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Hilter as Hercules

Is Adolf Hitler the Germanic Hercules?

WHO ARE THE HOLY PEOPLE? Definition: The “Holy People” is a Native American expression which refers to those that some might call Gods & Goddesses or Higher Spirits. They may or may not also be called Extraterrestrials; however, these “holy

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Blood Article Cover Image

Do You Have More Than One Biological Father?

The Aryan race still exists in spite of the endless and inveterate harassment and genocidal hatred directed against it by enemies. Despite all of the attacks and racial vandalism, European people have still managed to preserve themselves as a distinct

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Polygamy Cover Image 1

Will Polygamy Save the White Race?

Is Polygamy the Solution to Anemic White Birthrates? Image courtesy of livesceince.com The prospect of polygamy rising in decadent and decaying Western nations is perhaps not as germane as much bigger family problems such as a high divorce rates and

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Russo Japanese War Cover Image jpg

The Russo-Japanese War: A Lachrymose Bedtime Story

HOW TO STAGE A REAL HOLACAUST FOR FUN AND PROFIT (The suppressed history of the Russo-Japanese War,) Part One – Why Fight Over Manchuria?   No mention of Manchuria would be complete without a nod to the classic 1962 original

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Laws of Nature Cover Image

The 20 Eternal Laws of Nature that Govern Our Lives

Cover image furnished courtesy of EcoTour Adventures and buckrail.com Editor’s Note: The list furnished below is provided courtesy of John N. and does not necessarily reflect the Thule Society’s official beliefs.   We Believe in the Laws of Nature as they are Revealed through Science, History, Logic, and Common Sense 🔹 What is Nature? The broad answer to this

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Gaslight Image 3

Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 3.

Written by Imperator Alber   Link to Part 1.    Link to Part 2.    Executing False Flag Attacks  A false flag attack is an ancient battle strategy where one group of men disguises themselves as an enemy unit in

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Gaslight 2 Article

Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 2.

An essay by Imperator Alber   Link to Part 1. Here     Link to part 3. Here     Raising a Shield of Plausible Deniability Manufacturing a patina of plausible deniability is a true hallmark and telling feature of

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Baja Bug Image

Adolf Hitler’s 1936 Speech to Volkswagen Workers

Seig Heil Everyone,  This is the first speech of Adolf Hitler’s that I am posting on the Thule Society website. The transcribed and translated speech printed below was addressed to the workers at the Volkswagen plant. It is very apropo

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Gasight Image jpeg

Jewish Gaslighting Techniques Part 1.

  Link to Part 2. Here   Link to Part 3. Here     Jewish war tactics are as innumerable as the depths of their subterranean minds. Over the millennia, the Jews have developed myriad techniques of deception and manipulation

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howard stern says kanye is like hitler v0 u2skq4bdeuu91.jpg

Kanye West and the Rise of Black National Socialism

KANYE WEST & HITLERISM     Hitlerism – A term first coined by Miguel Serrano to denote a Spiritual System in which Adolf Hitler is the central figure. Image of Miguel Serrano courtesy of heathenharvest.worpress.com National Socialism is a term

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