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National Socialism In Cyclical Time

 Installment # 8, THE KILLING OF THE LIGHT

The worldwide Aryan civilization of the tall red-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed nobility endured basically for the duration of the Golden Age, and to which they were to a degree, responsible for its existence. They cannot be compared to a modern nation-state and certainly not an empire. Those are both actually relatively new inventions. Instead, they governed through their wisdom and moral example. Yes they wielded great power but they didn’t rule by the sword.

They operated according to what was once known in french as “Nobliesse Oblige” regardless with whom they were dealing. This is translated as Noble Obligation. Essentially one must always remain cognizant of the welfare of those being governed and act in accordance. No better example can one consider than how Adolf Hitler deva governed the 3rd Reich. This is the excellent example of Aryan Nobility.

Problems came in when a group of “people” appeared in the region of Mesopotamia. They seemed to be a hybrid of Neanderthals from the Caucasus various dissident elements of that region, as well as, for lack of a better term “extraterrestrials” as they are usually known. But they were more likely from Helhiem and were misrepresenting themselves. Their goal was in a sense quite straight forward: of seizing control of the planet, enslaving its inhabitants, exploiting its resources, then using it as a base for an invasion of the Higher Realms. They were allied with husky Giants from Jotunhiem.

The Higher Powers took a hand and through the support of a popular uprising and the causing of a great earthquake and a great flood, they temporarily thwarted them. The story of Nimrod and the Tower Of Babel episode were developed from this. The Great Flood is now known as the Noahsian Deluge. Its details are recorded in Ancient Chinese History. Interestingly its northern limits are recorded as at the Mountains Of Ararat. Where the low lying plains end and the highlands begin.

The problem was that there were survivors from the targeted group. Not many but enough. The Giants killed by The Flood would be replaced by others from Jotunhiem. Driven out of Mesopotamia, the survivors went to Egypt and the fertile bottom lands of the Nile Valley.

They appeared unexpectedly and from, it seemed, out of nowhere. Not warlike as I have said and totally unprepared, the Aryans living there were massacred en masse. With these newcomers taking their places. Needing somebody to do the manual work for them which they detested they then enslaved the Black hunter-gatherers who lived in the hinterland of Egypt.

There were a few survivors of the Aryan Nobility in Egypt, but only very few. The Ramses’ who would much later on push the borders of the Egyptian Empire to its greatest extent, were described as “fair skinned, blue-eyed, and red headed”. Their distant ancestors were obviously among the survivors of the Old Aryan Nobility.

The Usurpers then began a systematic global campaign to wipe out the Aryan Nobility and replace them with themselves, and in the process, enslaving everybody else. Generally they would stir up the local populations against these Aryan Nobles in an effort to get them to exterminate them. Their degree of success varied greatly from place to place. In many cases in time the locals ended up absorbing the local Aryans rather than killing them all as the ‘Usurpers’ desired. This certainly happened in New Zealand with the Maori’s, as an example.

But in any case the “Rule” of the Aryan Nobility was ended along with the Golden Age. The world began to descend into the law of the jungle, a chaotic ‘free-for-all’ that we now see it in, for these Usurpers always rule through a global system of controlled chaos.

Still they fear the return of the Old Aryan Nobility. So they always strive to exterminate every trace of it. No other nation has more survivors, few as they are, than Germany. Thus we see the reason for their pathological hatred of especially Germans, of the 3rd Reich, and of Adolf Hitler deva.

(This ends this installment.)

Next Installment (#9) “The Man Out Of Time” will discuss Adolf Hitler deva’s efforts through the 3rd Reich to reestablish the Golden Age.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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