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I have finally come to understand what the term “Cultural Marxism” really means. Many who condemn it don’t actually quite understand what it is. Of course it starts out with the premise that all cultures are equal. But what so few understand is that that equality is absolutely not as separate entities. What it does mean is that they all equally go into the mix and are blended together. What comes out the other end is called Multiculturalism. A single culture formed from the blending of all others. This is Marxist culture, and the only one allowed to survive.

What these Cultural Marxists want to do is overcome the resistance that many White People, as well as some others, have to being mixed. White culture gets the most attention simply because it presents the greatest resistance.

I have come to understand as well that it has become dominated by a primarily Upper Middle Class White Female Elite who operates under a very strong influence from Female Upper Middle Class Jews. This is Definitely the case where I am from in the South.

The American War Between The States in both its guises as a war against White Southerners and Native Americans was beyond a shadow of a doubt heavily influenced by it. Though of course under a different name.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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