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Grey Alian Hybrid

Adolf Hitler, Eugenics, and the Higher Realms

The following article was written by Brian Ruhe. Enjoy!   Do Adolf Hitler’s Ideas About Eugenics Harmonize with the Grey Alien Agenda? There is a lot of misinformation circulating concerning what Adolf Hitler envisioned for the future of eugenics, and

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Lego Nazi 2

Sneaky Nazis Need Not Apply!!

Cover image courtesy of warehouse19.se An Archival Essay by Matt Koehl (Old Matt Koehl was a dear old soul.)   If we do not tell the truth about National Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so? On

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Epstein Article

Will the Best Magician in Israel Please Stand Up?

Israel’s Greatest Magician By Mischa Popoff   If you think there is no such thing as magic, then think again.   Right now, Israeli Mossad agents are being ushered into a secure room deep within a top-secret underground facility that

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Barbara Ann Novak Article

Why Poland’s Jewish History Matters Today

This article is the introductory passage to an upcoming book written by Barbara Ann Novak. In this book, Novak discusses the importance of leaning about Poland’s 1,000 years of Jewish cohabitation. Novak wrote her book because she feels an overpowering

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Hyperborean Garden

What Does it Mean to be a National Socialist?

HITLERISM; ESOTERIC & EXOTERIC – A Channeled Message from the Adolf Hitler deva and the Miguel Serrano deva.   Natural Socialist Pyramid National Socialism can be envisioned as a three (actually four) sided pyramid. The three sides being 1) Body

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Wojack Imperialist

Did Winston Churchill Destroy the British Empire on Purpose?

Winston Churchill is the Most Successful Double Agent in History! In 1939, Britain was the hub of a world empire with powerful commonwealth allies. It is strange that throughout World War II (1939-1945), Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965), who was Britain’s

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