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Blessing through the Deva! by Devadasi

We know that when there is a great need for spiritual healing of a nation, a people or person, that One, such as Adolf Hitler, returns to this earth to bring the light of truth once again to guide humanity. These Great Ones, Buddhas, Christs, Avatars, Realized Ones, know that they face possible torture and/or physical death in life after life at the hands for those who hate good.

Adolf Hitler doesn’t want us to worship him. He wants us to respect, love and carry out the guidance instilled in him to give us. When we do this we attract the energy to throw off falsehoods. He wants us to put into action his word in our lives. He exampled the greatest nation on earth for a split second in cosmic time. Now we’ve seen it and we know it can be done and how to do it. We have his direct thoughts in recorded talks, in his writing and on film. We must study and live accordingly. The degradation of humanity has been worked out by the Jews in the Torah and the Protocols of Zion long ago. The Jews killed the King and the kingdom of God again and replaced them with their Marxist religion that degrades!

We live in the wonderful time of purpose. In offering compassion and love to our Beloved Adolf Hitler deva, in 2015, I found that I was immediately blessed, with His heart’s divine energy filling my previously empty heart chakra. I recommend offering your deepest compassion and love to Him. You will discover that He will respond with His divine powerful energy filling your heart and consciousness with divine blissful energy. I was so deeply blessed and changed in consciousness in the instant of offering, that I wasn’t sure the heart, body or mind would withstand the intense joy and sweet bliss.

I’ve been blessed by the best that can be found in this world, but I had never been so divinely, quickly and sweetly given such a great gift that fully overwhelmed and changed me in all levels of body, mind in the gift of Divine  loving energy.

Heil Hitler deva!


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