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Janina Lauck 1

A National Socialist Wife

A National Socialist Wife Gerhard Lauck has been a guest in my videos and he has been a major figure in American National Socialism since the 1970s. His wife Janina died and he wrote the tribute to her below. At

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Coronavirus 5G


THEORY OF THE CORONAVIRUS The Coronavirus, from even before it became public knowledge, was already patented by a Biological Weapons Laboratory connected to the Pentagon (fact). It is a weapon for biological warfare. But it was developed to work with

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cultural Marxism 2


A NOTE ON CULTURAL MARXISM I have finally come to understand what the term “Cultural Marxism” really means. Many who condemn it don’t actually quite understand what it is. Of course it starts out with the premise that all cultures

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The Aryan Origins (5th Installment) Into the Greenworld

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ADOLF HITLER deva National Socialism In Cyclical Time    The Aryan Origins (5th Installment) Into the Greenworld One will want to understand that from this point on the Aryan Migrations cannot be considered as a single

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World War 3

WW3 has already commenced. Of course it will be fought on land, sea, and in the air. However, it is also being fought in other areas as well. In economics, in the mind (information), and in the Spirit Realm. Between

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Blessing through the Deva! by Devadasi

We know that when there is a great need for spiritual healing of a nation, a people or person, that One, such as Adolf Hitler, returns to this earth to bring the light of truth once again to guide humanity.

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