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A National Socialist Wife

A National Socialist Wife

Gerhard Lauck has been a guest in my videos and he has been a major figure in American National Socialism since the 1970s. His wife Janina died and he wrote the tribute to her below.

At 05:45 on February 9, 2020, a Sunday morning, I received a not unexpected phone call from the hospice. My wife Janina had passed away. Just a minute ago.

Most people know little about her. I had always intentionally tried to keep her out of the limelight, to keep her safe.

Janina was born in Chicago on May 5, 1950. Her parents had fled Lithuania at the end of the war to escape the communists. They spoke Lithuanian in the home. Although born in America, Janina did not learn English until she went to kindergarten.

I first met Janina at the corner of 72nd and Fairfield. I was returning from Germany, where I had been a defense witness at the famous Bückeburg trial after receiving temporary immunity from arrest.

This beautiful former Lithuanian television model was also a good cook. And pro-NS!

We quickly fell madly in love, became engaged, and got married the following year. (She had already turned down marriage proposals from two millionaires.)

For ten years we lived in Marquette Park and I became a marketing executive. (Excellent co-workers back in Lincoln enabled me to continue political work despite distance and employment.)

Janina lived most of her life in the Lithuanian community of Marquette Park on Chicago’s southwest side. This neighborhood fiercely resisted the Black invasion.

Marquette Park was also a National Socialist stronghold!

The powerful Chicago Mayor Daley Senior once publicly vowed to close down the “Nazi headquarters.” But then his own precinct captains told him this would cost him too many votes. So he backed down!

I personally participated in a White Power rally in Marquette Park with 5,000 people by police estimate. The vast majority were pro-party. Hundreds wore White Power t-shirts with a huge swastika. (The reporters present were terrified. When the crowd started to turn against the reporters a comrade stepped in to save them.)

Despite heroic resistance, the neighborhood eventually fell to the invaders.

Janina and I had to leave.

She was heart-broken. And never fully recovered.

I know this may seem hard to believe, but it’s nonetheless true:

It was not always easy to be the wife of a well-known National Socialist activist!

The ups and downs in life tend to be a bit more extreme.

Janina suffered.

A lot.

But she endured.

Janina’s physical body is now ash.

But Janina herself lives on.

In my heart.

In the hearts of all of us who love and cherish her memory.

Hey Gerhard,

I just received the March 2020, The New Order in the mail now.

My condolences on the death of Janina. I knew nothing about her as you
write, that you kept her out of the public eye.

I did this practice for Janina, which I use in the Thule Society:

I dedicated my merit to her and visualized her in Nuremberg heaven with the National Socialist devas. Could I post this on my Thule Society website? Do you have it in electronic format? Or I could copy it from Renegade. Whenever you're ready I invite you back on The Brian Ruhe Show. I miss you. In strength and victory, Brian
Thanks! Yes, I am pleased and honored by your tribute to her!
When the dust settles I'd love to return to your show, too.

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