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Hunger as a Weapon: Parallels Between Holodomor and General Sherman’s March to the Sea

The Holodomor, which was a deliberately created famine that took place in the Ukraine between the years of 1932-33, was carried out in the breadbasket of the USSR. This awful episode in the history of Russia was only possible because both Britain and the Zio-American Empire were keeping the rest of the country fed during this deliberately induced epic of mass starvation.

Holodomor famine

The image above is an archival photo of the Ukrainian starvation epidemic that happened on account of Jewish malevolence. Image courtesy or “The Fact Guy” on reddit.com

Cart full of dead bodies

The photo above is an archival photograph from the Ukraine that was taken in 1933 and depicts a cartload of dead bodies being taken away to be burned in a pit filled with firewood. Keep in mind, the famine that struck the Ukraine at that time was deliberately engineered by Jewish communists. Not surprisingly, international Jewry has used images of imaciated and starving people that were originally taken in the Ukraine during the times of Holodomor as “Holocaust”  agitprop that suits their slimy political agendas, even up unitl this day.   Image courtesy of allthingsinteresting.com

More Holodomor Famine shots

Yet another sanguine family photo from the Holodomor era in the Ukraine. Image courtesy of cde.state.us.co

Yet more starving mofos in Holodomor

No Virginia, this photograph does not depict Jews during the so-called “Holocaust;” by contrast, this photo is an archival jem that was taken during the Soviet Union’s dog days of the Holodomor. Image courtesy of AJ on blendspace.com


Holodormor Famine Map

The image above shows the areas of the Ukraine that were most affected by deliberatly introduced starvation, funny how the areas most hit by deliberatly induced famine are some of the most productive aricultural region in Europe, and in the world for that matter. Image courtesy of reserachgate.net 

Funny thing, the Ukraine is still a huge exporter of wheat to many different parts of the world as of the year 2022, perhaps the recent conflicts in this part of the world have been diliberately engineered for some rotten alterior purose – who knows? The National Geogrpahic website now says that around 30% of planet Earth’s commodies-traded wheat originates in the Ukraine and around 12% of all calories consumed by the entire human race now arrive courtesy of grains grown in the Ukraine. Say what you want about the politics of present-day Ukraine, but this region sure does produce and export a lot of food in the form of staple grains, so control of this region is a very important in a geopolitcal sense and this has been the case for quite a while.

Ukraine Wheat export

Image courtesy of latifundist.com

Wheat production by map

Image courtesy of latifundist.com

Ukraine Corn Production

Image courtesy of ipad.fas.usda.gov/

Ukraine Soybean Production

Image courtesy of  ipad.fas.usda.gov

Ukraine Sunflower Seed Production

Image courtesy of  ipad.fas.usda.gov

The raping, torturing, and looting that  happened in Germany during the end of World War II also happened at the same time in Hungary; however, according to Hungarian victims/survivors of this terrible time, the occupying Czechs who moved in along with their Russian communist army friends and behaved much worse than the Mongolians did during their invasion of Hungary that took place during the winter, summer, and fall of the year 1241. According to written testimonies from that time, the Mongolians behaved like children who did not know any better; however, by contrast, the Czechs seemed to be vicious by nature. This information comes by way of an article that was published in the Barnes Review several years ago.

Side Notes on the Mongol Invasion of Hungary: 

More basic information about the first Mongol invasion of Hungary can be found on our link to this event’s Wikiapedia page. Several books have been written about the Mongol invasions of Europe and the Mongol occuaptions of what is today Russia and the Ukrane, so for the sake of brevity we will refer to other sources for more in-depth details about these happenings. None the less, during the Mongol’s invasion of Hungary, the crucial time was the Battle of Mohi, which the Hungarians lost, but they did take a huge toll on the Mongol army despite technically coming up short.

The aftermath of Hungaria’s King Bela V’s army seeing defeat to the Mongols at the Battle of Mohi was the subsequent Mongol decimation of the now defenseless Hungarian civilian population. After the Battle of Mohi, the Monols lingered in Hungary for the better part of a year and estimates place around 15-25% of Hungary’s total population to have been lost during that time due to hunger, dying by violence, and freezing to death on account of 50% of the locals being rendered homeless by way of Mongol pillaging. Indeed, the Mongols wantonly burned down the houses in any Hungarian settlements that were not sitting behind decently fortified walls. Fortunately, the more fortified towns and solid stone castles of Hungary pulled through this episode with little trouble.

A popular misconception is that the Mongols left hungary after around a year because their supreme Mongol had died and they needed to return to Mongolia to elects a new supreme Kahn; however, most scholars believe that the Mongols left Hungary because they were having trouble finding decent grazing grounds for their horses on account of large parts of Hungary being heavily flooded that year and much of Hungary being swampland anyway, plus the Mongols had taken far heavier casualities at the Battle of Mohi than they had initially projected.

Rus Vs. Mongols

Image courtesy of wikiwand.com

Although no other nearby European kingdoms came to Hungary’s aid after their army’s defeat at the Battle of Mohi, Hungary’s neighboring kingdoms did start to make extensive preparations for a possible and likely Mongol invasion, and these preparations mosly involved building more fortifications around towns and constructiong as many solid stone fortresses as possible. The Holy Roman Empire’s strategy for defeating the Mongols was to bog them down in costly sieges and then use hunger as their primary weapon. Hunger was to be the prmary deterrent against the Mongols by way of  hording food supplies in large fortresses and then destroying whatever food sources that could not be stowed behind thick stone walls. The Mongols did make a second attempt at invading Hungary, but this invasion was a catastrophic failure for the Mongols becasue this time their adversaries were well prepared for them with improved armies and netwoks of new fortifications.

Back to the Discussion at Hand…

Although Stalin allowed the mistreatment of Hungary’s civilian population to happen during the concluding chapters of World War II, the cheif instigator for all of these atrocities was a Jew by the name of Illya Enrenburg who was like the Chief Commissar for all of the USSR’s other Communist Commissars. Ehrenburg is also most well-know by today’s scholars for his vitrolic dehumananization of the German army and for the terrible dehumanization of the German people in general, so it comes as no surprise that having Stalin hand any institutional power over to this rotten turd during a time of war, or even near the conclusion of a war, was a certain recipe for catastrophic humanitarian disaster.

For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, the world “Commissar” describes the political officers who were an integral component in the machinery of the USSR’s communist government. Another way to describe the Commissars would be to say that these were the men who were commissioned with the task of ensuring that the general population, and people within the military in particular, never deviated from the Communist party’s dogmatic orthodoxy. Another way to understand the role of Commissars would be to say that they were the ones who zealously went about looking for any signs of dissent — whether real or imagined.

Ilya Ehrenburg 1

Photo of a young Ehrenburg. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org


Photo of Enreburg (at right) with soliders of the Red Army in 1942. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org


Enrenburg’s orders to the Russian soldiers who were invading central Europe and Germany during the twilight months of World War II were virtually the same on a word for word basis as the orders given by Abraham Lincoln’s buddy General Turchin to the Lincolnites before they sacked the city of Athens, Alabama during the American Civil War. Once you substitute German women for Southern White Women, then you can see that what happened in Germany was only different in scale from what happened in the Southern states during the concluding chapters of the 2nd American Revolution. General Sherman’s March to the Sea that cut through Georgia along with his march through South Carolina were very similar to what also happened in Southwestern Missouri during this time.

Rape of a German Woman

The image above shows Red Army soldiers romantically courting a German women in the city of Leipzig some time in late 1945. Image courtesy of rarehistoricalphotos.com

Irrestistabl charms of the Russian Solider

The irrersisable charm of Russian soldiers. Image courtesy of gettyimages.com

Russian Romeos

Ah, spring has sprung and young Russian Romeos are serenading their rosy love interests. Image courtesy of english.alarabiya.net

A woman in Berlin

The image above is a screen capture of a scene for the recent German film titled A Woman in Berlin. This film takes a look at the previously taboo subject of the Red Army raping an estmated 2 million women in Germany alone during the closing days of World War II – boys will be boys. 



The Union army of the American Civil War wanted to dish out the same treatment to New Orleans that they had dished out to Georgia and South Carolina; however, the Union Army backed off when after realizing that they would not be able to control a city of a quarter million people that was already known for having a notoriously rowdy, and now thoroughly pissed-off, collection of Creoles. Atrocities like Sherman’s March to the Sea happened all over the South during the American Civil War, just not on quite the same scale.

Sherman’s personal journals indicate that his plan was to try and break the will of the White Southern population by destroying as much of their infrastructure as possible and in so doing he hoped to deprive them of the means to make further war; thus, Sherman and his soldiers burned as much of Atlanta as they could before marching on the city of Savannah.  While marching towards Savannah, Sherman and his band of merry men stole whatever they flet like taking while on walkabout and burned everything to the ground including homes, barns, and crops, bakeries, and graneries before leaving so as to deprive anyone else of making use of what they did not take themselves.

Shermans march to the sea

Sherman’s 1864 trail of terror was not limited to Georgia by any means; no, Sherman’s band followed the same plan as they traveled through both North and South Carolina – let the good times roll! Image courtesy of ck12.org


Sherman also ordered all livestock that were not eaten to be killed and left to rot, and Sherman also ordered that every well that the Union Army found was to be poisoned if at all possible.

A quote from the National Parks website that discusses the Union Army’s very similar 1864 Shanandoah Valley Campaign in Virgiania reads as follows:

After Gen. Jubal Early’s raid on Washington in mid-July, Grant advised Chief-of-Staff Henry Halleck to see to it that Early was pursued by “veterans, militia men, men on horseback, and everything that can be got to follow,” with specific instructions to “eat out Virginia clean and clear as far as they go, so that crows flying over it for the balance of the season will have to carry their own provender with them.”


Another quote sourced from the same place as the previous quote describes the Union Army’s 1864 campaign to totally destory everything in Virgia’s Shanandoah Valley:


When Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan took command of the Army of the Shenandoah on August 6, Grant’s orders were to,

“Give the enemy no rest… Do all the damage to railroads and crops you can. Carry off stock of all descriptions, and negroes, so as to prevent further planting. If the war is to last another year, we want the Shenandoah Valley to remain a barren waste.”


One Southern soldier later recalled:

“We had an elevated position and could see the Yankees out in the valley driving off the horses, cattle, sheep and killing the hogs and burning all the barns and shocks of corn and wheat in the fields and destroying everything that could feed or shelter man or beast…”

On October 7, Sheridan reported to Grant:

“I have destroyed over 2,000 barns filled with wheat, hay and farming implements; over 70 mills, filled with flour and wheat; have driven in front of the army over 4,000 head of stock, and have killed and issued to the troops not less than 3,000 sheep.”

Most Americans today are conditioned to see the wanton destruction that was knowingly inflicted by Gernerl Sherman and other high-ranking officers in the Union Army as being a justified means to a noble end; however, most contemporary accounts of these actions deliberately de-emphaise the human cost that these campaigns took on the White population of the South and conveniently neglect to mention all of the looting, tortue, unnecessary killing, and rape that the Union Army executed in their wake.

NPC Meme

Image courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

The best academic estimates now put the number of Southern civilians who perished during the American Civil War at around 1,000,000, so the American Civil War is just now beginning to be seen for what is really was; namely, a bona fide and mass-scale act of genocide.

Burning of Atlanta

The old Unon boys are feeling a bit rapey this Saturday night. Image courtesy of lookandlearn.com

During World War II, the German General Staff completed an official study of General Sherman’s operations and they predicted that Germany would receive the same sort of treatment should the (((Allies))) penetrate their way into German territory. After studying General Sherman’s campaigns of wanton looting, mass-killings, and rape, the German General Staff then made the results of their study available to all members of the German military as well as to the general German public. The German General Staff published their shocking predictions in the widely distributed magazine called Signals. (I have read this article in an English translation.) Think of it this way, the campaign of terror that was inflicted on Germany during World War II was akin General Sheridan and Ulysses Grant’s campaign of terror on Virginia’s Shanandoah Valley writ large.

So, why was Lincoln so adamant about having the Sothern White population tortured, killed, and raped on a mass scale in the twilight days of the American Civil War? Funny you should ask, Lincoln green-lighted an unthinkable sundry of atrocities across the South because he was working for Jewish banking cartels who truly hated all White Christian people and wanted to see all of this type of people cast-down, disenfranchised, and ultimately genocided whenever at all possible, and World War II’s European theater was to some degree a repeat of the American Civil War.  Yes, Lincoln simply carried out their orders of his rich Jewish masters because LINCOLN WAS A COMMUNIST!

Lincoln Battalion

The photo above is an archival photo of the Lincoln Battalion that was taken during the Spanish Civial War. The Lincoln Battalion was a collection of about 5,000 bona fide communists who fought against Francisco Franco’s Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

If Lincoln was not a Communist, then why else did so many “German” and “Polish” Communists flock to his standard in the 20th Century? If Abraham Lincoln was not a Communist, then why else did members of the American Communist Party that fought in the Spanish Civil War against Franco’s army call themselves “the Abraham Lincoln Brigade?” If Lincoln was not a Communist, then why else is Lincoln still treated as a hero by most Communists around the world till this very day? All of the things mentioned earlier are in fact no contradiction at all when one considers that Abraham Lincoln the Communist was always in bed with (((international finance and major capitalists;))) such individuals are historically ALWAYS in bed with each other!!

Hipster Lincoln

Image courtesy of imgflip.com


Heil Hitler deva!



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