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The Towering Intellect of Fritz Todt and the Defense of Nuremberg

By the end of World War II, firestorm bombings were used by the UK, USA and USSR to fry, dry-bake, and suffocate the populace while leaving the infrastructure intact. (The USA was already using their desert testing areas for these methods rather than nuclear bombs, but Japan received both of these devastating tactics.)

During World War II, the major cities of Germany were all used to prove the technique of firestorm mass bombings, and these testing sessions for firestorm bombings caused a lot of suffering for the people on the receiving end of this terror. Those who tried evacuating the doomed cities of Germany tried to take shelter form the storm of fire by fleeing into the parks along the highways leading out of the city; however, these poor doomed residents of Dresden were strafed by machine guns fired from low-flying enemy airplanes. The strafed coffles of German citizens that were fleeing the bombings of Dresden included women pushing baby carriages and the elderly who hobbled along with their canes.

The bombing of Dresden was an epic atrocity, yet the most damning thing of all is the fact that the “Allied” machine gunners who were firing into the retreating columns of German civilians knew full-well what they were doing because they could see who and what they were shooting. To add more fuel to the fire in this discussion so to speak, as the city of Dresden burned, and as the fleeing civilians were attacked by low-flying military aircraft, some of the world’s greatest works of art also went up in flames, and some of the most impressive architecture anywhere in the world was also smashed to pieces or burned to ash.

The Jew speaks :

Who wants proof that Germans were such great artists anyway? Certainly not the Germans behind the original cause of all of this destruction and murder in Germany. So, the Germans got what they deserved for committing the crimes that they did, and the Germans deserve no mercy as a people for doing what they did when Hitler was their head of state. Indeed, even until this day, the Communist/Corporatist government of Germany murders the minds of young German children and tries to convince them to hate themselves, and this campaign of brainwashing has been done righteously for the benefit of Jews and the rest of the world. Yes, a big part of our Jewish Communist/Corporatist goal is to erase the history of the German people.

The Jew Speaks :

We Jews cut off the heads of those who we envy to make ourselves seem taller, and then we make up our own history which never happened; none the less, we want this fake history to be true. Putting other people down to try to make ourselves look bigger is what we have done throughout history, so if you doubt what I am saying, then just read our Talmud, or simply peruse the writings we drafted for Christian and Moslem Scriptures. After all, we are the most practiced and clever propagandists in the world, and the Goyim always believe what we say – Ha! Ha!

For example, just look at how easily the dumb Goys have swallowed those Covid orders we issued, and those stupid goys have even been self-policing other idiot Goys who were not following our mask orders! What at stupid bunch! the Talmud is right about those idiot Goyim! Indeed, the Goys are just so stupid, that is why they are so easily controlled by us Jews. We have had quite a laugh about this whole Covid “Pandemic” business! – You see, you see, those Goyim really are as stupid gullible as the Talmud says, that is what the word Goyim refers to, Goyim is a word meaning cattle! We can control you Goyim with a few words, and you Goyim force your own fellow people to follow what we have decreed because we want you to be compliant so that we will always be able to control you. Yes, controlling the foolish Goyim is so simple to do.

These days, the Jews are still looking for ways to remove the old German flak towers because the sight of these architectural wonders “offends Jewish sensitivities,” however, accounting for small-minded jealousy amongst the Jews must also be considered in this case. Even though these old German Flak Towers can withstand direct hits from tactical nuclear weapons, these old engineering marvels will probably eventually wind-up getting buried under man-made hills if the Jews have their way.

It turns out that this Jewish obsession with destroying the World War II era German flak towers is a similar phenomenon to the Jews scheming to get Confederate monuments destroyed. The toppling of Confederate statues and the attempts to destroy German flak towers are alike in the sense that both of these activities are just Jewish attempts to erase the history of Our Great Folk and an attempt to abolish any reminders of a time when Jews were not masters over the Goyim. Contrary to what the Jews may preach, the German flak towers were not designed for killing, but these towers were designed to make it more difficult for the “Allied” planes to kill the civilian populations huddled in German cities.


The “racks” one sees sticking out from the sides of old German flak towers would have held the arrays for the Fire Control Radar. In the photos below, the man on the far right is operating the Fire Control Computer for the 105mm Heavy Flak Gun. The heavy flak guns would have received input from the Fire Control Radar, so the heavy flak funs could have been controlled by either the gun crew or the computer who was controlling the flak guns just depended on the situation.


In the photo below, the man carrying the cannon round has just removed it from the fuse-setter where the computer has set the mechanical time fuse These guns were primarily used against high-flying bombers that cruised above the 25,000-foot mark. As seen in the attached photo, the ring that circles the flak tower that has the bulges built in to it housed Quad 20mm Light Flak Guns (1,200+ round per minute) on each protrusion.

Unlike the heavy 105mm flak cannons, the smaller 20mm guns were intended to down any low-flying aircraft that were foolish enough to get close to one of these towers. The arrays of 20mm cannons the were attached to the old German flack towers were put where they were because the “Allies” would routinely send small aircraft to attack the tops of the flack towers at close range in hopes of scoring pinpoint hits and disabling the big flak cannons. It was a logical move for the “Allies” to try and kill the flak cannon crews and disable the big guns by sending waves of small fighter/bomber aircraft at these installations from low altitudes; however, it was basically suicide for low-flying airplanes to try and attack these stout towers, so the “Allies” just stuck to machine-gunning helpless civilians.


The Chief Designer of the Flak Towers was Fritz Todt. His Todt Organization (Builders) constructed and built these modern-day castles, and Todt himself is also credited with designing the Autobahn and co-designing the Berlin Olympic Village in partnership with Albert Speer. Todt is also credited with designing a number of works in partnership with both Hitler and Speer. Todt may not be very well-known in this day and age, yet he was actually one of “The Greats” among Our Fuehrer’s supporting cast.

Sadly, Fritz Todt was killed in an “accidental” plane crash during World War II. Some think that Churchill may have personally ordered Todt’s assassination because the “Allies” considered Todt to be an extremely dangerous enemy due to his engineering and organizational genius. Dr. — of engineering — Todt is now in Asgard, and he is supervising the construction of the celestial capital of the National Socialist devas, New Berlin/Germania. Todt is now designing the celestial New Berlin in Asgard with the help of Hitler & Speer; however, I doubt there will be much of a need for any of Dr. Todt’s Flak Towers in Asgard. No, not this time!

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

This photo the top of a working flak tower. Remember, these towers were built to help save lives, not to take them.


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  1. In the final analisis we europeans bear the curse of abandoning our ancestral gods.
    I love how the xians ignore what they did to germany…where is the love?

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