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Reply to Email From Ammar

From: Ammar Al Dewani Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 2:13 AM To: ThuleSociety Subject: Re: Installment for The Thule Society Hi Everyone, I wonder if you can really help me in miserable life for almost 6 years , nothing works

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Adolf Hitler Enemy of the German People

Slandering Hitler on the Right

I recommend Mike Kings work. In a post this week he wrote: https://realhistorychannel.org/slandering-hitler-from-the-right To this day, nothing strikes fear into the black hearts of Jewish Mafia Globalists like the name of Adolf Hitler aka “The Great One.” He was, at least for a while,

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burning car BML

The Race Riots: Why Now?

The Race Riots: Why Now? A Tree-stump Opinion Rant by James Rousse, first published on thulesociety.com June 17, 2020 Over the course of the last week we have seen some pretty depressing and grave images of riots, cities burning, and

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President’s Message

Back in the early days of this Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler in 2015 and 2016 I experienced a lot of rejection for standing up for the truth. I lost most of my old friends from the 1980s. I lost

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Hitler artistic image

Adolf Hitler Deva On Public Education

Adolf Hitler Deva On Public Education Introduction Everybody familiar with the American system of Public Education knows it to be a disaster. Its products can’t read, can’t write, can’t count, can’t carry on a rational conversation, can’t think, a people

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Jew with fly head


ADDICTION TO MAMMON This present system of government has to collapse totally before any meaningful direct action will be possible for correction. Success is dependent on popular support which will not be present until people have sufficient reason to turn

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Sybil Temple

ADOLF HITLER Deva, Installment #10, “THE WAY FORWARD”

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ADOLF HITLER Deva National Socialism In Cyclical Time ADOLF HITLER deva, Installment #10, “THE WAY FORWARD”   I think everyone can realize that this whole COVID19 fiasco shows that the civilization we live under, which is

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An Alliance Is Proposed – Part 2

An Alliance Is Proposed – Part 2 (part 1 was Nov. 2019) Adolf Hitler saw during the War that even if the 3rd Reich was to win Germany would still not ever be left in peace. International Jewry would simply

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RACIAL HYGIENE AND PURIFICATION OF THE RACE; HOW HITLER AND THE NSDAP DEALT WITH THOSE IN GERMANY OF MIXED BLOOD   This subject is dealt with by the enemies of Adolf Hitler deva as a thing very brutal and coldblooded

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book burning


THULE SOCIETY – THE BRIDGE BETWEEN WORLDS Living here in this world, one must learn to actually live in a National Socialist World under Adolf Hitler deva. This, our true world reality, lies submerged under Loki’s Glamour (Glamour, From The Ancient

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