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 The basic thesis of Savitri Devi’s book called Gold in the Furnace is actually quite straightforward: The tragic saga of the 3rd Reich was a purification process for the Aryan mind, body, spirit, and the Aryan relationship with nature. Devi did not realize that the tragic tale of the 3rd Reich was a purification process until well after the nation of Germany was left in shambles at the end of 1945, and many still do not realize this great truth. I also failed to see the rise and fall of Hitler’s Germany for what it was until quite recently.

As Devi clearly demonstrates in Gold in the Furnace, if the 3rd Reich had “won the war” it would have retained all sorts of impurities that would have seriously impeded and distorted its further development, and Hitler himself eventually recognized this unfortunate reality. Hitler had always, even before the war, viewed the 3rd Reich as a work in progress with a long hard road ahead, yet this whole process was swept away by a complete military defeat.

Dresden in ruins after Allied bombings, February 1945.

At the conclusion of World War II, the once-mighty nation of Germany lay in total ruin, yet a group of truly dedicated and determined National Socialists was still intact. The silver lining to the total defeat of Germany at the hands of Zionist armies meant that the dedicated National Socialists who remained after World War II were now able to dedicate their efforts to forging themselves into a genuine Aryan nobility. This new Aryan nobility that emerged after the end of World War II would eventually be able to take their positions alongside Kalki and support of him.


Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

The history of Hitler’s 3rd Reich was a matter of trying to do too much too soon, yet the process of building this glorious but short-lived empire was absolutely necessary to bring-about the purification of The Folk as individuals and as a tribe. Certainly, despite its tragic end, the 3rd Reich is still worthy of all honor, and Devi makes this point quite clear in her book. According to Devi, the 3rd Reich is best understood as a transitional phase rather than an ultimate goal, but as she made a point of emphasizing:


The 3rd Reich is best thought of as something to be revered, even as The Folk progress beyond this time of mixed blessings because without the 3rd Reich, we would not be where we are at now, nor would we have the bright future that now lies ahead for us. In her book, Devi also made it perfectly clear that truth, justice, and good remain what they are, just as lies, injustice, and evil will remain what they are as well. Good is good regardless of what it is called or how it is dressed, and evil is evil one way or another, yet it takes time for good to get recognizes for what it is and for goodness to replace evil. When it comes to good fighting evil, none of the quick and easy fixes that are so beloved by modern Western man will suffice. Good will only be pushed into being by those who can endure the struggle until they prevail.

When National Socialism finally triumphs, a Golden Age will arrive that will see the folk prosper in the body, the mind, and the spirit to levels that are well beyond our present capacity to conceive. When the Golden Age arrives in earnest, this prosperity will not just be for the Folk, but this golden light of knowledge and justice will be shared by all of humanity.

Gold Diamond

As the sun began to set on the day of the glorious 3rd Reich, Hitler himself came to realize that his great labor of love was only a transitional phase that had set the stage for “The One to Come”. As the fires of his 3rd Reich burned down, Hitler actually took delight when he realizing that his efforts had not been in vain; but instead, Hitler came to understand that his grand work had been a spectacular success. Hitler’s efforts were a success because he built a rock-solid foundation upon which the 4th Reich will rise under the leadership of Kalki.

As Devi’s book so abundantly makes clear, TRUE National Socialism and TRUE National Socialists are gold that is being purified in the Furnace of Adversity, and you dear reader are likely to be part of this gold that is now being purified in the furnace of adversity. All of the attacks of “The Evil Ones” only serve to make us and our movement more-pure and therefore stronger and more durable. By persecuting National Socialists out of blind and intense hatred for us and what we stand for, the evil Jewish rats and their lapdogs will ultimately seal their own doom.

“That which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.” – Freidrich Nietzche.

Gold Teeth

A word must be said about how Germany managed to lose the war. It has sometimes been said, “It was their war to lose.” Ultimately, the National Socialists lost for one reason and one reason only: TREASON AND SABOTAGE FROM WITHIN!!

Examples of internal treachery within the 3rd Reich are just too numerous to mention here, yet Hitler is blamed for this debacle to conceal those who were really responsible. Hitler suffered so much because people close to him were either maliciously keeping him in the dark or deliberately keeping him as misinformed as possible about what was really happening. Fortunately, the Gestapo managed to purge a good number of vermin after the Bomb Plot, yet entirely too many traitors continued to eluded justice. Thus, we see that there were always elements within the 3rd Reich that were working tirelessly to destroy both Germany and The Folk. Therefore, the need for further purification can be seen, and the mistake of trusting the wrong people will not be repeated the next time around.

Rat Trap caught mouse at night - YouTube

Postscript: The Origins of the Flaming Cross Symbol.

When I speak of the Flaming Cross, I am referring the device that the Ku Klux Klan has made famous. The Ku Klux Klan imported the practice of lighting crosses on fire from the Scottish Highlands because many early Klansmen were of Scottish ancestry. In the old times of the Scottish Highlands, placing flaming crosses on hilltops was a way of sending out a message that the local men of the clan should assemble their weapons and prepare for battle.


Despite the flaming cross being used as a sign to prepare for battle in the Christian era, the history of using the cross as a symbol goes back to Pre-Christian times. The cross was used for the exact same purpose by the ancient pagan Celtic Tribes that it was in much later Christian times.

But when did using the cross as a symbol actually originate?

It turns-out that the cross is also an ancient Aryan symbol that is a simplified form of the Sun Wheel. In other words, the cross also represents the Sacred Swastika of our people.

Next time you see a flaming cross, think of this symbol as a Swastika because that is what is really represents.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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