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Nazi Christmas song video, sung by Brian Ruhe

Merry Christmas!

I want to share this fun song I recorded on video using some karaoke music for “White Christmas”, linked here:

Brian Ruhe is Dreaming of a Nazi Christmas

Also, I have the Buddhist Monk Truthers, playlist of about 80 videos at: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/2H83eFTsfBMQ/

with the American senior Buddhist monk Venerable Pannobhasa. We’re looking for more questions and topics as we meet every Monday so if you have any, you can email him or me. His email is: nippapanca@gmail.com

Please check out some of our talks. There are maybe 400 western Theravada Buddhist  monks in the world and he’s the only one I know who has the courage to address the real world issues, such as: Adolf Hitler was not menace he was made out to be, the craziness of radical left, profound Jewish influence in the world and challenging the layers of lies in society. These aren’t just talks about Buddhism and he has good humour too. I’ve learned a lot from him and it has been great fun!

I have just hired a webmaster to develop my two websites so expect some improvements soon. If you would like to donate to this, the link is:

I’ll finish with this paste of the face page of my website, which shows my direction for 2020:

Brian Ruhe’s top priorities for the world.

These are my “four noble truths” outlining the top priorities for humanity.

1) The truth about UFOs and aliens: Get the exotic technology to the rest of humanity.

2) The truth about the globalist international bankers: Topple this strangulating parasite from the Earth.

3) The truth about Adolf Hitler: The world should admit that we were wrong about Hitler, make reparations to the German people and learn from Hitler’s wholesome example.

4) The truth about ancient advanced global civilizations: Give us our true history to illuminate our culture and give us advances in technology discovered from this.

As mentioned in My Worldview on this website, my goal is to tell the highest truths. Out of 37 million people in Canada, I believe that I am number one in telling the highest truths about this world. My video on this is: Brian Ruhe Speaks the Highest Truths of Any Canadian. #1 out of 37 Million People . There are others on the Internet who reach 100 times or 1000 times as many people as I do but they refuse to tell the highest truths about Jewish power or alien intervention in the world. If anyone wants to challenge my status as the number one highest truth teller in Canada, they are invited onto my talk show to show their evidence or they can name who they believe is higher than myself. Until someone denies my status, I stand unchallenged as the highest speaker in Canada of the most profound truths of this world.

Happy near year!

Brian Ruhe

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