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Feeling the Blessings of Adolf Hitler Deva

Dear President Brian,

When beginning to talk about this, I find that more light comes through about it.

When this body was eleven years old, I’d think, “What we need is a High Divine Soul who is capable of directing and implementing good for our nation of people.” Then, I’d think that most would never approve of such a great One, because they wouldn’t understand him, nor would they understand his decisions. – Then I’d think, ”Would they need to?” Then, “Not being equal to the light of the Divine One, they wouldn’t be able to understand him. But could they love and respect him?” They loved and respected FDR. They didn’t realize that the respect they felt had all been conjured through deception and that he was working with and for their enslavement and then their ultimate demise.


I had tried to meet Hitler when I was five or six, and I failed to meet him then. You see, my brother had told me he was hiding in our hills. It wasn’t until 2015 that I felt wonderful honor for him and I gave him my compassion and love. Immediately I received such overwhelming heart’s love and compassion from him that I was fully overwhelmed. Even though I had been in situations in a monastery, where I met many great and saintly souls and was blessed by them, none gave me the divine experience Adolf Hitler deva gave me that day, when I was alone and in silence. I questioned whether or not I could live through such a complete and utterly wonderful ecstatic and life changing event. I did obviously survive and I’ve been happiest ever since.


I have met him three times now since he departed from this earth. It is true, ”He is the greatest gentleman whoever lived”.

Heil Hitler deva!


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