a Hitler or Mussolini.

American had already seen a genuine populist with the likes of the renowned Huey P. Long who was nicknamed “The Kingfish”. As far as I’m concerned, Huey P. Long was the litmus test for what a genuine American Populist Leader needs to be. (I will do a blog on Mr. Long at some point, and this blog will include Long’s potential run as a U.S. president which would have led to a possible partnership with Mussolini or Hitler; however, Long was murdered by the Jews before he could do any real good for the American Empire of that time.) In 2016, the Zionist/Corporatist cabal felt that they had to prevent a populist uprising at any cost, so they enlisted the help of a fake populist and demagogue named Donald J. Trump who would co-opt and neutralize any growing resistance.

Jewish Trump










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One of the keys to getting Donald Trump installed as the president was to make his message appealing to the large and mostly White demographic of Evangelical Christians who are well-meaning but not very well-educated, plus they are also a deeply superstitious lot of people. So, to win the vote of America’s Evangelical Christians, the Zionists enlisted the support of a gang of hucksters, who, to put it nicely, were a collection of false prophets, aka Christian Zionist Preachers. Chief among these Evangelical Christian Zionist preachers was Mike Huckabee who was the Governor of Arkansas when Trump ran for president. The task of the Zionists, Trump, and Mike Huckabee was to convince their gullible Evangelical followers that GOD himself had picked Trump to be their president for life. The political strategy for the Zionists concerning Trump’s presidency was to drill the idea into the gullible masses of Evangelical Christians that opposing Trump was tantamount to opposing God himself. The Zionists also assigned even greater importance to pushing the idea that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and these same Zionist Jews also pushed the idea that failing to serve them will bring a curse from God himself.

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Joe Biden – Antifa, Corporatist, and Warmonger (aka Tweedle Dum)

All one has to do to figure out who Biden really is to study his political record. After doing any sort of study of Biden’s political career, the item that stands out above all else with crystal clarity is his endless desire for more and more war — “This man never met a war he didn’t like.” (As long as others have to do the fighting and dying.) Like most major Democratic politicians, Biden is a great lover of military adventurism to a significantly greater degree than Trump and the Republicans, so this trait makes Biden the very epitome of the word Warmonger.

biden drone












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Biden is a Warmonger: Reason #1

There are two principal reasons that old Sniffin Joe Biden could be called a warmonger: First, the Democratic Party is very much interwoven with the Military/Industrial Complex in a financial sense.

Sniffin Joe













Joe Biden has a creepy and unsettling habit of sniffing the hair of children and women in very public settings, and this earned him the inernet monicker “Sniffin Joe.” The Jewish establishment media has done all that they could to keep public knowledge of Joe Biden’s public behavior contained, but hiding Biden’s gaffs from the Internet is much more difficult than censoring the television set. The sniffing behavior exhibited by Biden when the cameras are rolling is most likely a symptom of his rapidly deteriorating mind.

In truth, Biden is too old and senile to hold he office of the presidency, and this fact is hidden to the greatest degree possible by the Jewish establishment, but film footage of Biden sniffing the hair of women and children in very public settings still gets out, plus the gaffs he makes during public speeches still circulate around the internet. Perhaps in light of all the other problems associated with Joe Biden sniffing the hair of children and women is a minor issue, yet this matter is still worth noting somewhere. Image courtesy of imgur.com


“Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace” is always good for business and a new war is always a good tool for filling a politician’s pockets. This economic connection between the Democratic political party and the military complex is pretty simple and straightforward. The sometimes called “Eastern Liberal Establishment,” of which Sleepy Joe is such a fine example, has been the Mainstream Democratic Party’s Establishment within the organization for decades. America’s Democratic Political party has always been part-and-parcel with the New York City Banking Establishment and Multinational Corporations, and this has been true since the days of Abraham Lincoln, whom they bankrolled even thought he was officially a Republican.

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Biden is a Warmonger: Reason #2

The second reason that Biden is a warmonger is because he is a Trotskyite communist. The next part is considerably more complicated and convoluted. I can hear the question now (as I smile good naturedly), “But aren’t Biden and the Democrats already solidly established as card-carrying communists?” In answer, — absolutely — but what few people realize is that there are different versions of Communism that often violently conflict with each other. (Unlike Communism, National Socialism is a divine spark to the people, and everyone of good will and good reason always thoroughly supports this way of life!)











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One would need to write a book in order to fully elaborate on the subject of Communist variances; however, for our present purposes I must keep it brief. First, let me say that Biden & Co. are definitely not Stalinists. For the record, Stalinism is the form of Communism that was established in the Soviet Union when Uncle Joe began to force the Jews out of positions of power in the USSR; however, Biden & Co. are far worse than Uncle Joe and the Stalinists. Biden & Company are Trotskyists, not Stalinists, and unlike Stalinists, Trotskyites are intent on transforming the entire world into a state that would mirror what was present in the USSR before Joe Stalin took over as the club president. The Trotskyites represent the time of “The Red Terror” as it used to be called, and modern Trotskyites have relabeled themselves as ether Neo-Conservatives (Neo-Cons) or Neo-Liberals, depending on from where they have chosen to operate.

Stalinism operates on the principal of having Marxist style Socialism for one country only, but on the other hand, Trotskyism operates on the principal of World Revolution. Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union derailed the principal train carrying Global Revolution, and Hitler’s attack on Russia has left the Trotskyites without a viable world revolution right up until the present day. The Cold War was instigated by the Trotskyists in order to bring down both the USA and the USSR, and this “Cold War” was instigated to further the cause of world revolution. (Trotskyism is also called the ‘Jewish Global Plantation,’ which is both Communist and Corporatist in nature.)















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While the lineage of Antifa goes back to the 1848, Jewish Communist Revolutions swept through many European Countries, but especially Prussia, and to a somewhat lesser degree Poland. The operatives from early Jewish communist revolutions also served Abraham Lincoln in large numbers during the 2nd American Revolution; however, these same nasty Jewish Communists would not take the organizational name Antifa (Anti-Fascists) until the time of the Weimer Republic in post WW1 Germany.

Antifa was the Militia Arm of the KPD (German Communist Party), and they were the ones who had the street fights with the Storm Troopers of Hitler’s SA. Antifa were always fanatical believers in world revolution and Antifa was the principal instrument of the Soviet Union up until Stalin broke with the Bolsheviks (aka Jewish Communists). After Stalin parted ways with the Jewish Bolsheviks, Antifa became mortal enemies of the USSR, just like they had long been such dedicated enemies to the West before that, and Antifa has also been sworn enemies of anybody else who might stand in the way of their plans for world revolution. The existential threat that the West faced during the Cold War was not from the Russians, but rather from these Trotskyists who had set themselves up as the defenders of such things as freedom, democracy, and equality in Western countries during the 1960’s. (The irony of Communists claiming to stand for freedom, democracy, and equality is quite a hoot!)

Means of Production Blah Blah Blah












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Left Turn at Imperial Japan

Just a little digression at this point. Imperial Japan was considered a threat to the Trotskyites plans to expand their operations into the Western Pacific and Eastern Asia, more especially into China. The Jewish Bolshevik Trotskyites set out to destroy the Japanese Empire in order to remove this obstacle to their expansion as well as to prime Japan for their exploitation. The Trotskyite Bolshevik Communists planned to bring about a war between the US and Japan in order to accomplish their expansionist ends, and this is why the nation of Japan allied itself with the 3rd Reich.

Japanese Wojack













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The Tripartite agreement commonly known as the Axis Powers was the banding together of the three principal opponents to Jewish Trotskyite expansion; namely, the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The three nations that comprised the Axis Powers during world War II formed a partnership in order to resist control from a Jew-dominated international cabal. The Axis Powers named themselves such because they saw themselves as THE AXIS OF RESISTANCE OF THOSE OPPOSED TO THE TYRANNICAL JEWISH NEW WORLD ORDER. It is certainly true that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was America’s president during World War II, forced Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor as a way to get the United States into a war with Germany through the back door.

Nazi Japanese Girl
















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It is my firm conviction that if the Jews hadn’t murdered Huey Long he would have handily defeated FDR to become US President. In time he would have made the US the 4th member of the Axis of Resistance.


Martin Luther King Jr. was also a Communist

Martin Luther King Jr had Communist connections, and this fact is well known, yet this issue has also caused some confusion for those who do not realize that there is more than a single kind of Communism. As far as the Soviets were concerned, there was no connection between their apparatus and Martin Luther King, and as a matter of fact, the Soviets never trusted King at all, and the Soviets considered him to be a conman and a fraud. King’s particular Communist connections were with the Trotskyists, and these connections are well-documented with photographs and other sources, all of which have been almost entirely suppressed by Jews for decades.

Communist Martin Luther Kind
















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Antifa has made it perfectly clear for a long time that there is nothing they will not do to further their cause, up to and including masquerading as their enemies in order to discredit their adversaries in the public’s eye. Antifa also believes in a brand of moral relativism where the ends always justifying the means and they have never made any secret of their beliefs.

Now we can see the fundamental connection between Bloody Joe Biden and Antifa. The Biden Administration is going to be marked by one war after another in the pursuit of world revolution. With Americans doing the fighting and dying as Israeli left-wing Zionists and their Corporatist cohorts sit in the driver’s seat and call the shots. I do not have to dwell on the possibility of World War III coming out of this scenario because it is just too obvious.

Already, a new and so-named Axis of Resistance is beginning to form, except this time the resistance to Jewish tyranny is centered on Iran as opposed to Germany. (Persians are Eastern Aryans). The present-day axis of globalist resistance is already joined by the likes of Iraq, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and just recently by Syria (The Non-Arab Majority in the country are also Eastern Aryan, as were the Ancient Syrians, aka Hittites.)

So, we see Our Folk trapped between The Devil and the deep blue sea as they say (smiling). We are Aryans and National Socialists, so our victory is certain under the leadership of our Adolf Hitler deva!


Randall Lee Hilburn





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