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The Coronavirus, from even before it became public knowledge, was already patented by a Biological Weapons Laboratory connected to the Pentagon (fact). It is a weapon for biological warfare. But it was developed to work with 5G Microwave Radiation.

From the instant I learned it had made its appearance in China, I recognized instinctively it as a Biological Warfare attack on China.


China is by far the worlds leader in the development and deployment of  5G microwave technology. They believe in and are committed to it. Unfortunately the Chinese leadership has tunnel vision when it comes to the dangers emanating from it. They only let themselves see that it will ultimately establish them as the worlds No. 1 economic superpower with all of the benefits that will accrue from that position. They will not let themselves see that they are playing a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with it.


The Rothschild’s & International Jewry have long had the United States as their host country and attack dog for their parasitism. Some years ago they decided to start transferring their base of operations to China, and pull the plug on the American Empire. Just like they had once pulled the plug on the British Empire and transferred their base of operations to the US. Therefore China began to rise and the US to go down.


They were unaware of the last line of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Man Who Would Be King.’ “Here lies the grave of a fool who tried to hustle The East.” The Chinese government recognized their game, after all the Chinese have been around for like 6,000 years and have seen a few things, so they refused to be suckered anymore. They made the decision that it was going to be China for the Chinese from now on instead of for the Rothschild’s like it had been before. The Chinese Government under their current leader restricted their operations so that they were no longer dependent on them.


This left the Rothschild’s with a very dangerous problem for themselves. They still controlled the US which they had been driving down as per plan. But they could no longer control the China that they had meant to replace it with and they had been causing to rise. A certain momentum had kicked in and the US was rapidly sinking and China meteorically rising out of control on their own.

Enter the Coronavirus and the deliberate weaponization of 5G technology.


Those sickened by the virus are overwhelmingly of Chinese Blood. Though anybody can develop a serious flu-like sickness from it. Deaths are almost entirely in China. What few deaths there have so far been outside of China are almost entirely, perhaps entirely, of either Chinese or people with some degree of Chinese Blood. In its killing ability the Coronavirus is definitely a DNA Specific Bio-Weapon, created to kill at the very least primarily Chinese. We can see here a major component of the reduction of the worlds population back to 500,000,000. Decimating the rebellious Chinese will go a long way towards accomplishing that long term goal.


But where does the 5G come in you may ask? The Coronivirus is already devestating the Chinese economy and threatens to do the same to the population. The ZioAmerican Empire have the Chinese in what is called in chess a Fork. Forcing them to choose between two very bad, as the Chinese see it, alternatives. Leave the 5G up and risk loosing a considerable portion of the population before they can perfect a cure or preventative vaccine. Or shut it down and permanently tank their economy as everybody else goes to 5G which they won’t be able to compete with economically.


Coronavirus+5G, is therefore both a biological weapon directed against primarily what is seen as the surplus Chinese population, and an economic weapon directed against an economic rival (2 in 1). If successful the Rothschild’s are able to restore the dominance of their tried and true ZioAmerican Empire for their continued use, and eliminate a very major alternative for the world to their banking system. As well as going a long way towards accomplishing their goal of reducing the worlds population.

People need to be made aware of these DNA Specific Biological Weapons. Which were first and at least still  are primarily being developed by laboratories working with and/or under the Pentagon. They can be developed to target any ethnic group, or species of animal. One could conceivably be developed to kill only Germans or Iranians for example. Or of course any other particular ethnic group as I said. The Chinese of course eat a lot of pork. One of these weapons was used to decimate the pig population of China some time before this whole Coronavirus was deployed.

The problem with biological warfare in the past was that it operated indiscriminately. Taking out friend and foe alike. Meaning it wasn’t an effective weapon. But with the development of DNA Specific virus’s that problem has been solved. Making it now an effective weapon for use against especially large unprotected civilian populations. World population reduction can now be targeted against certain specific ethnic groups as well as to preserve certain ethnic groups. The global population reduction was delayed until a controlable means could be developed to impliment it. That problem has now been solved obviously.

Spirit always precedes Form in Manifestation. I am convinced that all of us involved with the Thule Society are involved in helping to restore the True Spirit of our True Folk. Helping to restore True Aryan Nobility Of The Spirit first to Our Folk and then to the world at large. As the original Thule Society helped to lay the ground work for the coming of Vishnu in the form of Adolf Hitler deva and the 3rd Reich, so we are helping to lay the groundwork for the coming of Vishnu in the form of Kalki and the 4th Reich. As it was before so is it once again. The Race Of Liars are busy assassinating the characters of The Restorers Of Truth & Nobility. The only weapon of defense that liars ultimately possess is more and even greater lies, if you think about it.

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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