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Venerable Paññobhāsa on Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Cultural Marxist Propaganda

by Devadasi

Dear Ones,

I was surprised that there was no place to make a comment. So, we are doing it this way.

At first, I thought not to watch this video, only because I felt I’d heard and lived through more than enough of this subject. I did watch it and it was such a pleasure to hear Pannobhasa and Brian in this! I‘d say this is even a great video:

Venerable Paññobhāsa on Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Cultural Marxist Propaganda

You two know a lot. I suggest though, not to ever try to appease the enemy. – First, know who that is and how and why it happened to Bhikkhu. The monk under discussion in your video, shows he is by nature evil and Marxist Jew-controlled to the core. – Jews, unfortunately will not forgo their childhood brainwashing and genetics except in very rare cases. It takes an extremely rare Jew, to rise out of their own brainwashing.

Women are not as intelligent as men. Look at one of the ways they were brought into feminism/Communism! “Be above the rest, smoke Virginia Slimes”. Then they can have addiction to tobacco and menthol. Menthol is harder to kick, than tobacco. How chic is that! They bought their own painful lung cancer through stupid pride. – But, then, men were sold the idea that “Camel” Cigarettes were more masculine looking when smoking and they have died by the millions of the same pride. Our National Socialist Great One, didn’t smoke and didn’t drink, as an example to people. He was the true ‘Holy One’. – One thing that is very clear, a person who doesn’t have the higher divine qualities, can not understand those qualities in those who have them. Those who don’t have higher spiritual qualities misinterpret everything the Great Ones say and do. We can tell who the low spirits are through the questions and criticisms of those of the divine higher realm.

That Bhikku doesn’t meditate, unless he’s already realized, which he’s obviously not, that one is no “monk” nor is he  intelligent, nor is he a Buddhist The Jews have made a strong effort to get into every religious group there is and then they subvert it into Communism. That is Bhikku’s case

You both did a great job on this subject! Blessings of all good to you both!

Communists want to cause chaos and hatred. You know their agenda and that it’s all commitment to lies. Communists even tell their own children to know their place and not to try be better than their station in life due to class distinctions amongst the tribe.. -Backward Chistians have been brainwashed the same way. You are correct Brian, the fake monk, is doing this. He’s “Buddhist” in name only, and not believing the basic tenets of Buddhism, then he is not Buddhist. Plain and simple! – MLK, by the way, was a Communist and a moral degenerate.  He was no Christian so no need to repeat things he said, to appease the Communists and Blacks. The agenda of Communism is apparent, so please don’t send folks into believing in MLK, just to sound not prejudice, which I’m sure you are not. Just be who you are! That is better than you need to do already.By the by, if you want to know horrible racism, spend some of your life around Marxist Khazar Jews. You’ll learn who are the most hating of all other races and, know themselves as far superior to all others! – You’d better objectify plain truth, or you’ll fall under them.

What it has to do with Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Jew/Khazar ancestors is everything to do with who he is! They’ve done the same thing to Christian Churches all Catholic and Protestant, to Hinduism and Muslim. After finishing this comment, I see there is a place to leave one. But, all considered, it is just as well.

Heil Hitler deva!


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