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Thule Society

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler


Skeleton Warrior 3 1

Loki’s Army of Darkness: Skeletons in the Closet

Introduction: When Waldo, a lost ET, was seen slapping himself and flailing about, and naming the devil spirits as he tried to keep them away from him, his Midgard companions told him, “Stop that. You will knock yourself out!” Waldo,

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Ragnarok Cover Image

Ragnarok in Technicolor

WHAT IS RAGNAROK? What is Ragnarok? The short answer to the previous question is this: Ragnarok a titanic and decisive battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil that marks the closing of one age and the

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Valkyrie Cover e1611902644374

Flight of the Valkyries

DAYS AND NIGHTS IN VALHALLA   By Randall Hilburn   My very ancient ancestors once intermarried with the inhabitants of Alfhiem who once lived in much closer proximity to the world of mortals then they do presently. So, I have

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Spirit Rock Buddhism

Jewish Subversion of Western Buddhism: Spirit Rock Edition

Jewish Control Over Buddhism at Spirit Rock – Nov. 28, 2020 I am on the email list for the Spirit Rock Buddhist Center in California. The people who run Spirit Rock are really a left-wing, essentially-Communist, and totally subversive collection of

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Let It Burn

Let it Burn: How to Prepare for Ragnarok

By Randall Lee Hilburn     Part 1.  Introduction:   I am a Warrior-Shaman of the Germano-Celtic Tradition, and I was chosen and taught by the Spirits and Ancestors; I was born and bread for this role.   I am

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Nuremberg Rally

The Special Mojo of Nuremberg

THE NATIONAL SOCILIST (NUREMBERG) CONGRESS WAS ACTUALLY A SHAMANIC INITIATION   Whatever else he may have been, Adolf Hitler was also the Shaman in Chief for the great nation of Germany, and ultimately Hitler was the Shaman in Chief and

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Barbacue on Fire

Spontaneous Human Combustion and the Dresden Bombing

Did the Fire Bombings of Dresden & Hamburg Magically Burn Flesh? A Randall Lee Hilburn article.  The name “ALLIES” is a complete distortion of thought because the countries that fought against Germany and Japan in World War II were not really

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David Lane III

The Life and Times of David Lane

The Life and Times of David Lane   While he lived, David Lane wore the Thor’s hammer pendant, also called the Mjolnir. David’s pendant symbolized his Folk, who he valiantly fought to save. When studying the life of David Lane, one

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Home Sweet Home

The House of Vishnu

Home is Where the Heart Is Nebula Stone – Used by me as a Shaman to journey outward and inward to infinity. This stone is also used to see that inward infinity and outward infinity are really one direction. This

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Gold in the Furnace


“GOLD IN THE FURNACE.”  The basic thesis of Savitri Devi’s book called Gold in the Furnace is actually quite straightforward: The tragic saga of the 3rd Reich was a purification process for the Aryan mind, body, spirit, and the Aryan

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