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Thule Society

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler


Improving the White Race

How to Improve the White Race

  An Essay Written by Gregorio Bauer of Argentina   WHAT IS SOCIAL DARWINISM? Social Darwinism is the understanding that the development of man is subject to the biological laws of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Man, like

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Stephen King Cover Image

Does Stephen King Sell Jewish Mind Pollution?

Article written by Imperator Alber, and cover image courtesy of theguardian.com   IS STEPHEN KING A STREET-CORNER PUSHER OF JEWISH MIND POLLUTION? The world-famous author Stephen King is, and was, throughout his long and notable literary career an operative of

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Devadasi Cover Image

Searching for the Past with Randall Hilburn and Devadasi

SEARCHING THE PAST WITH RANDALL HILBURN AND DEVADASI An essay by Janice Boldt (Devadasi)  REMEMBERING DEAR ONES ALONG THE WAY Once upon a time, The Great One said…paraphrased… “I’d rather not to have been born, if I thought I would

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toothless hockey 3

The Hyperborean Spiritual Roots of Hockey

HOCKEY’S SPIRITUAL VIRILITY “Only Creators are Hard”-Nietzsche “And the puck is dropped…”-Dick Irving Note: The past tense is used as it refers to a moment frozen in time, as the ice of a Hockey rink is frozen like a vintage

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Ireland Cover Article Image 2

Did the 3rd Reich Support Irish Independence?

Cover image courtesy of  dallasvintageshop.com Bright Blessings to All! HITLER & IRELAND Deutschland Go Bragh (“Go Bragh” is Gaelic for !!!NOW!!!). A thunderous shout of protest erupted from a meeting of Irish immigrants and their descendants in Boston upon the announcement

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Wandervogel Cover image 2

Did the Third Reich Run State-Sponsored Nudist Colonies?

Cover image is the painting Lichtgibet by Fidus. THE NSDAP’s NOTABLE PEOPLE IN NATURE MOVEMENT     First Part – Introduction to the Third Reich’s Naturalism and Nudist Practices Every now and then, it is time to spend some time “Out

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The Northman Cover Image

A Film Review of THE NORTHMAN

Cover image courtesy of variety.com A few weeks ago, I went and watched the new movie called The Northman at a local cinema complex down at the nearest shopping mall. Prior to watching this film, I read a few articles that

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Hitler’s UFOs against Humanity’s Enemy

The enemy of Humanity “rushes to seize and destroy the whole earth, before the Nazis come back, before Hitlerism returns” (Serrano p.21). The fairytale mind image of a ufo in the brain of a modern American is something of fictional

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LA Homeless Camp

Signs of Our Times

Cover image of a Los Angeles homeless encampment courtesy of spectrumnews1.com It is Happening to Every Religion, but maybe not Voodoo — at least for now! Voodoo image courtesy of redbubble.com The Protocols of the Elders of Zion have gradually

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The Final Battalions

The Final Battalions are a special group of humans, both men and women, who are called to stand with the gods when the great and final cosmic war descends upon Earth very soon. Our Earth realm is the center of

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