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Is There a Natural Alliance Between Islam and National Socialism?



by James Rousse


  Race is more important than religion.

I would rather live in a town full of White Muslins in Bosnia than in a town full of Christian Sub-Saharan Africans regardless of where this town full of Sub-Saharans might be located. I would also prefer that my daughter married a White Muslim man from Turkey or Persia than a Black man from anywhere in the world who is a Christian. Remember, blood is thicker than civic nationalism or religious dogma.

Kivanc tutiltug

The image above shows Kivanc Tatlitug who is a popular Turkish actor. Turtlitug is often called “Turkey’s Brad Pitt” Image courtesy of mobil.com 

Iranian Blondes
The image seen above shows two Bakhtiari children in Iran. Image courtesy of X.com 

  No real alliance or partnership between Muslims and National Socialists is possible in today’s world. 

Yes, Hitler had a great personal friendship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and this friendship led to real-world alliances such as the Third Reich’s military incorporating a certain number of Muslim soldiers; however, White French Nationalists and White French National Socialist have been trying to actualize an alliance with the Muslims who are living in France against the Jews for the last 20+ years and nothing has ever materialized from these efforts. About Three years ago, Red Ice TV ran an hour-long interview with two men who were dedicated White Nationals plus dedicated French Nationalists, and during the course of  this interview, both Frenchmen lamented that an alliance with Muslims against a common Jewish enemy in France could be quite effective and productive; however, outside of Palestine,  Muslims always side with Jewish oligarchs against White Christians.

The Devil wears a burka
The image above was provided courtesy of X.com

During the course of this Red Ice interview, these two French Nationalist stated very clearly that brown Muslims basically hate and despise White people in general for racial reasons, but these same brown Muslims also despise White European people for religious reasons on top of racial reasons. When thinking about Islam, it is also important to remember that this religion sees itself as the religion for all of humanity, whether all of humanity likes this outcome or not; therefore, religions belief systems such as Thuleism of National Socialism which incorporate strong racial components will inevitably find themselves in conflict with Islam’s concept of racial issues being sidelined in favor of religion dogma.

Islam’s official ideas about all people being being equal before God at least officially negates the idea of any one group of people working towards racial group interests. On top of Islam’s civic nationalist preachings, most Muslims are decidedly non-White anyway, so this Muslim penchant for civic nationalism that combines with simmering anti-White racial tensions renders cooperation with most of the Muslims who are living in France or anywhere else a dead letter. Despite Islam preaching against people acting for ethnic interests, most non-White Muslims still harbor terrible resentment and dislike for European people regardless of what the Koran may say. In spite of Islam’s civic nationalist preachings, Islam began in the Arabian deserts; therefore, this religion is still a creed that is best suited for low-IQ brown and Black populations and Islam is really not a good fit for high-IQ European or East Asian populations.

Le Coran
Image furnished courtesy of wojakparadise.net

One possible exception to this rule of Islam being antagonistic to European people might be the Germanic Ostrogoth people who adopted Islam long ago that are still living in Bosnia. Another possibility for developing a working partnership between Muslims and European National Socialist is the ethnic Persian people of Iran. A partnership of some sort may be possible between European National Socialists and Ethnic Persians  because many of these people are very European and Aryan in appearance as well as very European by way of genetic analysis. Beyond the possibility of National Socialism working in partnership with Germanic Muslims in Bosnia or perhaps quasi-White ethnic Persians living in Iran, any partnerships between Muslims and National Socialist looks very improbable. So, let is be said that any Muslims who are not downright White must be considered enemies of European culture and European people.

➤ Are Jews and Muslims natural allies? 

In recent times, various Jewish groups operating in Western nations have attempted to forge a Muslim and Jewish alliance against White Christians ( White National Socialists and Volkish pagans would also be classified as common enemies in a Jewish and Islamic alliance). Historically, Jews have experienced less cultural and religious friction with Muslims than with Christians of any ethnicity, but Jews have experienced a particularly rough ride when dealing with Nordic Europeans, and these troubles were never confined to the places that would be considered “Germany” today. (Incidentally, a coherent “German” nation did not finalize until 187o, so prior to this time there was no coherent concept of “Germany.”)  Jewish troubles with European people certainly predate Adolf Hitler’s life, so Jews naturally feel that life under Islamic rule is a safer situation. (It is worth noting that the Jews received reprisals for their bad behavior in many places around the world and not just Europe; however, Jews were treated with particular righteous harshness in England, “Germany”, and Holland, so it comes as no surprise that these are the groups of Europeans who are the highest on international Jewry’s hit list.)

Prussian Husar
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

The Jewish religion is closer to Islam than it is to Christianity despite Judaism and Christianity both sharing a common Abrahamic root, so Jews naturally feel more comfortable living in proximity to Muslims. For example, the Arabic language which is closely associated with the Islamic religion is a sister language to the ancient Jewish language of Hebrew, and Islam shares certain cultural practices with Judaism such as forbidding the consumption of pork. Jews are also genetically similar to the Arabian people who started Islam and still practice Islam to this day, so there is certainly a biological kinship and “Vibrational Affinity” between Arabs and Jews.

So it seems that Jews and Muslims would be natural allies against European people for many reasons,: except, there are areas of friction between Jews and Muslims. For starters, the Koran says very plainly that Jews openly mocked and insulted Islam’s founder, the “prophet” Mohammad in person and to his face. Islam’s “holy” book the Koran also plainly mentions that Jews showed up at the earliest Muslim meeting between Mohammed and his disciples in order to disrupt and preempt these gatherings. The Koran also says that Jews may have been touched or “spoken to” by Allah, but they do not live by “godly” principles. (Really?) Lastly, Islam and Judaism might possibly have better relations in today’s world if the nation of Israel had never been founded. Despite whatever cultural and genetic affinity might exist between Arabs and Jews, Jewish attempts to establish a “Greater Israel” for themselves by displacing and genociding the Arabs who are now occupying this Middle Eastern land that Jews covet so much has destroyed any real good will between Muslims and Jews that might exist otherwise.

Greater Isreal

The map provided above shows the eventual border lines of a “Greater Israel.” The problem with Jews establishing a “Greater Israel” is the fact that this large parcel of land has millions of Arabs living  on it who are not keep to lose their nations and their homes. Image furnished courtesy of jagranjosh.com 


Another issue this continues to sabotage any real alliance between Judaism and Islam is the fact that Judaism is a small religion with a big messianic vision; however, Islam also has its own big messianic vision for the world, so these two ideologies are bound to lock horns at some point. As the unz.com columnist Jung-Freud has noted across his many articles, so long as European people adhere to Christianity, then they will remain spiritual slaves to the Jews because Christianity sprang from Judaism and Judaism has a bigger and grander messianic vision than Christianity. Jung-Freud also likens European people’s relationship to Christianity a that of a family raising an adopted child who is not of their blood. Jung-Freud notes that unlike Christianity, Thuleism truly belongs to European people and offers a grand vision that is on par with that of Islam or Judaism. Thuleism also mixes spirituality with a potent genetic and “blood” component which creates a powerful combination that is capable of taking the Pepsi Challenge with Judaism.

In summary, non-White Muslims have their own agendas, and at times Muslims may work with Jews if such arrangements suit their immediate interests, such as gladly cooperating with Jewish agendas to import millions of Muslims into Europe, however, Muslim agendas are agendas on to themselves and the plans of Muslims not about promoting the welfare of either European people or Jews.


➤ Are Muslims trapped in a time warp? 

Let's do the time warp again
Image furnished courtesy of homeschool247.edu.vn

Mr. Joseph “Jose” Arguelles died in 2011 at the age of 72. Arguelles was a well-known “New Age” personality and writer, and he is best known for founding Earth Day back in 1970 while he was a well-known radical left-wing college professor at the University of California Davis. Mr. Arguelles is mentioned at this point because he wrote a book called Time and the Technosphere which was published back in 2002. In this book, Arguelles discusses how the old Mayan calendar is a great invention because it is perfectly aligned with the rhythms of the natural world and the rhythms of the cosmos in general, so naturally, Mr. Arguelles argues that everybody should be using the Mayan calendar because living on this time schedule is best for an individual person’s mental, physical. and spiritual health. Arguelles also argues that all of the world would be much better off if everybody was living by the time management system that the Mayans created long ago.

Jose Arguelles
The image seen above shows Mr. Arguelles shortly before his death. Image furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Admittedly, the Mayan calendar seems quite alien and strange to modern European people; however, the underlying principles that govern the Mayan calendar are still sound despite how different this time management system may be from the Gregorian Calendar which we are all so familiar with today. At one point in his book, Arguelles mentions that the entire Muslim world is using a lunar calendar which does not align with the Gregorian calendar, nor does the Muslim lunar calendar synchronize with the Earth’s orbit around the sun, so Arguelles points out that the entire Muslim world was a whopping 89 days removed from the Gregorian calendar’s time track as of 2002! Arguelles argues that the Muslim world is actually trapped in a strange time bubble that is very out of sync with the Earth’s orbits around the sun, and Arguelles also makes a point that as time passes this time disconnect between Muslims and everyone else will only worsen.

Arguelles notes that because the Muslim world is effectively trapped within their own strange time warp, all of worldwide Muslim society will inevitably be very stagnant, reactionary, and backward. Mr. Arguelles also predicted that any dealings with Muslims by outsiders will inevitably be difficult in perpetuity because Muslims  are trapped in a static and backward-looking time bubble that most of them do not even consciously realize exists.

Time and the Technosphere
The image above is furnished courtesy of goodreads.com

Admittedly, the mainstream liberal society that is now dominant across the West is not a very healthy alternative to Islam, but European people should not look to Islam as any viable solution for today’s problems or as a way forward into a better future. No, Islam is very stagnant and backward by its very nature, so a new paradigm other than Islam needs to be chosen by European people. Many worthwhile thinkers have come to the conclusion that if Islam becomes the world’s dominant paradigm, then our entire planet will be mired in a new dark age that may last for several millennia, so if Islam wins a contest for global supremacy then we can all forget about space travel or any bright future.

Muslim Timeline
Image courtesy of  Felix Rex on twitter.com



by Randall Lee Hilburn


Repairing the Damage 

Ship Repair
Image furnished courtesy of chesapeakbay.net

Not long before his death, the esteemed National Socialist elder named Leon Degrelle completed a book titled “Hitler and the Third World.” The purpose of Degrelle’s book was to finally settle once and for all the question of what Hitler’s attitude really was towards the peoples of the Third World, including of course, Arabs and other Moslems.

The only manuscript of Degrelle’s book was delivered to a printer in Spain who then prepared the necessary printing plates; however, two Jewish individuals misrepresented their professional credentials and managed to get themselves hired by the printer who was assigned to publish Degrelle’s book. These two Jews then proceeded to worm their way into the position of being in charge of  printing Degrelle’s opus. Once these two sneaky Jews had Degrelle’s manuscript and the concomitant printing plates in their possession, they burned the former and destroyed the latter, then fled to Israel before their employer could have them arrested. These two Jewish saboteurs turned out to be Mossad agents. Whatever was in that book of Degrelle’s was considered to be a mortal danger by The Tribe. Unfortunately, by this time Degrelle was just too worn down by advancing age by to redo the whole thing again and he knew that The Tribe had always been fanatical and unrelenting in their attacks upon him. This particular study is intended to be my personal attempt at repairing some of the damage caused by this case of sabotage against Degrelle’s work and to prevent future damage in one specific area.


Vikings and the Caliphate

viking boat
Image courtesy of freepik.com 

I will begin with the earliest contacts between Islam and the Germanic peoples. The name “Viking” is of course not actually the name of a people but it is the name of a practice that was adopted by certain groups of people from Scandinavia. The word “Viking” originated from the Old Norse word “Vikking-gar” which meant pirate. During what is now called the “Viking Era,” the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway had very high birth rates coupled with soil that was not suited for large scale agriculture — the result was overpopulation.

The practice of being a “Viking’ was driven by the excess farming population of Scandinavia needing new ways to survive. Besides just fishing, farming, and hunting, survival strategies for Scandinavians of the “Viking Era” came in four forms or some combination of these forms, and all of these survival strategies course came by way of the sea: exploration, migration, trading, and raiding. Of course, all of these alternate lifestyles were just different ways of obtaining the needed means for survival. Raiding was only done by Scandinavians of this era as a last resort, or it was done out of self-defense. Migration usually resulted in the subduing of a local population and a gradual merger with the residents of a new location. Iceland was an exception to this Scandinavian story of migration because this island was uninhabited before the Norse (Norwegian) arrived.  Modern Icelanders are a mixture of Viking stock and Irish stock. The Irish stock of Iceland arrived by way of Scandinavian men traveling to the north coast of Ireland and returning with captured women from coastal villages. Iceland may have more Irish roots than most people know, but modern Icelanders still speak a language similar to that spoken by the island’s earliest Scandinavian settlers.

Hagar the Horrible
Image furnished courtesy of kidscreen.com 

A “tribe” of Swedish travelers called the Rus migrated southeastwards from Sweden into Slavic lands and more-or-less subdued the local population, then these intrepid Swedes founded the nascent Russian state which was originally called the Kingdom of Novgorod. ( Interestingly, the Thule Society published an article that furnished a film review of Robert Eggers’s 2022 film called The Northman. The Northman is mentioned here because an early portion of this film takes place in what would be today the Kiev region of the Ukraine.) These early Swedish chieftains intermarried with the local Slavic aristocracy to produce the aristocratic Russian families of Czarist times, including of course the Romanoffs. Meanwhile, the Islamic Caliphate with its capital in Baghdad was expanding its rule in a northerly direction and its influence was spreading even further.

Between the proto-Russian Kingdom of Novgorod that was located in the area that is now called the Ukraine and the steppes of Central Asia in what is today called Kazakhstan was located the diabolical Khazarian Empire. At this time, the diabolical kingdom of Khazaria was engaging in a war of terror against all of its neighbors. Eventually, the Kingdom of Novgorod finally had enough of Khazaria’s bad behavior, so Novograd sent a large “Russian” army eastward and invaded the Khazar Empire. The kingdom of Novgorad’s army destroyed Khazaria and slaughtered much of the population to the immense delight of a great many of Khazaria’s former victims.

The survivors of Khazaria’s destruction high-tailed it westwards and moved in on the Poles. There, the remaining Khazars developed their own peculiar language which is called Yiddish today, and they did this by combining their native tongue of Hebrew with German. These Yiddish-speaking Khazars now make up the ruling classes of many nations and much of the general population that forms the modern state of Israel.

Khazaria Map
Map of the Khazarian Empire furnished courtesy of the r/mapporn forum on reddit.com 

Some Jewish historians are currently in the process of cranking out some bogus history about Khazaria to the effect that the Khazars(Jews) founded both Russia and the Ukraine and uncouth European barbarians stole the land of both Russia and the Ukraine along with  their cultures from their rightful Jewish Khazarian owners who were the supposedly civilized Jews. So, Israel is now laying claim to both the Ukraine and the European parts of the Russian Federation on account of Russia’s alleged Khazarian roots.


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No discussion about Khazaria is complete without mentioning ...Khazar Milkers!


Those Kazar Milkers

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How Wrong I was
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Abby Schapiro

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Saturn Khazar Milkers
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Khazar Milers Changes Lives
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Nothing cures antisemitism
Absolutely! Nothing cures a rabid case of virulent anti-semitism like motor-boating a proper pair of certified  kosher Khazar Milkers!  Image furnished courtesy of ifunny.br

Giant Shettel Jugs

Nothing crushes National Socialists like a mighty set of shtetl jugs.  Image courtesy of the r/MiddleEast forum on reddit.com


No Khazar Milers

Certainly, we do not deserve any sets of  fine Khazar Milkers! Image furnished courtesy of redbubble.com


Now, back to your regular scheduled program…

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The Khazars have never forgotten nor forgiven the Ukrainians and Russians for what razing their stinky little kingdom back in the day, so Khazrian Jews are still thirsting for revenge against what remains of the Kingdom of Novgorad till this day. The psychotic hatred that the Jewish Bolsheviks had towards the Russian aristocracy and especially the Romanoffs can be easily understood when viewed through the lens of a Jewish desire for revenge concerning the destruction of Khazaria. Incidentally, the destruction of the Khazarian Empire brought the Rus into direct contact with the Islamic Caliphate that was headquartered in Bagdad.

What developed, between the Kingdom of Novgorad and the Islamic Caliphate was, instead of being a clash of civilizations,  actually a highly lucrative system of trade between the two parties. This Nordic European and Islamic trading network extending all the way back to Scandinavia itself. During this time, ships flying the colors of the Islamic Caliphate were off-limits to Viking pirates, and Viking ships were freely admitted to ports controlled by the Caliphate. L. Sprague de Camp once wrote a book titled “The Eaters of The Dead,” and this book was made into a movie some years back starring the well-known Spanish actor named Antonio Banderas. This film was called “The 13th Warrior.” Though fictionalized of course, de Camp’s book did provide a reasonably accurate version of how this Islamic and Nordic trading network was initially set up.

the 13th warrior #2
The promotional movie poster from the 13th Warrior furnished courtesy of amazon.com

Part One – A Glossary of Oftentimes Misunderstood Islamic Terms and Practices

Very often, what we think we know comes from Jews and Jewicized sources that have a vested interest in causing conflict through misinformation. Our vision is too often clouded by Jewish misinformation without being aware of it.

(a) Sharia Law –
Sharia Law is Islamic Law as it is laid out in the True Koran. There are many English translations of false Korans which are printed in Israel but falsely labeled as being printed in various Moslem countries, and these faux Korans are not dissimilar to what we see in regards to false copies of Mein Kamfph being printed and then circulated by Jews.

Sharia Pepe
Image courtesy of Salma A on pinterest.com

(b) Halal
That portion of Islamic Law pertaining to dietary matters. Many Non-Moslems eat Halal because of the superiority of meat acquired in this manner. Halal practices forbid of the mistreatment of animals. Films of animals being tortured during their slaughter are circulating on the internet, and these videos are often falsely attributed to Moslems by Jews. These films showing excessive animal cruelty are in actual fact training films for Rabbinical schools, and these horrific films are made to show wannabe rabbis the proper Judaic method of slaughtering animals. *This one I have confirmed with my own personal research.*

Crazy kebob
Image courtesy of memesmonkey.com 


Kebab Stand
Image courtesy of ifunny.br

Kebab meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com


Defend Kebab
Image furnished courtesy of quickmeme.com


(c) Islamic State
The Islamic State is a state governed by the Law of the Koran. Not every Islamic State is based on the True Koran, but Iran for one is.

(d) Jihad -Holy War and Jihadist = Holy Warrior
Jihad is war to defend the Islamic Faith; however, according to the Koran, the highest form of Jihad is “To Speak Truth to Power.” This means that the highest form of Jihad is to speak out against Evil, Injustice, and Corruption amongst the powerful, and this applies regardless of the consequences. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, upon the establishment of his pact of friendship with Adolf Hitler, called the Faithful to Jihad in support of Hitler because he had come to see Hitler as a prophet who was sent by Allah. The numerous Moslems who volunteered for service in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS identified themselves as Jihadists.

Jihad Pepe
Image courtesy of the r/2b2t forum on reddit.com 

(e) Mujahideen
This term originally referred to those who opposed the Soviets in Afghanistan. During the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan, there were two groups of Mujahedeen: the Taliban who are basically fundamentalist orthodox Moslems and the Takfiris who are heretics. The US and Israel, plus their satellite states, aligned with the Takfiris against the Taliban and against orthodox Islam.

Mujarthadeen pepe

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 


(f) Wahhabism
This creed is peculiar to Saudi Arabia. The ruling Saudi family originated as a Jewish family which publicly but insincerely converted to Islam. The House of Saud bound an extremist strain of Islam with Judaism to produce the modern Wahhabi version of Islam that we are all now familiar with. The House of Saud have always aligned themselves with Israel and the US in exchange for being kept in power by the Zio-American Empire and Israel in the teeth of popular resistance amongst the Saudi general population.

OK folks, remember, that is Wahhabi and not wasabi. Image courtesy of tasteofhome.com 

(g) Martyrdom
The deliberate sacrifice of one’s life in the course of Jihad. The reward for sacrificing oneself for the greater good of the Islamic collective is grossly misrepresented by Jewish-created false Korans. According to Islamic doctrine, if an individual is married, then when he goes to Paradise, then he will be served normally in the afterlife by his devoted wife(s). This is why we sometimes see wives martyring themselves alongside their husbands when they are in a particularly loving marriage. However, if a young man is unmarried, then he is served in paradise by 40 virgins. According to Islamic doctrine, the 40 virgins who are assigned to each young man that sacrifices his live for Islamic ends are maidens who died before marriage for whatever reason. While it is possible for love and marriage to develop between young martyrs and the virgins of paradise in certain cases, the relationships between young martyrs and their 40 assigned virgins are generally not sexual in nature. This whole thing is not dissimilar from the Germanic tradition surrounding the relationships of heroes and Valkyries. (It looks like Islamic Paradise is not such a wild party after all.)

suicide pepe
Image furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

(h) Paladin
Originally a special type of Islamic warrior around the time of the Crusades. A paladin was committed to a pure life, and paladins were always defenders of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, the Weak, and the Downtrodden, and paladins were expected to do the right thing on all occasions without a thought for the consequences of their actions. Not surprisingly, paladins generally enjoyed rather short lifespans — only the good die young. The idea of the paladin entered Arthurian Legend through Sir Palamedes the Saracen who was one of the members of Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. The idea of the Paladin was later adopted as the beau idea of the Christian Knight.

(i) Jizya
The tax imposed upon non-Moslems in an Islamic State. Under such a state, each Moslem must pay a tax and make charitable contributions which the state uses to operate. In Islamic society, both the non-Moslems and their rights are defended by the state in exchange for the paying the Jizya, otherwise non-Muslims are expelled. This was the actual relationship between Jews and Moslems in Moorish Spain after the Jews had been expelled from the rest of Christian Europe. During the years of Muslim-occupied Spain, there was no formal alliance between Jews and Muslims as it is sometimes claimed. Christians were also allowed to freely practice their religion in Moorish Spain, but this was also permitted in exchange for paying the Jizya.

(j) Sufism
Essentially a mystical interpretation of Islam. Sufism occurs in two forms: first is a strictly mystical interpretation of Islam. The second is what is sometimes called Political Sufism. Political Sufism occurs when Sufism is used as the foundation for a political position. An example of men practicing Political Sufism was the Dervishes who fought against the British Empire during the later conquest of Sudan.  Also, the Ottomans, who became the ruling family of the Turkish Empire, were also followers of Political Sufism. Political Islam occurs when the basic religion of Islam is used as the foundation for a political position.

HASHISH!!!!  Yes, if nothing else, the Sufi  sweet-tooth for cannabinoids is very well-know. The Jewish author and schoral Howard Bloom has likened Sufi Islam to a magnificent marble temple that rests atop a vast lake of sewage. Image furnished courtesy of fineartameric.com

(k) Moslem Brotherhood
This is a tricky one. These people are often opponents of the Zio-American Empire; however, they are also bitter rivals with other groups who are opposed to the Zio-American Empire. The Moslem Brotherhood has at times been infiltrated by agents and sympathizers from both the Zio-American Empire and Israel. Those who assassinated Anwar Sadat along with other Egyptian officials were among these infiltrating agents. All of the Zio-American Empire’s and Israel’s assassins were ultimately killed by Egyptian Security Forces.

(l) Moslem League
Indian Moslems during World War II that supported the British Empire’s rule of India. Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent revolution was ended when Moslem League soldiers who were operating under the guidance of British officers along with the RAF massacred 800+ peaceful demonstrators (Hindus, Buddhists, and Moslems).

A League of Their Own
Image courtesy of rottentomatos.com

(m) Takfiris and Tak-furries
Takfiris are Moslem Heretics. There are a number of different groups that are referred to by this name because they all share a common belief system. Such groups as Issis and Al Qaeda both fall under this designation. Osama Bin Laden, who was framed for the Israeli crime of 9/11 was not actually a Takfiri. It is incorrect to conclude that the Zio-American and Israel created Takfirism because what Israel and the Zio-American Empire have routinely done is subsidize, equip, defend, and help to recruit for an already existing movement in exchange for Takfiris waging war only against the enemies of Israel and the Zio-American Empire. Takfiri began as an ultra-extreme offshoot of Sunni Islam, but this movement has next to nothing in common with the vast majority of Sunni Moslems.

Muslim Furrie

It looks like Muslims are also represented at Furry gatherings these days, which makes these fine folks Tak-furries. Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

Their chief purpose of Takfiri is the extermination of all Shiite Muslims, and when we say this, we literally mean every Shiite man, every Shiite woman, and every Shiite child whom Takfiris all consider to be heretics. But also, the Takfiri hit list includes all non-Shiite Moslems who do not support their demented agenda. This Takfiri penchant for intolerance would eventually help bring about the ongoing Egyptian-Takfiri War which I will address shortly. The present Axis of Resistance to The Zio-American Empire is centered on the Shiites. The Shiites include the people of Iran, Iraq, Syria, most of Lebanon, Hezbollah, the Palestinians, and the Yemenis. The Moslems who are responsible for the depredations in Europe are Takfiris that practice an insanely extreme form of the religion of Islam.

The mistreatment of women in Afghanistan is the work of Takfiris and not the Taliban, as was the demolition of the Buddhist statues across Afghanistan from 1999 to the present. The well-known Persian Islamic martyr named Soleimani won his military reputation by beginning to decisively defeat the Takfiris. Interestingly, it was President Trump who gave the direct order to perform Soleimani’s assassination; in all likelihood, President Trump probably issued his assignation order after being advised to do so by Bibi Netanyahu.

No Fear
No fear for Takfir. Image courtesy of moretocome.net


(n) Egyptian-Takfiri War –

walk like an egyptian 4 by blacklutis dbtmfm0 fullview
Image courtesy of Black Lutis and deviantart.com

Several years ago, the Takfiri suddenly appeared seemingly out of nowhere in that part of the Sinai along the border with Israel. The Takfiris appeared, then they started to wage a guerrilla war against the Egyptian army and the Egyptian police as well as beginning to massacre Sunni Egyptians who were living near the border with Israel. During this initiative, the Takfiris were also able to cut off most connections between Egypt and Gaza. At this time, the Israelis already controlled other overland connections between the Egyptian-controlled Sinai Peninsula and Israel itself, as well as all sea and air routes through this area.

At this same time, the Egyptians temporarily lost control of much of the eastern Sinai Peninsula for a time before mostly regaining control of this zone. During this same time frame, there were NO incursions into Israel for some funny reason. As this campaign progressed, the Takfiris were isolated from all sources of supplies and recruits except along the border with Israel. Israel claims the Sinai and all of Egypt which rests east of the Nile Valley. Israel also claims territorial rights to the entire Nile Valley itself (including the Giza Plateau) because they believe that this area rightfully belonging to them. Relations between Egypt and Israel have notably soured even more since this war started, so the Egyptian Military is becoming increasingly belligerent towards their Jewish neighbors.

Ancient Egypt
Image courtesy of Steven Ritchie on Gab.com 

(o) Chechnya –
A Moslem region in the southern part of the Russian Federation which is located north of the Caucasus Mountains. Moslem Extremists who unsuccessfully rebelled against the Russian Federation in this area back in the 1990s were controlled by the American CIA and Britain’s MI6. The murder of over 100 very young Russian schoolchildren and their teachers was the work of Moslem Extremists who were also on the payroll of the CIA and MI6, and during this time the Israeli Mossad was apparently hovering around in the shadows. The Russians did manage to kill every terrorist who was involved in this incident, or at least every terrorist who was  directly taking part in this awful massacre. The Chechnya Revolt was not actually a home-grown movement just like the Free Syrian Forces are not actually Syrian.

STROGANOFF!!! Image furnished courtesy of teamamerica.fandom.com

(p)Moslem Charities
A more than a little confusing topic, especially with the Jewish media going about deliberately misleading people about what is being talked about. In Islam, giving to religious charities takes two forms. One of which is contributions that are made for the general running of an Islamic State, which is including, but by no means limited to  military matters. The other type of charitable contributions is more akin to what is commonly recognized as charity in the West. This charity is available to all, whether or not they are Moslem, and whether or not they choose to convert to Islam. According to actual Islamic teachings, Allah strictly forbids conversion to Islam by coercion or by force. Proper Islamic doctrine actually teaches that people must voluntarily choose to submit to Allah of their own free will. Both forms of charity mentions here are commanded in the Koran.

Charity Savings Jar
Image courtesy of catholicdigest.com



Part Two – The Extent of Moslem Control and Influence in Europe

Maps showing the extent of Moslem rule in Europe may be factually accurate, but they are also somewhat misleading. As I will explain here, Muslim influence in Europe extended far beyond the areas that Muslims directly governed.

(a)Moorish Spain
At one time, Muslims of course governed the entire Iberian Peninsula as well as Greater Morocco in Northwest Africa (Old Roman Province of Tingatinga). However, prior to their defeat at the Battle of Tours, Muslims occupied, but had not actually annexed Southwestern France (Old Roman Province of Aquitania) into Islamic governance. The culture of southwestern France still bears a certain limited Moorish mark. The “Reconquista” was basically the replacement of an Islamic state with a Christian (Catholic) Kingdom in Spain.

THe Spanish Inquisition
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After the Iberian Peninsula was reclaimed by Christendom in 1492, the Moors were given the choice of becoming Catholic or leaving Spain, so most of them went back to Morocco, but a certain number remained in Spain and made sneering and insincere public conversions to Catholicism at the behest of Spain’s Catholic establishment. For about 50 years, Spain grappled with the problem of a remaining and troublesome Islamic Moro minority, but eventually the Moros people were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula despite the fulminations of  wealthy Spaniards and the Catholic Church. Wealthy Spaniards fought against deporting the remaining Moros because they wanted a pool of cheap labor, and the Catholic Church fought deportation measures because many priests honestly believed that they could save Moro souls by getting them to see the light and make sincere conversions to Christianity.

The Moros were eventually deported back to Morocco because there was too much of a problem with Moros committing crimes against the Spanish people. The crimes committed against the Spanish people by Moros included such actions as thefts, home invasions, street robberies, and Spanish women being harassed in public spaces. Of course, Spanish women and children were also being raped and abducted during that time by Moros who had officially converted to Catholicism. As the Thule Society has written previously, any time a Muslim population is living in proximity to non-Muslims of any type, and particularly when European Christians are living in close proximity to Muslims, then there will be issues with non-Muslim women being harassed in public spaces along with an inveterate problem of non-Muslim women and children being abducted, trafficked, and raped.


(b)Francisco Franco
Spain had gained control of much of Greater Morocco eventually, but by the 1930’s only that portion known as Spanish Sahara remained under the aegis of Spain. Francisco Franco came up as a Colonel in the Spanish Army by commanding Spanish and Moroccan troops against an ongoing rebellion in the colony of Spanish Sahara. During his career, Francisco Franco became one of the Falangists (Spanish National Socialists). When Communists who were supported by the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, which was composed of members of the American Communist Party,  got control of the Spanish Government in Madrid, these communists quickly began to unleash a reign of terror. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade murdered the leader of the Falangists in the process of their reign of terror in Spain.

Franco Wojak
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In reaction to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade’s reign of terror, Franco took over leadership of the Falangist movement, then Franco established a Falangist Government in the colony of Spanish Sahara. During this time, Franco was temporarily stuck in Spanish Sahara until Benito Mussolini stepped in and offered to send the Italian Navy to transport Franco’s Nationalist Army (Falangists and Moroccans) to southern Spain.

Why did the Moslem Moroccans throw in their lot with Franco beyond just their admiration for Franco as a great leader? The Moslems in Morocco backed Francisco Franco because they saw themselves as defenders of The Islamic Faith against atheistic Jewish Communism. The Muslims of Spanish Morocco supported Franco because they were acting as Jihadists in other words. Once in Spain, Franco was joined by large numbers of Falangists, Basques, and member of the Italian Army who were sent by il Duce, but Franco’s forces were also joined by the Condor Legion of German Volunteers who were sent by Adolf Hitler himself. The Moroccans made a major contribution to the ultimate success in freeing the country of Spain from the Red Terror.

Lifetime Regent
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(c)The Odyssey of the Conversos and Sabateans
When the Kingdom of Spain was established by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the Jews who were living in Spain were granted a choice of converting to Catholicism or leaving the country. The bulk of the Jews chose to convert to Catholicism; however, theirs was a false conversion. Even though some “convert” Jews rose to high positions within the Catholic Church and all of them put on a loud and public show of being devout Christians, they still continued to practice Judaism in private. These Jews who falsely converted to Christianity were known as “Conversos”.

Spanish Kermit
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It is now only just beginning to be understood that most of the heinous crimes which have been traditionally attributed to the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church in the Americas were in fact the work of Jewish Conversos. The Inquisition (Against Christian Heretics), The Burning Times (Against European Wise Women), as well as the genocide that was directed against Native Americans was the work of Conversos. While masquerading as Spaniards and Catholics in the Americas, these Converso Jews essentially stole everything worth stealing while they were also busy genociding the native populations of the Americas. The Conversos also stole most of the income from the Spanish Colonies that was supposed to go to the Spanish Crown and the Spanish government. Christopher Columbus and his gang of cutthroats were Conversos who got caught and ended up going to prison.

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Concerning the antics of Conversos, things eventually got so bad that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had to make it a capital crime for a Jew to set foot in the Americas. This royal decree banning Conversos from setting foot in the “New World” was well-meaning; however, this law proved to be nearly impossible to enforce because the Jews were very cunning and before coming over to Catholicism, they had already changed their names to those of actual Spanish families and these slippery Jews had already began to pass themselves off as Spaniards.

When Sabbatian Zevi finally came along circa 1666, the Conversos rushed to join his movement in secret. When the Spanish Crown belatedly realized how they were being played by Sabbatian and the Jews, the Spanish Crown finally expelled the Conversos from their kingdom. At this time, the Conversos merged with the great mass of Jewish Sabbatians who were being expelled from other European countries.

After being expelled from many European kingdoms, these Jewish Sabbatians next showed up at the doors of the Ottoman Empire. Upon their arrival, the Jewish Sabbatians offered to convert to Islam if the Turkish Sultan would allow them a safe place to live. Very stupidly, the Turkish Sultan got taken in just like the Spanish Crown had once been. After it was too late, the Turkish Sultan realized who and what the Sabbatians were, then he finally realized just how badly he had been conned.

Sultan Pepe
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The Turkish Sultan let them settle around the city of Thessalonica in northeastern Greece which was then under Ottoman rule. Once the Sabbatian Jews arrived in Greece, they very quickly adopted — you guessed it — Turkish names, and once again, these sneaky Sabbatians lost themselves within the general Turkish population. There, in Greece, these disguised Sabbatians worked to bring about the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of a homeland for themselves in, once again — you guessed it — Palestine. These Crypto (Hidden) Jews would come to call themselves the Young Turks towards the end of the Ottoman Empire.


(d)Sicily & Italy
Ottoman rule over Sicily lasted for the best part of two centuries as I recall. The Ottomans ruled the Italian province of Bari which is in the heel area of the Italian boot. The Ottomans ruled Bari for a number of decades. During the Ottoman rule of Bari, there were periodic Ottoman incursions far to the north into other parts of southern Italy, but the Ottomans never made it as far north as Naples. These Ottoman incursions left a lasting mark on southern Italian culture, although fundamentally a Turkish Empire, the Ottomans ruled over a multi-ethnic state; therefore, Ottoman armies very often included non-Turkish, and even non-Moslem contingents. Moslem Arabs were the most common non-Turks in Ottoman armies, but there was also a large contingent of Armenian Christians serving in Ottoman armies as late as World War I. That being said, under Turkish leadership, the Ottoman Armies of Southern Italy were predominantly made up of Tunisian Arabs. *A large number of mostly Tunisian Arabs settled in Sicily and merged with the Native Southern European population, today native Sicilians ALL have at least some Tunisian Arabs among their ancestors.*

Even though the Sicilians were Catholic and the Tunisians Moslems, they still view each other as cousins. I was told this piece of information by a very close Sicilian friend of mine. * Up until the late 19th Century when “Italian” Unification took place, Italy was the name for Central and Northern Italy plus Sardinia. The rest was called the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, or sometimes Naples after its capital. The southern Italian Peninsula was also called Sicily for quite some time.

Sicilain Wojak
Sicilain Wojak

Over time, Ottoman rule extend all over the Balkans including Hungary and Romania.  This wave of Ottoman occupation finally broke when they besieged the city of Vienna twice, but were unable to capture it. The “Radetzky March” was composed by Johann Strauss, Jr. to commemorate the Austrian general who was responsible for one of those Ottoman defeats. Greece was known as the Ottoman Province of Durazzo, and while they were under Islamic Law the population still remained Greek Orthodox. At one time, Durazzo provided a considerable number of troops for the Ottoman armies in the Balkans. Albania converted to Islam and has remained Muslim, ever since.

As established by the SS’s department for racial research, a large group of German Ostrogoths settled in what we now call Bosnia. In time, these Ostrogoths were forcibly converted to Catholic Christianity, then when the Ottomans conquered the area, the Ostrogoths voluntarily converted to Islam which they have kept to this day. Though Moslems, Himmler and the Waffen SS still considered the Ostrogoths to be Germanic Aryans. These Bosnian Muslims play a major part in the story which I will get to later.

(g) The Enigma Of Albania –
 To me, Albania is quite likely the most enigmatic country in all of Europe.

Albania began in the Transcaucasus region around the time of the wars between King Mithridates VI of Pontus (Northeastern Anatolia) [120-63 BCE] and the Later Roman Republic, at least this is the earliest trace of Albania’s origins that I have found. Being one of the smallest states in the region, Albania became of one of several small states who were allied to King Mithridates VI of Pontus. Pompey The Great finally conquered Pontus for Rome, but Albania was not incorporated into the Roman Empire until the future Emperor Trajan conquered the region again much later. After Albania was incorporated into the Roman Empire by Emperor Trajan, the name Albania seems to have vanished from history only to appear later in its present location during the Later Middle Ages as far as I have been able to determine. The name Albania seems to have been reintroduced in more recent times by the Ottoman Turks(?).
Early Albanian
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The racial identity of the original Albanians could very well have been Aryan, but it was certainly not Germanic. The Transcaucasus had at one time been settled by Non-German Aryans who had migrated into the area through passes in the Caucasus Mountains before migrating back north once again. The early settlement patterns of the people who would eventually go on to become Albanians would clearly have been that of the nomadic Celtic horse tribes. At the time of the Greeks and Early Romans, the area that we now call Albania was known as Epirus, and the nation of Epirus was a major Mediterranean power at one time, that is until they were conquered by the Roman Republic. Ethnically the people of Epirus were related in some way to the Greeks and Macedonians, so they would have been Aryans, but of course not Germanic Aryans. The reason the SS Department of Racial Research designated Albanians as Non-Germanic Aryans and allowed them into the Waffen SS should now be clear because the language spoken by present day Albanians is an Indo-European (or Aryan) one.
For a number of centuries, Albania was a province of the Ottoman Empire, so during these long centuries of Ottoman occupation, many Turkic people immigrated into the area and then mixed with the existing Aryan population(s). Currently it would seem that the people of Albania can be referred to as Semi-Aryans (Mixed Bloods) with the Turkic elements overwhelmingly predominating over time. (Those who know the Balkans well tend to assert that present-day Albanians are not really Europeans or “Whites” anymore.”)
Albanian Tradwife
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Now the story really starts to get very strange. The Scots per se did not immigrate into Caledonia/Scotland until Roman Times and these early Scottish migrants came by way of Hibernia/Ireland. This arriving tribe of Scots did eventually come to dominate the other tribes of Caledonia, both Celtic and Pictish, so the Scots finally renaming the area Alba and this is why Scotland was, and even sometimes still is, referred to as Alba (As in Bravehearts “Alba-Go-Bragh”. Go-Bragh = Now & Forever!).
Only later would the country of Alba generally be renamed Scotland. ALBA IS NOTHING BUT A SHORTENED FORM OF ALBANIA. But it gets even better, the northwestern province of Spain, which is located along the southern coast of the Bay of Biscay between the French Border in the Pyrenees and Cape Trafalgar/Corunna, is named Galicia. Galicia was also the name of an old Roman province that was located in central Anatolia. By tracing the origin of names, it appears that the Galicians lived in two different places at the same time during the Roman era, but they were still the same people. The group of people who came to Ireland and were then known as Milesians came to the Emerald Isle by way of the Galicia on the Iberian Peninsula. Now get this, Northwestern Spain is also known as “Condes De Albarei,” which is translated into English as “Coast of the Albanians.”
A brief discussion of the Italian occupation of Albania before WW2 is in order here.
There is a coastal area of Albania which was known during the Italian Renaissance as Ragusa that was long-settled by Italians. During Mussolini’s time, many Italian-owned businesses were operating in Albania and many Italian citizens had settled there; however, despite Albania receiving notable Italian investments and hosting a large Italian expatriate community, Albania still remained totally independent during Mussolini’s tenure as Italy’s head of state. Despite Albania’s seemingly good relations with Mussolini’s Italy,  a collection of Albanian brigand gangs seized control of the country and destroyed Italian businesses and massacred around 5,000 Italian, men, women, and children who were living in Albania in the most gruesome manner. In response to these unwarranted massacres, Mussolini sent in the Italian army to take control of Albania and wipe out the brigands. The Italian army made quick work of Albania’s bands of miscreants and generally most Albanains did not oppose the occupying Italians once their nation was occupied by military force; however, the Albanians did refuse to serve in the Italian Army after Albania was annexed. However, a number of Albanian men did serve in the Waffen SS because Hitler and Mussolini came to an understanding that made this possible, and from this agreement came the Skanderbeg Division of the Waffen SS.
Skandburg officer
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(g)Constantinople/IstanbulIstanbul is now Constantinople, Constantinople is now Istanbul
Christian eyewitness sources contrast the sacking of Constantinople by the Catholics of the 4th Crusade and its fall to the Ottoman Moslems under Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the 15th Century. Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city in all Christendom during its heyday; however, the problem was the that Constantinople’s population was Eastern Orthodox and the Crusaders who were Catholic, so the arriving European crusaders considered the inhabitants of Constantinople to be heretics because Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism developed independently of each other. The sacking of Constantinople was marked by large scale murder, rape, robbery, looting, arson, and general destruction. The garrison of Constantinople were taken totally by surprise and slaughtered because they never imagined that they had anything to fear from fellow Christians. Left with widespread impoverishment and devastation after its sacking, the city of Constantinople would never regain its former grandeur.

When the Ottomans arrived to sack the Christian city of Constantinople, they used newly invented siege cannons of huge size that easily breached this city’s mighty walls, then the Muslims broke into Constantinople after breaching the ramparts. After the initial phase of this siege had concluded, Muslim armies entered the city of Constantinople, so naturally the city’s population was terrified that they were going to experience the same sort of barbaric treatment which they received at the hands of the Christian invaders from Europe who had previously sacked their city; however, what they got was something vastly different.

Turkish Pepe
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(Note: The cannons were invented and manufactured by a Hungarian Engineer and his daughter who had converted to Islam after they had been swindled by the Ruler of Constantinople.) The city of Constantinople was of course renamed Istanbul after it was taken by the Moslems and placed under Islamic Law. The most magnificent Church in the world, St. Sophia, was converted into the world’s most magnificent Mosque. Having been given strict orders by the Sultan that anybody who was not under arms was to be harmed, and all property including Churches was to be strictly respected, the Ottoman soldiers conducted themselves most commendably. The initially terror-stricken inhabitants were shocked and most impressed by the discipline and general good behavior of the greatly feared “Turks”. After the Turks occupied Constantinople, not a single outrage was committed against any individual resident of this city, nor were any crimes committed against their property. In the aftermath of Constantinople’s occupation, Christian churches remained open and it was perfectly safe for a woman to walk the streets. Faced with these contrasting examples, most of the city’s citizens would eventually convert to Islam.

(h) Will The Real Count Dracula Please Stand Up 
Historically known as Dracula, additionally known as Vlad Tepes, and also known as Vlad the Impaler Prince of Wallachia. The southeastern portion of Romania, which is also the old Roman province of Dacia, is also known by the name Wallachia. The northwestern portion of this country is called Transylvania. These two Romanian regions are separated by the Transylvanian Alps, which up until the closing days of the Third Reich were inhabited by the descendants of a portion of the Ostrogoths who came to be called the Transylvanian Germans. The Waffen SS “Gotz und Berlichingen ” Panzergrenadier Division was recruited from this group of people, so the Jewish Commissars who accompanying the Red Army into this area at the close of World War II were determined to exterminate these people.

In the final days of World War II, very few Romanian Ostrogoths escaped back to Germany. In the old original Dracula movie from the pre-war days, notice that it starts out in the Transylvanian Alps, as does Bram Stoker’s novel it is based on. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the peasants which Count Dracula starts out preying on are Transylvanian Germans. In the original Dracula movie, look at the large medallion that Count Dracula wears on a chain around his neck, it displays a Star of David. The name “Dracula” means Son of the Dragon, and count Dracula’s father was named Dracul meaning “The Dragon.” Vlad Tepes governed at the time the Ottoman Empire was expanding into the northern Balkans, and he managed to defeat the first Turkish invasion and to take 10,000 Ottoman prisoners in the process. Tepes impaled these Ottoman prisoners on wooden poles because impelling was a common form of execution for that time and place, but the practice of enacting capital punishment by impaling was originally invented in ancient Judah. The Jews still celebrate the impailing of 75,000 Persian/Iranian enemies from back in the day.

Vlad Pepe
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The methodology of death by impaling involves sharpening the end of a long pole, then driving this sharpened poke into a person’s upper chest cavity under the rib cage and through the diaphragm. Sometimes the sharpened pole was driven up an unlucky person’s anus many times as well. These pols of torture and death were set upright in holes dug in the ground once these soon-to-be-dead people were properly skewered. The people who were executed by this methodology usually suffered slow and agonizing deaths, and to parish by this method usually took a number of days. During the time that 10,000 Ottoman prisoners were executed in this manner, each morning Vlad Tepes would sit and eat his breakfast at a table set amongst the newly executed but still living Turkish captives.

During his au-fresco breakfasts, Tepes’s personal cook would often go around and cut off calf muscles from the suffering Turkish prisoners and also drain some blood from others. During these days of fun, the good prince Vlad would have grilled Turk seasoned with Turkish blood for breakfast. All of this goodwill was extended while Tepes claimed to be the agent of God’s vengeance against the infidels. Though purporting to be an Eastern Orthodox Christian himself, Tepes had actually allied himself with the Catholic Church in Rome initially. Around this time, the Pope sent one of his Bishops to be the Vatican’s representative at princes Vlad’s court. The Bishop was so shocked by what he was seeing when Vlad was impaling and then dining on the flesh of Turkish prisoners he had captured, that the ambassadorial bishop from the Vatican sent a message back to the Pope advising him to break off the alliance straightaway because this Catholic bishop was convinced that Vlad Tepes was possessed by The Devil Himself.

Devil Pepe
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Fearing God’s Wrath if he did not disassociate himself from Tepes, the pope broke off the alliance. This loss of Vatican support left Dracula isolated because he had already alienated all of his Christian neighbor rulers. The next Turkish Army that arrived in Wallachia turned back after coming upon a plane that was bristling with 10,000 impaled individuals. This arriving Turkish army’s commanding general told the Sultan back in Turkey, “How are we to fight against such Evil without being consumed by it ourselves?” In the meantime, Price Vlad decided that he had too many really poor subjects on his hands, so he invited them all to a feast within a great hall. As these foolish dinner guests were eating, Tepes had all of the great hall’s openings sealed and combustible material piled up against the great wooden structure. After all of his guests had arrived, he ordered the building to be set on fire, thus eliminating extreme poverty in Walachia. He justified this terrible action by saying that God was punishing them with poverty for their sins and he was just helping out by sending along the fast-track to Hell on God’s behalf. Incidentally all of this spicy information about Vlad the Impaler comes from Christian sources.

Well, all good things had to finally came to an end for Our Good Prince Vlad. In his final days, he had accumulated a huge number of people, both Christian and Moslem, who wanted him dead, so he thought it was a wise idea to always be surrounded by a large number of trusted bodyguards, including keeping these trusted guards in all of the adjoining rooms while he slept. Then one morning, one of his closest officials came into his bedroom to wake him up, and after having arrived, this official found Dracula’d dead body laying in the middle of the floor of his bedroom in a great pool of blood with his head missing.

To this day, nobody had any idea how this assassination happened, nor does anyone know where Tepes’s head went. Not too terribly long after Tepes’s death, one of the ambassadors from a nearby Christian country had an audience with an Ottoman Sultan in Turkey, and during this, meeting the European ambassador noted that he saw the missing head of Prince Dracula resting on top of a small and ornate table located not too far from the Sultan’s throne. Who had taken out The Prince and how they did it was never recorded. The main point for so many was that a truly Great Evil had finally been banished from the face of the Earth. A modern historian once wrote an interesting comment, “In an age where sadism and cruelty were the norm, that man still become a legend.” The next Ottoman invasion swept over all of Romania, and for a time, Romania was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire.

No discussion about Dracula is complete without also noting Blacula. Yes, there is a 1972 Blacksploitation film named Blacula. Image furnished courtesy of imgur.com 

 (i)European Russia, Western Siberia, and Central Asia
The reason that I am proceeding so far East will be made clear as I go along. Islamic influence extended far beyond the former boundaries of the Ottoman Empire and the Muslim Caliphate whose capital was Baghdad, the actual Ottoman rule also extended over a considerable portion of Southern Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucasus region at various points in time along with the sultanate of  Baghdad governing an area East of there. The Islamic areas of the USSR contributed many volunteers to the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS Skanderbeg Division during World War II. The Muslins who enlisted in the regular German Army served in separate battalions.

Cossacks –
Originally Ethnic Russian immigrants to the Caucuses region. After the Ottomans conquered the area of what is today southern Russia, they ended up absorbing a certain amount of Turkish culture although they never converted to Islam. Having suffered terribly from the Red Terror, a great many Cossacks fought for the 3rd Reich in their distinctive Wehrmacht cavalry regiments, one of which would fight against the American airborne landings during the Normandy invasion. The Waffen SS’s “Florein Geyer” Cavalry Division included a Cossack Regiment. On orders of Jewish Commissars, large numbers of these Cossacks who fought for the Third Reich, including men, women, and children were slaughtered immediately after the end of the war. The United States and Britain indirectly assisted in this atrocity by forcibly turning over any Cossack POW or refugees which they had under their control while knowing full well what the consequences would be for these unfortunate Cossocks and their kin.

Cossock Pepe
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As late as the end of the war, the country included a sizeable Moslem minority who, like their Christian fellows, had also been savagely treated by the Red Terror in their war against ALL religions, except Judaism that is.  As a consequence of the Red Army’s bad conduct, when the armies of the Third Reich liberated Lithuania in the early days of operation Barbarossa, the Imam of Lithuania declared a Jihad against the Red Atheists who had been trying to eradicate the Islamic faith in Lithuania. When the German army arrived in Lithuania, the Imam of Lithuania advised the Lithuanian Jihadists to enlist in either the Waffen SS or the German Wehrmacht, whichever they chose. Those who chose the former served as part of the “Skanderbeg” Division which was 75% Moslem. Needless to say, the whole country of Lithuania received savage treatment after the end of World War II in retaliation for declaring their independence and for allying themselves with the Third Reich.

Tartars –
Originally a “Mongolian” people from Western Siberia who had long-ago converted to Islam. Being a nomadic horse culture originally, the Tartars spread far and wide and heavily intermarried with Russians. The population of Crimea was, and still is, overwhelmingly Tartar. The Tartars would contribute many battalions of volunteers to the Wehrmacht as a part of a virtual alliance with the Third Reich. As punishment for allying themselves with the Third Reich, the Tartars would be massacred in large numbers near the close of World War II.

Kraft Tartar Sauce
We have the Tartars to thank for giving the world tartar sauce. Image courtesy of walmart.com 

Central Asia
The Moslem states of this region had only been conquered by the Army of the Czars and incorporated into the Russian Empire during the Mid-Nineteenth century. As the Russian Empire began to break up after the murder of Czar Nicholas and his family, the nations of Central Asia declared their independence from the greater Russian Empire; however, the Bolsheviks viciously regained control of this area and ultimately unleashed a reign of terror against this region’s Moslem population. As a result of Bolshevik cruelty and oppression, many Central Asian nations and ethnic groups supplied a scattering of recruits for the Moslem Volunteer Battalions of the Wehrmacht. There was however, an exclusively Kalmuck Battalion from Central Asia that served with the Wehrmacht.


Part Three – Purity of German Blood — A brief note…

 The SS Department of Racial Research determined soon after Adolf Hitler came to power that only 5% of the German Population were of pure Aryan Stock, as I have previously mentioned. The SS soon learned that the vast bulk of the German population were of almost, but not quite, pure Aryan stock. The SS determined that most of the German population was so close to having pure Aryan blood that through the marriage laws instituted by Hitler and the NSDAP their blood could be purified over time for all intents and purposes.

German Wojak

Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

German Tradwife
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

The SS determined that the German people’s non-Aryan blood came almost entirely from three sources. The first source was Mongolian blood that arrived due to numerous previous incursions by Mongolian types of peoples into Europe; therefore, there was a small amount of Mongolian Blood present in the general German population. This would be a good place to bring up the subject of the Hunnish Peoples. The Huns were not a single people but instead a confederacy of various nomadic tribes which shared a more-or-less common horse culture. There were both “Mongolian” Huns and White (Aryan) Huns. Atilla the High King of the confederation of Huns was from one of the later.

The Hun
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The Magyars (Who are ancestors of the present day HUNgarians.) migrated into Europe with Atilla the Hun. Atilla is considered to be a great national hero by Nationalist Hungarians. The Finns were also originally a Hunnish Tribe under Atilla, but right before the Huns entered Europe they separated from the other Huns, on amicable terms I might add, and these separated Huns migrated off in another direction. The reason that Allied Propaganda beginning with World War I called Germans Huns; I will now explain. The first people the Huns encountered as they entered Eastern Europe were the Germanic Ostrogoths, who by this time — and let me make this perfectly clear — were ARIAN CHRISTIANS. After initial contact, an alliance was rapidly formed between the Germanic Ostrogoths and the Pagan Huns. Both groups would serve under the overall leadership of Atilla up unto his death, and neither the Ostrogoths nor the Huns were the uncouth savages they have been conventionally made out to be. THAT IDEA BEGAN AS PURE VATICAN PROPAGANDA.

During World War I, the Allied (Jew) press would resurrected the idea of the Huns being total savages during the 20th Century in order to encourage the genocide of the Germans; however, the Huns were in reality quite civilized. The Roman Church considered Arians to be Heretics and the Huns to be Infidels that were sent by The Devil to wage war against The One True Church, thus Atilla’s nickname was affixed by the Catholic Church, and this nickname was “The Scourge of God.” In reality, Atilla was quite tolerant of those who were not trying to kill him while being mean as hell to those who were trying to kill him. Incidentally, there were two Hungarians Divisions that were part of the Waffen SS during World War II.

The second Non-Aryan strain of blood which was also present in small amounts amongst the general German population during Hitler’s tenure as chancellor was Turkish blood. The General German population had a small admixture of Turkish blood due to the fact that the Ottomans had penetrated so far into Europe and had been there for so long.

The third strain of non-Aryan blood found in the German populace was Semitic blood that resulted from contact with Jews. Contamination of German bloodlines from Jewish sources was most pronounced in large cities, and much of this contamination arrived by way of Jewish criminal gangs kidnapping and trafficking in vulnerable German children and young women who were poor and without much in the way of family or community support.  Most of these underclass German women who got involved with wealthy or criminal Jewish men and then impregnated by these same shady Jewish characters did so primarily for financial reasons, but unfortunately, these poor German women often wound up raising illegitimate mixed race children by themselves. There has also been a long-running issue with young German women and teenaged girls taking employment as house servants with wealthy urban Jewish families, and of course, any young and unsupported women who take up work as house servants are very vulnerable to sexual exploitation from their employers, and this still remains true to this day.  Many of the babies that resulted from these affairs between wealthy Jewish men and their poor German mistresses were turned over to orphanages.

Harvey Weinstein

The image above shows a 27-year-old Emma Watson with Harvey Weinstein outside of a London nightclub. Emma Watson is a British actress who appeared in Harray Potter films. Weinstein is a sleazy Jewish movie producer who has used his pull in the film industry as a vector for coercing young White women to have sex with him. The young White actresses who accepted Weinstein’s sleazy sexual advances did so in hopes of catalyzing their film careers. Image furnished courtesy of these.co.uk

Old Nazi Propganda
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Part Four -The Armenian “Genocide” 

This legendary but poorly understood event is a genuine tragedy that has frequently been laid at the doors of Germans as well as Moslem Turks by the Jewish enemies of both parties. I fully intend to clear both parties here and I intend to make sure that the bird of blame finally comes home to roost with the actual responsible parties. There are three separate currents at work here which combined to produce the catastrophe of the Armenian Genocide, and his unholy trinity of causes has produced all of the confusion about this bad episode in history. Also keep in mind, this mist of misunderstanding about the Armenian Genocide is being maintained quite deliberately by the usual suspects.

The “Young Turks,” were a group of crypto-Jews who were based out of the city of Thessaloniki in Greece and they had gradually worked themselves into a position of power within the Ottoman Empire. (At the time, that city of Thessaloniki had the largest Jewish population on the planet next to New York City.) It was the “Young Turks” who were living in Thessaloniki that worked to bring about the Ottoman Empire’s bankruptcy and ultimate demise. The ultimate goal for the Young Turks was to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. (which did eventually happen, but not for the better). In order to make a Jewish homeland in Palestine a reality, the Young Turks had to end Ottoman rule over Palestine as well as expel the Native Palestinians, so the Young Turks’ master plan included instigating a war between the British and Ottoman Empires. The Young Turks sabotaged the Turkish war effort after the Rothschilds had pushed the British into invading Kuwait in a surprise attack without a declaration of war. (At that time, the modern nation named Kuwait was part of the Ottoman Province of Mesopotamia, which is now called Iraq.).

Turkish Wojak
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

In the early twentieth century, the local Ottoman Sultan had invited the Germans into the country of what is today Turkey in order to modernize the economy and infrastructure, but the Germans were also brought in to reestablish the Ottoman Army and Navy along German lines, and to restore public health. Turkey had originally been neutral during World War I, but the British invasion brought the Ottoman Empire into World War I as one of the Central Powers. Around the time of World War I, Britain wanted to grab all of the oil rich province of Mesopotamia from the Ottomans. At the same time, France also attacked the Ottomans hoping to grab Syria, which included the modern nation of Lebanon at that time. The Young Turks hoped to use the British to clear the Turks out of Palestine because such an outcome would have paved the way for establishing the state of Israel. The alliance between the Sultan and the Kaiser greatly angered the Young Turks because this alliance threw something of a monkey wrench into their plans. The Young Turks wanted the Ottomans to stay isolated and vulnerable, so they placed the Sultan under what almost amounted to house arrest, and this unofficial house arrest for the Turkish sultan seriously interfered with his ability to lead Turkey during World War I.

The Ottoman Empire gave the world Ottomans! Image courtesy of huntingtonhouse.com 

Around the time of World War I, there was a multifaceted German mission sent to Turkey to help the Turks/Ottomans to straighten out the mess that the Young Turks had gotten the country into. The German army that arrived in Turkey was led in part by a brilliant German named Liman von Sanders. The general who led the Ottoman Army to deal the British and French created a crushing defeat for the British and French at Gallipoli. As much as it was in his power, von Sanders ensured that only the best Turkish officers rose to senior positions. Not surprisingly, the Ottoman Empire’s cadre of crypto-Jews tried as much as possible to limit the influence of Von Sanders along with the entire German mission to Turkey.

Otto Limen von Sanders
Image of Otto Limen von Sanders furnished courtesy of turkeyswar.com 

In that part of the Ottoman Empire in and around the province of Armenia, disease and malnutrition were common, even before World War I, but outbreaks of Typhus were especially strong in this area. The Young Turks had repeatedly interfered with both German, and Turkish attempts to get a handle on the problem of Typhus in Armenia, so naturally, things only got worse as World War I progressed.

Going all of the way back to the time of the Crusades, the Armenians had a history of rebelling against the Ottomans any time the Ottomans got themselves into a war with a Christian power. Despite being located in the southern Caucus Mountains and surrounded by Muslim neighbors, the Armenians are part of the Armenian Church, which is actually an entirely different branch of Christianity from Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, or Protestantism.

Armenian Christian
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

At the time of World War I, the Ottomans were once again at war with a Christian empire, this time the enemy was the Russian Empire which was located just next door. The Russians had long-ago annexed part of Armenia, so the Armenians coordinated with the Russian army that was advancing from out of the Transcaucasian region of the Russian Empire; therefore, certain elements of the Armenian population launched an insurgency in the rear of the Ottoman Army that was fighting against the Russians along the Ottoman Empire’s eastern frontier. Armenian insurgent actions during World War I resulted in the massacres of a number of Moslem villages in Eastern Anatolia.

Armenian Chad
Image of an Armenian chad furnished courtesy of knowyourmeme.net

Following the repeated massacring of Moslem civilians in Eastern Anatolia, the Sultan’s government in Istanbul decided to transfer the Armenian population out of Armenia for the duration of the war after the Ottomans had defeated the initial Russian invasion. The Young Turks now got involved as the Ottoman sultan was transferring Armenians out of Armenia, and the Young Turks got involved by sacking the Turkish general who had just defeated the Russians, and taking over the running of the war in that area themselves. The Young Turks also banned the Germans and Von Sanders from exercising any influence in the area around Armenia for a long time, so the stage is now set for a great tragedy.

The “Young Turks” were now in charge of the transfer of the Armenians, so their maladministration resulted in widespread malnutrition and destitution among the Turkish soldiers who would be charged with marching the Armenians overland to an area far away from the Ottoman Empire’s frontier with the Russian Empire. The Armenians were also suffering from the same malnutrition and destitution that their guards were. This same mass-scale march was ordered to be made right through an area where there were significant disease outbreaks, especially Typhus! During transit through this disease affected area, typhus rapidly spread into and through the already weakened Armenian population, which inevitably resulted in a huge number of Armenian deaths. The vast bulk of the Armenian deaths were due to typhus, however, typhus also spread to the Ottoman soldiers and Turkish peasantry who also died in large numbers as well, though they died in nothing like in the numbers of Armenians. The Turkish peasants were also finally relocated out of the typhus-affected area.

The Russian soldiers that were now advancing into the region also began to contract Typhus and 3,000+ of the Czar’s soldiers died of it, so the advancing Russian army finally had to fall back over the border to avoid being decimated by typhus.

Imperial Russian soldier
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

At this same time, the British had been advancing towards Armenia from out of Iraq, but they also had to halt their offensive in order in avoid getting caught up in the rapidly developing catastrophe themselves. The Germans and Austro-Hungarians in the region were not unaffected either.

Finally, the Young Turks got themselves pulled out of the area, which at last enabled the Sultan to turn over the running of affairs to von Sanders. Upon arrival, von Sanders first ensured that only the most competent Ottoman senior commanders were assigned to command in this area, then he asked the Kaiser to send the very best Epidemiologists from German academia to the area in order to deal with this situation. Von Sanders had the Ottoman Sultan commission the incoming German disease specialists as senior officers in the Ottoman Army so that they had the authority of the Sultan behind them and the local population could consider all of the instructions giving by these German visitors to be coming from von Sanders and the Sultan themselves. These German disease specialists were then instructed to do whatever they thought was necessary to suppress Anatolia’s raging typhus epidemic. The typhus outbreak that was decimating the regions of eastern Anatolia during World War I, was caused by a particularly virulent, fast acting, and deadly strain of this disease. Luckily, the German specialists were finally able to get the situation under control and end this tragedy.

So, after a bit of explaining, we can see that the “Armenian Genocide” was not a religious persecution as it has sometimes been portrayed, and nor was this tragic event a result of Turkish or to a lesser extent German barbarism. The so-called Armenian Genocide was actually the result of three factors coming together at a particular place and time. These three factors were: The machinations of the crypto-Jew Young Turks as they strove for the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. The Armenian Insurrection against their Ottoman Rulers. Then finally, the outbreak of an epidemic that was caused by a particularly deadly form of typhus.


Part Five – The Brandenburg Commandos

The Brandenburg Commandos were the Special Forces of the Regular German Army or the Wehrmacht as it was commonly called. For now, I will only focus on the Brandenburg Commandos’ operations which affected the Third Reich’s relations with the Islamic world and the actions where Brandenburg Commando operations played a critical role in the Moslem world.

The Brandenburg Commandos were differentiated from the Special Forces of other countries by certain characteristics even while they all had certain other things in common. For operations in the Middle East and South Asia, these elite German commandos had to be fluent in the language of the peoples they would be operating amongst. They also had to successfully complete university courses that gave them a thorough understanding of the histories and cultures of the peoples they would be dealing with in their future theaters of operations, so many of these men needed a very good working knowledge of the Koran. Many of the Brandenburg commandos who were sent to South Asian and the Middle East during Adolf Hitler’s time as Germany’s Chancellor were already quite familiar with the customs, culture, and religions of the people from these areas due to their previous involvement in these regions by way of serving as physicians, businessmen, scientists, missionaries, geographers, and explorers.

Brandenburg Commando
Image furnished courtesy of wojakparadise.net

The principal purpose for any Brandenburg Commando involvement in the Middle East and South Asia was to establish contact with various “resistance movements” who were fighting against Allied domination of their regions. In time, this contact would grow into something of an informal alliance of these indigenous resistance movements against Allied imperial occupation with the Axis Powers.

Brandenburg Commandos

Archival image of Brandenburg Commandos furnished courtesy of rafregimentheritagecentre.co.uk

 The Arab Revolt –
Prior to World War II, The desire for rebellion against French Colonialism in Syria and British Colonialism in Iraq had always been present. As Rommel began to advance into Egypt, and other German forces began to advance into the Caucasus, the idea of an alliance began to form. With liaisons for the Axis Forces provided by the Brandenburgers and supplied in part by the Third Reich and Italy, Syria and Iraq rose up in open revolt against their European colonialists. As World War II progressed, Arab factions who were assisted by the Brandenburgers, including the Iraqis, dealt the British and the French some significant but localized reverses in fortune. With the failure of Axis advances into Egypt and the Caucasus, the Iraqis and Syrians became totally isolated, and the Allies were able to crush their revolts.

Arab Pepe

Image furnished courtesy of the Pepe Al-Arab channel on youtube.com 

After the British put down the pro-German Arab Nationalist Revolt in Iraq during World War II, 600 Iraqis, along with their Brandenburger (Wehrmacht Special Forces) associates escaped and made their way across Turkey, where they proceeded to assist sympathetic Turks until they reached German lines in the Balkans. Upon arrival at German lines in the Balkans, these Iraqis volunteered for service in the Wehrmacht.

Turkey –
Special mention must be made of Turkey. While the Young Turks (crypto-Jews) Government of Turkey was anti-German, most of the general population remembered the help they received from Germany during the First World War, so most of Turkey’s population was decidedly pro-German throughout World War II. There was actually a longstanding friendship between Germany and Turkey going back to well before World War I; in fact, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem thought he could bring Turkey into the war on the side of the Third Reich if the crypto-Jewish opposition within Turkey could be overcome by an overpowering popular movement.

Iran –
Persia is a place where the Brandenburgers were also involved, and during World War II the government of Persia was already so pro-Axis that their leader had already planned to join the Axis just as soon as he was assured that his country would not become economically and politically isolated by siding with the wrong faction. Around this time, many German military members, including SS personnel, plus many German government officials, were already stationed in Iran to help coordinate the efforts of these two countries.

It was the official position of the NSDAP, as approved by Hitler, that the Iranians were to be considered PURE BLOODED ARYANS and part of the Eastern Aryans™ franchise. As seen by the Third Reich, Persians were descendants of those Aryans who migrated into the Middle East as well as South and Central Asia instead of westwards into Europe.

Persian Chad
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

Around this same time, the Iranians were beginning to feel gravely threatened by their close proximity to the USSR, but they were feeling even more threatened by the United States and Britain who had begun to cast longing eyes upon Iran’s vast oil reserves. The British Empire and the Zio-American empire were eyeing Iran’s oil supplies not because they had to have them at that point, but because these reserves would prove to be so profitable to the US and British oil companies, of course, this profitability rested upon being able get the oil in Iran for little to nothing instead of paying a fair price for it. And the chief individual proponent of this planned theft of Iranian oil was? You guessed it! WINSTON CHURCHILL himself! At that time, old jowly and drunk Winston Churchill already had a profitable business connection with ARAMCO (Arabian-American Company) which is now known as BP (British Petroleum). ARAMCO would be the ones who would eventually get Iran’s oil, besides, Churchill the old drunken sod did not particularly like the Iranians anyway.

The German military officers I previously referred to were there to assist the Iranians in modernizing their military along already battle-tested German lines, as well as to train the Iranians to use the latest German military equipment which they would eventually receive. Having the latest and greatest German military equipment from that era would enable the Iranians to confront the Allies in a head-on fight, which would guarantee independence and prosperity for Iran. German military personnel were sent to Iran at that time because the existing Iranian military was archaic and would be totally ineffective in a combat situation.

Iranian Solier
Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net

One of the key reasons for Rommel’s advance into Egypt, as well as the German advance into the Caucasus, plus the rendered support of German special forces groups (aka the Brandenburgers) for the Arab Revolts in Syria and Iraq against France and Britain, was to facilitate a strategic linkup with Iran. This planned strategic alliance between the Third Reich and Iran would open up the door to India  which would create a linkup with the Imperial Japanese, the pro-Axis Indian Nationals, and the pro-Axis Siamese (Thai) Armies who were advancing from the other direction. This alliance would also enable pro-German Tibet to enter the war.

In reaction to this developing alliance between the Third Reich and Iran, the United States, Britain, and the USSR invaded Iran. Details of any possible fighting and casualties have been entirely suppressed. Needless to say, the Allies managed to overthrow the legitimate government of Iran, then the Allies installed a pro-Allied puppet dictator who is commonly referred to as the Shaw. The USSR had to soon withdraw their forces from Iran because these military resources were desperately needed in the European theater or war. The newly installed Iranian dictator, for a small price which he pocketed himself, then let ARAMCO have all the oil they wanted in Iran without paying for it.

Iranian Monach
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi was the Iranian monarch from 1941 to 1979 when Ayatollah Kohmeni took power. Image courtesy of wojakparadise.net 

Tibet –
The farthest east that the Brandenburgers would operate. At this point in history, Tibet of course had been for several years decidedly pro-German thanks in part to the efforts of Heinrich Himmler and his SS men. A battalion of Tibetan volunteers took part in the final defense of Berlin where they fought to the last man. If Iran joined the Axis, then the plan was for Tibet to immediately follow suit. At that same time, the British Empire had their backs against the wall in India because the whole country was ripe for revolution. If India had been successful in gaining their independence before the end of World War II, then they too would have also joined the Axis Powers. The British in India were quite perturbed during World War II because the Japanese army, the Indian National army, and the Thai army were all advancing deep into Assam (Northeast India).

In a remarkable and hair-raising adventure, a small group of Imperial Japanese army intelligence officers slipped through British lines in Assam, then crossed all the way across British India (while occasionally being hidden out by Indian Nationalists), then they finally entered Tibet where they met with the Brandenburgers so that both groups could coordinate their respective efforts. Britain finally invaded Tibet and imposed a military government which lasted until the Crown was finally forced out of India by Ghandi. So, we can see from this brief overview that the Third Reich and Islam formed an alliance that was no small matter in a worldly sense, but this alliance held a spiritual significance that transcended simple matters geo-politics and wartime expedience.

Tibet pepe
Tibet pepe


Part Six – Mussolini’s Brainchild

I am not sure just how Mussolini first came into contact with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who was the spiritual leader of the Palestinians at that time. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a highly respected religious leader in many Islamic circles far beyond Palestine. The Palestinians had initially supported the British war effort after the British managed to convince the Palestinians that the “Nazi” Germans regarded them as sub-humans who needed to be exterminated.

At some point, the Grand Mufti concluded that both he and his people were being lied to by their colonialist and Jew-ridden British occupiers, and perhaps this change of heart was due to the Grand Mufti’s contact with il Duce. There were also significant numbers of Moslems at the time who saw ancient Jewish religious history for the self-serving counterfeit history that it is. Those Moslems who were able to see international Jewry for what it is (and still is) were led by the Grand Mufti, and it was this same set of aware Muslims who eventually become the ones that supported Adolf Hitler. This same group of Muslims became even more stalwart supporters of Adolf Hitler after the Grand Mufti declared Hitler to be “A Prophet Second Only to Mohammed.” Following the Grand Mufti’s declaration that Hitler was a prophet second only to Mohammed, the Grand Mufti then called for Jihad in support of Hitler.

Grand Mufti of Juruselem

The image above shows a picture Amin Al-Husseini, who was also know as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1929. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.org 


The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem’s first name was Amin, but other great Amins are around. 


Amin Yashed
Image of Amin Yashed furnished courtesy of zinkynots.com 

Amin Yahed #3

Image courtesy of the r/memes forum on reddit.com.


Amin Yashed #2
Image courtesy of indiatoday.in

Amin Yapusi

No commentary on Mr. Yapusi. Image furnished courtesy of funny.br

We are all familiar with the Transfer Agreement between the Third Reich and the Zionists whereby the Jews of Germany would be transferred to Palestine; however, nobody in Germany was aware at the time of the true situation in Palestine, nor was anyone in Germany award of the ultimate goal of the Zionists. During that time, the ultimate goal of the Zionists was to establish an Eretz (Greater) Israel, which was slated to be an exclusively Jew state which would eventually encompass most of the Middle East.

Unlike the German public, Mussolini somehow understood the reality of what the Jewish Zionists were really planning. Mussolini also knew that the followers of Islam in the region around Palestine wanted to free themselves from the colonial rule of infidels who robbed them of the right of self-determination and even more importantly threatened their faith. The Muslims living in and around Palestine also wanted to stop the Jews from moving in on them (so much for that).

Mussolini Pepe
Image courtesy of antman_green on X.com

Il Duce was friends with both men; namely, Hitler and the Grand Mufti, so he knew where each man was coming from. Il Duce also saw both Hitler and the Grand Mufti becoming natural allies in the near future; if he could only get them to agree to meet with each other in person. Mussolini also understood that an alliance between Fascist Italy, the Third Reich, and the Grand Mufti would go a long way towards bringing about the collapse of the Rothschild-controlled British Empire, and the Jewish Communism that was dominating the USSR. An alliance between the Axis powers of continental Europe and the Grand Mufti would also go a long way towards establishing a direct land linkup with Japan through an independent, friendly, and pro-Axis India.

With high hopes of developing a mutually beneficial alliance, Mussolini contacted the Grand Mufti and got him to agree to an in-person meeting. After Mussolini convinced the Grand Mufti that the Palestinians had been systematically lied to about Hitler, the NSDAP, and the Third Reich in general, Mussolini then called his friend Hitler on the telephone and informed him about the true situation on the ground in Palestine. After this important telephone call, Mussolini convinced Hitler to attend an in-person meeting that would be held in Berlin. The Great One knew he had no direct knowledge at the time concerning the true situation in Palestine; however, he trusted his friend’s judgement and took his advice on this matter. The Italians smuggled the Grand Mufti out of British occupied and Jew-infiltrated Palestine by submarine then brought him to Naples. From Naples, the Grand Mufti traveled by train across the Alps to meet with Adolf Hitler in Berlin.


Part Seven – Adolf Hitler, the Grand Mufti, and a Very Important Meeting

During World War II, the Third Reich was the leader of the Axis Powers (as in the Axis of Resistance against International Jewry). The commonly accepted members of World War II’s Axis Powers lineup being the Third Reich, Fascist Italy, and the Empire of Japan, plus Hungary, Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria once again, along with Finland (the only republic among them.). During World War II, these nations were all, in their own culturally defined ways, National Socialist states. There were many other members of the alliance in actual fact, but knowledge about the Axis Powers’ real membership list has been distorted or suppressed in order to conceal how widespread support for National Socialism actually was during Hitler’s time as German Chancellor. Just like in World War I, the Allies were those countries that were allied with International Jewry.

The Communism of the USSR along with the Capitalism of the West in general, and the United States in particular, are both systems created by Jews to serve Jewish interests. The British Empire has been correctly described as the enforcement arm and collection agency for the Rothschild Bank in the City of London. We all know about how the Jews were going about destroying the European peoples during the Weimar Republic years, and especially the most advanced of European peoples — the Germans. However, what is not so well known is how the Jews were also waging a war against the Moslem World —including the Arabs — at the same time they were attacking the Third Reich.  In the 1930s and 1940s, Communism, Capitalism, and The British Crown were as big an existential threat to Islam as they were to National Socialism.

British Brainlet
Image furnished courtesy of wojaiparadise.net

In pure Islam, meaning whatever portions of the Moslem World are not corrupted by Jew influence, there has always been at least some overlap of interests and goals with National Socialism. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, and Amin al-Husseni who was known as the “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem” all came to see some commonalities in the two systems as well as the fact that both Islam and National Socialism faced existential threats from precisely the same source — International Jewry.

Muslim Imam Pepe
Image courtesy of slav-art on redbubble.com 

While technically the leader of just the Palestinians, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was in actual fact the most influential cleric in the entire Moslem World during his lifetime. This former Ottoman artillery officer who turned into an Islamic scholar began the work of bringing the Arabs and the entire Moslem world into World War I on the side of the Third Reich. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem saw the threat to Islam posed by International Jewry coming most directly from the atheistic Communism of the USSR, and the Imperialism of the British Empire (Crown).

As far as I have been able to discover, there was no record kept of the actual meeting itself between Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti, and the only other individual present was a Kriegsmarine officer who acted as interpreter and was sworn to secrecy. When these two great men were actually introduced to each other in person, all of those accompanying Hitler were senior Kreigsmarine officers. It was an Admiral of the Third Reich’s Kreigsmarine who actually introduced the two men to one other in person. Before the Kreigsmarine admiral introduced Hitler to the Grand Mufti, he and Hitler smiled exchanged brief greetings. What the peculiar significance of the Kriegsmarine (3rd Reich Navy) was in all of this I have no idea.

Amin al Husseini und Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler and The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem at their fateful meeting on the 28th of November 1941. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Once the two men were introduced, were fairly beaming at each other. Upon meeting Hitler, the Grand Mufti stood straight and tall and raised his arm in the Roman Salute and Hitler quickly returned it. Then the two men, accompanied only by an interpreter, went into a separate room and set down for the actual meeting. Despite this meeting having a pall of strict secrecy draped over it, as time passed, at least some of the results of this great symposium would become well known.

Hitler for his part promptly reversed his position on the Transfer Agreement to move Europe’s Jews to Palestine, then Hitler broke off all contact with the Zionists. Hitler also completely reversed himself in regards to the Palestinians and indeed the entire Middle East. Following his meeting with the Grand Mufti, Hitler also approved the recruiting of Moslem Volunteers into the Wehrmacht.

Several “Free Arabian” battalions would eventually serve with distinction under General Rommel in North Africa, and these same Arabian volunteers also helped to guard Rommel’s headquarters. As long as the racial qualifications were met, Hitler also approved Arabian recruitment into the Waffen SS, which was a decision that Heinrich Himmler welcomed with a great deal of enthusiasm. As I have already mentioned, the Grand Mufti came out of the meeting convinced that Hitler was a prophet who was second only to Mohammed. After his meeting with Hitler, the Grand Mufti soon declared a Jihad in support of the Islamic Faith which in turn produced a veritable flood of Moslem volunteers into the Third Reich’s military machine. The Islamic volunteers who served in the Third Reich’s armies were both Aryans and Non-Aryans.

Berlin, Besuch Amin el Husseini
In the photograph above, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meets with Muslim Wehrmacht volunteers on December 18th 1942. Image furnished courtesy of wikipedia.org

Since he saw that Islam and National Socialism were compatible and had some things in common, al-Hussieni encouraged his followers to lend heir full support to Hitler’s NEW ORDER & NEW EUROPE among the Muslim faithful in the Balkans. This support from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem would produce the bulk of three Islamic Waffen SS Divisions: 13th Handschar, 23rd Kama, and 21st Skanderbeg Mountain Divisions. The first two being primarily Bosnian (Bosnia was part of the Croatian state which was part of the Axis,), while the third was primarily Albanian. These Muslim volunteers who served in the Third Reich’s military saw themselves as part of Hitler’s “New European Army” (Waffen SS) in spirit and not just in name.

Part Eight – Moslem Volunteers in The Wehrmacht and Waffen SS

Best estimates concerning the numbers of Moslems serving in the ranks of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS put the total to at least 70,000+.


Waffen SS –
The Handschar SS Mountain Division was 90% Islamic and primarily composed of Muslim Bosnians, but some Albanians were also present amongst the ranks. The Skanderbeg SS Grenadier Division was 75% Islamic and this group was raised from a variety of places in Eastern Europe. The Tiger (Indian) SS Panzergrenadier Brigade was primarily made up of Sikhs and Hindus, but this brigade included a few Moslems.


Wehrmacht –
Free Arabian Battalions. Though mainly pan-Arabic in composition, these were several battalions that included a few Nigerians. Though originally intended to be security troops for Rommel’s rear areas, these men would ultimately be deployed in the front lines against the Americans and helped halt a major attack. The US Army expected the free Arabians to be an easy mark, but these men held their ground until German Panzer troops could arrive. One battalion from the Free Arabians would be sent to Greece to help fight Communist Partisans, and this group saw considerable success.

Saudi Pepe
Image courtesy of saudipepecoin.com

There were also numerous Islamic battalions that served with the Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front. These Islamic battalions were recruited from the savagely persecuted Moslem regions of the USSR, and many of these soldiers were defectors who had been previously forced into the Red Army by Jewish Commissars. The most numerous of these Islamic Wehrmacht volunteers were Tartar Battalions, the next being the Circassians from the North Caucasus Region.  However, there was also an Islamic Kalmuck Battalion, and at least one battalion in the Wehrmacht hailed from Turkmenistan. Many of these Islamic volunteer brigades were of mixed composition. At least one battalion, a Tartar one, would see service against the Americans in the West. The Tartars referred to here served in Normandy. On the Eastern Front, these Tartars mostly served in secondary areas with the goal of freeing the Germans up so that they could deal with the areas of primary importance. Within this context, the Tartars made a significant contribution to the Third Reich’s war effort.


Conclusion – Personal Observations & What the Great One Said About Islam

My attitude towards Islam is to a major degree based on personal experience.

Let me begin by noting that Islam is of course highly fragmented, and indeed Islam has always been quite divided since the death of Mohammed. One can say many things both good and bad about Islam, and be perfectly correct or incorrect at the same time, depending on which group of Moslems that you are talking about. What I have tried to do here is clear up some Zio-American-promulgated misconceptions about the Third Reich’s relationship with Islam, and I am trying to give my readers a little better understanding of a subject that is admittedly quite confusing.

One of these groups of Islamists have always been, and continue to this day to be, sympathetic to National Socialism, and this group is the Bosnian Moslems who are Aryans. I will now provide a few of many personal anecdotes. Several years ago, I was a great beneficiary of Moslem Charity. I would have been without food and mostly without water too if it had not been for some Yemeni friends of mine. This Yemeni man would always have his wife cook enough food so that I could have something to eat and both he and his wife always treated me with the utmost respect.

Generous pepe
Image furnished courtesy of wojakparadise.net

When I went to college, the whole floor of the wing of the dormitory where I stayed, except for one other individual, was Moslem. This dormitory floor included Arabs from various countries, but my roommate was Sudanese and he was a very devout Muslim. The other room in the suite contained two Jordanians who were both staunch supporters of the Palestinians. It was these two Jordanians who were the first ones to introduce me to the true circumstances affecting the Palestinians.

Palastinian pepe
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com 

The other wing of the dormitory was exclusively reserved for Black Americans athletes of both sexes; not surprisingly, these feral Blacks turned their wing of the dormitory into a living hell each and every night. (I have never seen “people” anywhere willingly live in such absolute filth as these pampered ones.)

Across the hall from my dormitory room lived two Nigerians who were also very devout Muslims. These two young men were both battle-hardened veterans of the Nigerian army who fought in one of that country’s many civil wars. The American Blacks who were living in that same dormitory were terrified of these two Nigerians, and the American Black athletes who were living in our building were all afraid to set foot on that particular Islamic dormitory floor. I saw it myself, whenever these two Nigerian men walked around our dormitory building, the American Blacks behaved just like sheep scattering before wolves; these two Nigerian men intimidated nearly 300.

Nigerian Pepe
Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.net

One afternoon, one of the Nigerians saw me entering my room, so he invited me to come over and have some tea with him and his roommate at a later time. I accepted his invitation. When I arrived, they were both dressed in traditional Nigerian Moslem garb, and their dormitory room was decorated like a room would be in the better parts of West Africa. They always proved to be perfect gentlemen and the most gracious hosts. That afternoon, we sat and drank tea while discussing philosophy and religion. After a while, such gatherings as these became an almost daily ritual of ours.


In Martin Borman’s book titled “Hitler’s Table Talk” (First Edition) he tells about a small informal gathering he had one evening where Adolf Hitler said the following, “Europe would have been better off if the Moors had won the Battle of Tours and Europe had converted to Islam. There is less conflict between National Socialism and Islam than there is between National Socialism and Judeo-Christianity. National Socialism has many ideas in common with Islam.” Yes, Hitler was credited with the previous words, but it is incorrect to conclude as some have that Hitler was some kind of closet Moslem. The fact of the matter is that The Great One did express a good deal of respect for Islam, as did Heinrich Himmler.


The Crusades brought Europeans back into contact with the Classical Civilizations of Greece and Rome by way of knowledge that had been preserved by Arab Scholars. This rekindling of ancient Greek knowledge helped to ignite the Italian Renaissance which finally spread from Italy all across Europe. I learned about Renaissance Italy’s rediscovery of ancient Greek writings courtesy of Middle Eastern Muslims while I was in junior high school back in the late 1960’s and I have since confirmed this fact from my own personal research. This is yet another inconvenient truth that has been expunged from the history books that are taught in public schools in recent decades. Jews are the ones who keep this information suppressed because they wish to foment more hostilities between Europeans and Islam.


Within early days of June of 2023, there was a demonstration of Palestinians in a German city. These Palestinians were carrying their national flag and shouting “Allah Akbar!” (God Is Great in Arabic) and HEIL HITLER! over and over again. Germany’s enraged Jewish overlords predictably sent in the German police (traitors) to violently put down this demonstration. One gets the distinct feeling that there is a volcano of anger and resentment agains the Jews now building beneath the surface in Germany and elsewhere, so the Jews and their lackeys who are now running Germany are starting to get worried. (This particular news item comes by way of the Netherlands.)

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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