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American Militarists and their Israeli Lapdogs


Death Star

With the passing of the Defense Authorization Act of 1947, the American military and the American empire’s intelligence communities were reorganized and both placed under the control of the new Department of Defense. Both the military and the intelligence services were established as immense bureaucracies from the start, so when the two of them were combined under one roof, these two entities and all of their supporting industries and factions within academia morphed into the “National Security State.”

The new Department of Defense is so big and powerful that it is now a state within a state and a law unto itself. This behemoth called the Department of Defense is also rife with internal rivalries within its countless departments, but there is also the occasional bit of cooperation. The unaccountable behemoth that we call the Department of Defense was created under the guise of “fighting the cold war,” yet “The Cold War” was just another unnecessary and costly conflict engineered by Jews to further their agenda of world domination.

In all times, and in all places, the FIRST DUTY OF A BUREAUCRACY IS TO PERPETUATE ITSELF!

Beaurocracy Meme

Given the survival imperatives of any bureaucratic organization, the National Security State, began to enter politics to insure its own survival and expansion. The Department of Defense is now a vast and unaccountable bureaucratic organization buried within the governmental apparatus that feeds from fodder trough of tax dollars pilfered from legions of hard-working American taxpayers. The founding of a huge and unaccountable bureaucratic department within the American government was something that the United States never had before, nor was the American public ready for the idea of the military becoming a major player in the political arena.

Once the Department of Defense had secured its massive yet secret budgets, this bloated bureaucratic mutant then set its eyes towards ensuring a constant and ever-increasing supply of wars and rumors of war to insure its own survival and expansion. Since its beginning, the Department of Defense has gained more money and political clout; therefore, any real opportunities for peace have been sabotaged for obvious reasons.

Money In Space

I define Militarism as the belief that the People & State exist to serve the Military Industrial Complex, instead of the military industrial complex working to serve the people. Both the 2nd and 3rd German Reichs, as well as the Empire of Japan, are accused of having been militarists, but this idea is a total lie! The German Reichs and the Imperial Japanese were not really militarists because in all of these cases, the state militaries existed solely to serve the people and their nations. On the other hand, true Militarism exists when a military apparatus serves interests other than those of a nation’s general population.

Beginning the late 50’s, certain rogue elements within the US Air Force and Army arose, and these rogue elements desired to seize power in the US.  This dishonorable power grab was disguised as a desire to fight Communism. Though nothing has come of it, at least not yet, this thirst for total power within the American military-industrial complex has spread throughout rogue elements with the American Department of Defense. Of course, these would-be power grabbers within the American military-industrial complex have been forced to replace their boogeymen of choice from Communists to Islamic terrorists, and now their focus has drifted to busting the chops of honest White men who are fed-up with Jewish control over their nations. However, despite their current focus on attacking American White men, the fundamentals of the military-industrial complex’s game have not changed; the Department of Defense’s playbook still consists of spinning the same old squeaky tunes and stomping-out the same old club-footed dance numbers.

The American Department of Defense now has the philosophy of, “If you don’t have a real threat, then either make one up or create one.” The American Department of Defense uses lies, manipulation, and subterfuge to manufacture conflicts that will benefit them, this is how they operate. The deceivers within the Department of Defense must lie and deceive because any direct seizure of power needs a justification. Luckily, those seeking to establish a tyrannical military government in the United States still lack a workable justification for enacting a coup, but they have been developing the needed storylines for quite a while.

During a nationally syndicated radio broadcast, President Kennedy warned the American People that the greatest threat to the survival of the United States was not the dreaded USSR; but instead, the real enemy of the American people was the CIA.  (I can recall this broadcast quite well because I remember listening to it when I was in the 2nd grade.) After officially naming the CIA as the greatest threat to the American nation, President Kennedy vowed to destroy the CIA and break this shadowy organization into a million pieces — one month later he was assassinated.

John F. Kennedy Dead

At the same time that Kennedy delivered his fatal radio broadcast, there were plans in the works for Kennedy and Kruschev to meet in person and negotiate an end to the Cold War. President John F. Kennedy was of course assassinated before any meetings with Kruschev could take place. Kennedy’s death by kinetic energy poisoning also ended his ongoing project to withdraw American military forces from Vietnam.

Despite removing John F. Kennedy from the equation, the American Militarists were still clearly dissatisfied with the situation in the US because after Kennedy had exited stage left, the political situation had remained too unreliable to suite their purposes. With Kennedy dead, and uncertainty in the air, the American Department of Defense was unsure what to do until they finally found a suitable master to serve, and that new master was the principle of Jewish Supremacy and the State of Israel!

Fight Beurocracy

The Jews hate to do their own fighting as we all know, and since the days of sandals and chariots the Jews have always looked for ways to trick others into bleeding on their behalf. When the American Department of Defense had finally found Israel, that was when they discovered their muse! Meeting Israel was a match made in Hell because the American Department of Defense was looking for any excuse in the book to perpetuate their own existence and expand their power, and the Jews were on the lookout for some fresh meat to send up to the slaughter house to perpetuate their vile plans. The American Department of Defense and the State of Israel were made for each other — love at first sight.


Within the current American military complex, the people who serve in this rotten system are indoctrinated and brainwashed with the idea that Israel is America’s only real ally in the world, so Israel must always be defended at any cost. In present times, the useful idiots who aminate American military uniforms have their heads pumped full of propaganda selling the idea that goodly and virtuous Jews are just poor victims of endless Arab hate and the world’s poor put-upon Jews must always be protected to ensure that they never have to suffer another Holocaust (hoax). The propaganda that is force-fed to American service personnel also pushes the idea that Israelis are a proud and noble warrior people who must constantly defending themselves against a world that hates them without cause.

Sad Jew Meme


I actually had somebody tell me once, “We should never do anything to harm Israel because they are our only ally in the Middle East.” The irony of this man’s statement should really hit home because he said this to me after I had just finished informing about Israel’s attack on the American Navy ship called The USS Liberty. I am always astounded at the effects that Jewish brainwashing can have on the weak minded!

Long, long, ago, in a land far, far, away, I served in the US military, and while I was serving in the US military, ALL foreigners were referred to by the highly derogatory term from the Vietnam War: “Gooks”. In the Vietnam War, all “gooks” were considered to be inferior by definition because they were not Americans. However, the Israelis seemed to be the sole exception to this rule. By contrast to citizens of every nation except America, the Israelis were always spoken of with the greatest respect and referred to as Israelis instead of as gooks.

I joined the Navy only some six years after the Liberty incident, and there was already a concerted effort being made to wipe this ugly happening from the public memory. While I was in the Navy, discussion of the USS Liberty incident were strictly forbidden and anyone who dared to discuss this incident was promised a SEVERE punishment if they were caught. All of this draconian suppression of speech surrounding the USS Liberty incident was put into place to avoid any indecent exposure and embarrassment falling on America’s bosom buddy and most trusted “ally”. Funny thing, during my navy days, the Israelis were the only non-Americans whose feeling the American military personnel were encourage to consider.

Why Anon

Back in my navy days, every member of the American armed services may have been forced to publicly profess love for Israel, but I personally wished we could have been turned-loose on those sons of bitches so that we could avenge our fellow sailors who they murdered. All things in due time, the Spirits have told me that all things arrive in their due time, so I will just be patient for the justice that is due to Israel for attacking the USS Liberty. Remember, justice that is deferred is not justice that has been defeated.

Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.” – Old Roman Saying.

“Remember the Liberty!”

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn (ex-Gunners Mate)

Janice Boldt

This report is not meant for the members of Yahweh-inspired religions and other controlled people; besides, those who are still under the spell of Jewish religions would never read this report anyway. Adherents to traditional Yahweh-controlled belief systems are afraid to even be caught reading article because they are in great fear of what might be true. For those who are devout believers in Yahweh-oriented belief systems, reading this article is a lot like having space ships come to town or folks from another planet drop by — these people would never dare to look! It is actually the extreme kindness in the Divine and the love that radiates from Vishnu the Great One, that they fear.

As always, Yahweh-heads persecute those who demonstrate real divine characteristics, and they execute their fear-driven actions because they are terrified of receiving severe reprisals from their ‘God’the Devil, who is their self-professed “father.” Those who are in fear of Yahweh (their God=the Devil) are the ones who have burned the highest of saints at the stake, and Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the current Israeli prime minister, is Yahweh’s current manifestation who wants to control the entire world.

Many years ago, I remember a young soldier, who was soon to be sent back to the Vietnam War, which was yet another devilish war that was fought for the Jews and caused by supported by the American president Lyndon B. Johnson.  President Johnson, who, like Trump, and the American Senate and the rest of Congress have become the Jew Devil Yahweh’s instruments of action.


The mother of the boy who was going to be sent back to serve in the Vietnam War lived alone on a small farm, and this woman’s son had invited a group of his Bahai acquaintances over to his home to provide some moral support for his send-off gathering. That day, the unfortunate soldier’s mother had prepared many things for her son and his Bahai religious guests, and she served everyone in complete silence.

At this going-away gathering, no one was allowed to say so much as a “thank you” to this returning soldier’s mother because she was not a Bahai. To make matters worse, this boy’s mother was forbidden by Bahai law from speaking with a Bahai or making eye contact with any of the Bahais present at this gathering.

While I was there at that party, I thought, “This is wrong! It’s her son, and she should be part of this occasion.” I added to myself, “This is not the will of anything divine, to treat a mother of a religion’s member this way! This boy is also likely be injured by the heroin so prevalently used by the soldiers over there in Vietnam. To make matters worse, this young man is likely to come home disabled, or never to return at all.”

For this young soldier to “shun” his mother on the day he was leaving for a war was evil. Mormons do the same, and other “religious” (religion = to bind) groups of all sort that are under Jewish influence behave in a similar fashion, and Masons are no different. Jews teach people to be short-sighted and self-righteousness, which is most-outstandingly exampled by the idea that “We are God’s chosen.” That’s right, the Jews believer that they have been chosen by their God, the Devil, who is their Father”. (John 8:44)

Sane in a Crazy World

I had an old friend who was in a church that was founded and run by Jews and Masons, (WWCOG) and now, if he so much as speaks to me and other members of his church learn about it, he and all his family and friends will all be expelled from this church. My old friend has also been told that he and his family will run the serious risk of losing out on salvation altogether if they associate with people that their church has deemed to be a bad influence. This narrow-minded and peevish church calls what they have threatened to do to my old friend, “being Marked and Disfellowshipped”.

My old friend is still in this Jewish and Masonic church, but I left any Jewish religious trappings by my own choice. The practices of this Masonic church are very similar to the Catholic Church because both organizations like to excommunicate people and declaring them an “anathema to God”. So, be prepared for a possible extreme reaction if you ever try to help a person who is still in the clutches of a Yahweh-driven religion. This is how tightly The Devil God of the Jews (Yahweh) controls his followers and it shows just how much the evil god that the Jews worship hates those who stand up to him. With such a fear in my old friend’s mind, is it any wonder that spotting me somewhere will terrorize him and cause him to freeze in extreme fear. This state of extreme fear that my old friend shows when he spots me in public causes him to not only freeze in terror, but he also acts as though I am not even there.

As Randall and I know, Adolf Hitler is an incarnation of Vishnu, and every world leader who had ever met Hitler expressed how his divinity showed through to them:

“Adolf Hitler is one of the greatest men, the old trust him, the young idolize him. It is the worship of a national hero who has served his country…..Within a few years Adolf Hitler will emerge from the hatred which surrounds him as one of the most significant figures that ever lived.”- USA President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy

He (Adolf Hitler) has a supreme intellect. I have Known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction – Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant, clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. …No words can describe his politeness; …He is a man of rare culture. His knowledge of music, the arts, and architecture is profound.” – Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere, British newspaper editor and writer.

“I’m not worthy to speak up for Adolf Hitler and his life and deeds do not invite sentimental rousing. Hitler was a warrior for humankind and a preacher of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reforming character of the highest order, and his historical fate was that he functioned in a time of unequalled brutality, which in the end felled him. Thus, may the ordinary Western European look at Adolf Hitler. As we, his close followers, bow our head at his death…” “Knut Hamsun, leading Norwegian author upon the death of Hitler in 1945.”

“The Fuhrer’s utter unselfishness in word and deed alone guarantees his immortality.”- Paula Hitler, Berchtesgaden. May 1, 1957

“He was the first true Gentleman that ever breathed.”- Neville Chamberlain, English Statesman and Prime Minister said of Adolf Hitler.

The Tao Te Ching commentary on the One who knows The Way (The Tao) by Charles Johnston: “He possesses the fullness of righteousness; therefore, he is the most honorable man under heaven.” This is the perfect description of the Saint and Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

We know it takes a certain knowing of divinity to be able to recognize it in another.

Heil Hitler deva!

Janice Boldt

Hitler Pepe


The video posted above covers a song about American soldiers serving in all of the recent Middle Eastern wars for Jewish interest. The wars that this song alludes to are the first Iraq war back in 1991, the Afghanistan occupation that began in 2001, and the second Iraq war of 2003. All of the American Empire’s wars for Jewish interest in the Middle East have been wars fought in the era of the television set and now the internet, so these wars have all been aptly named “The Heavy Entertainment Show” in this song. 

Robbie Williams is British, yet he seems to have done a good job of capturing the essence of being an American soldier who has served in one these awful wars for the interest of Israel.


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