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The Final Battalions

The Final Battalions are a special group of humans, both men and women, who are called to stand with the gods when the great and final cosmic war descends upon Earth very soon.

Our Earth realm is the center of cosmic creation and both men and women are the highest manifestation of consciousness within the cosmos; therefore, both men and women are the cosmos’ greatest achievement. Because humans are the highest manifestation of consciousness within our plane of existence, it is humans that usher in both the good cosmic ages and the bad cosmic ages, as these cycles are scheduled fate.

This battle of all battles within the war of all wars will be the final contest within a very long history of battles waged between good and evil. As you read this, you are called by not me, but bu our Fuhrer, by Wotan, and by all of the simple men and women who have become heaven’s warriors for all of eternity.

Our enemy, the evil side, also known as the evil Demiurge, within this final war is led by Zionist Jews and their allies. They will do whatever they may do to keep their dark agenda rolling into the next age of mans’ consciousness evolution. Some cosmologists say that the arrival of this coming age is now within a few years away from our present time as the age of Aquarius rolls on in continuously.

However, focusing on who acts as the agents of this evil is not important, instead, what our enemies do in conjunction with their reasons for hating European people and European culture is important.

When we define “White Culture” we are not simply defining European culture; but instead, we are defining a Hyperborean culture which is spread amongst all of the cultures on Earth. Some blood memories may be more awakened than others and these more awakened blood memories have the potential to become more godlike than others. Everyone is invited in the Final Battalion; however, the Aryan peoples will hold higher ranks than others within the battalions of good that march into the final battle of all battles, very soon.

One of the great Aryan scientists of physics, a man named Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, said that “the coming age will be an age of new, positive divine technology” (Source p.33). This technology that Schumann describes is the technology which manifests within an ascending spirit. The time is now to ascend!

The men and women who march into the Final Battalion shall be ready with the will to charge the gates of hell with a will that springs from “a darkness that has always been our destiny to overcome” (Source p.214). Rising above today’s communist and zionist programming requires maintaining a spirit of determination that is ready to charge the gates of hell.

For our time, we must never be afraid of being thought of as politically incorrect, we must rise above the liberal and communist indoctrination of our minds that is foisted on us by today’s matrix. We maintain this fighting spirit by living the kind, loving, sincere, and idealistic life of a warrior who is a warrior of the mind, a warrior of the body, and a warrior of the spirit.

In a book called the Final Battalion, which was inspired by Miguel Serrano, the authors discuss the Iron Will of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler is still the main and true Avatar of Vishnu, and it is Adolf Hitler who has the true Iron Will of this age, and it is Adolf Hitler’s Iron Will which extends to all of us, even if we are mere humans. Adolf Hitler’s Iron Will has been formed by many Avatars since the beginning of time, and this Iron Will is perfected by the Ray of Light (Source p.219), which is everlasting and pure. The light of Adolf Hitler’s Iron will is the light that sets us all free. The light that sets us free is greater than the known facts of electricity and magnetism which rule our universe. This same light is the excitement you feel when pondering a sunset or looking in your lover’s or child’s eyes. However, this great light is even greater than it is even fully realized in a human.

“Truth be known, all chivalric orders throughout time are connected by the same spirit of honor” (Source p.68-69), so you are the honor that the universe is seeking. As we add up our bodies, the spiritual honor field becomes magnanimous; and remember, material bodies are simply engines that keep the flames of our spirits burning with the Final Battalions.

Truth will succeed, and those who live with the intentions of their ancestors and predecessors will be the heroes. “The creative Spirit, which is the Heroic Spirit, shall prevail, so in truth — we have already won!” (Source p.14). As you read this text and ponder its meaning, you have already won. We need resources because our enemy has many tricks up their sleeve and our enemy will not face the Final Battalion in a fair face-to-face battle, yet the enemy’s pettiness will be their downfall as they do trickery behind the scenes day in and day out. You have more honor than them!

Until the time of the last battle, we must live with conscious integrity and we must yearn to be accepted into the final battalion at the end of time, to stand with our Fuhrer within his chosen legion. There are only two sides in the final conflict, and you must choose a side or else you will live a normal life of ignorance and be destroyed along with the rest of the no-name followers of the Demiurge, which include the evil Zionist Jews and their rotten allies. The main supporter of our enemy is the American people with their endless debts, Zio-America’s capitalism oligarchical corporations, and the Zio-American Empire’s government meaning the USA government both Democrat and Republican. At this stage, the Zio-American Empire of America is far from a Democracy not a Republic because it is truthfully owned and ruled by a few crooked Zionist Jews and their depraved allies in the USA government and selfish corporations. Free yourself from their grip!

The term “Zionist Jew” describes an anti-man of pettiness and a “man” who accepts the Demiurge’s dark agenda and does not think or live in a way that runs counter to the Demiurge’s truly dark scheme of destruction by fire. On the opposite side, non-Jews and true Aryans live inspired lives of creativity and balance, or at least non-Jews and no jew like people try to live lives of true honor and grace. Unfortunately, there are many White people in America who act and live like Jews everyday, and these same people act and live in ways that aligns them with the dark agenda of the Demiurge, an implicit 7 deadly sins. They consume, materialize, and manifest the selfish and dark intentions within thier debts and degenerate decadence.

The Demiurge wants all of us to lay down the shield and the sword of our Aryan spirit and join its legions in an orgy of material debauchery that is marked by wanton consumption and robotism like in America. The Demiurge uses the Jews and people who live like Jews to carry out its evil agenda, and this happens because these types of people are the ones who are the most easily steered onto a path of evil by their agenda. These people who are Jews, or who live like Jews, are the same people that do nothing and say nothing when real evil is perpetuated. These are the simple day-to-day people who only live for money, greed, debts, and food only, so it is up to all people then, whether White or non-White, to realize that they have the power within themselves to be truly human and to have a consciousness which goes beyond materialism and self-degradation within this matrix Jewish systems of debasing your soul. Be a warrior. Do not be a debaser of your soul!

In addition, the term “dark” can be thought of as all that is not good, all that is not healthy, in everything that falls under the auspices of the Zionist Jews and their dark allies; however, the terms “dark,” or “black,” can also be used to describe the positive Black Sun and its esoteric life-giving energy. The forces of evil include such beings as “Elementals,” semi-animal beings that are commonly called Chimeras, and the Sheidim who are described in the Jewish Bible. All of the previously mentioned “things” can be counted amongst the ranks of Zionist Jews and their allies which are those that lie like Jews (Source 235). One of the worst aspects of the Zionist Jews and their ilk is the fact that they want every new human that comes into this world to join them which is disgusting just thinking about it. They fabricate and spin lies to propagandize a cosmological lie until their destruction inevitably comes.

For some souls that enter this world and strive to become free, their goal cannot and will not ever be achieved in their present lifetime unless the cosmic war unfolds soon. This state of affairs persists because such unlucky souls have no control over their present circumstances, therefore they are forced to wait unit they die and become reincarnated into this realm again before they will be able to see any success in their struggles for personal liberation from the grasp of the Demiurge. Regrettably, some souls will incarnate into this realm only to become truly eaten up again and again by the grind of harsh day-to-day living. For those who eat meat may be eaten as meat in their next lifetime. Grinding lives of hopelessness that destroy so many people are the by product of a truly evil system that is controlled and designed by the Demiurge. However people seem free in an illusion. Many lifetimes spent here on this plane of existence are profoundly marked by hopelessness and disempowerment even in riches; therefore, we must do our absolute best right now and we must not wait for a tomorrow that may not arrive any time soon. Even your riches are an illusion. Dont be the hunted sheeple of that the enemy wants you to be!

When discussing the Final Battalions, we must mention the paradigms of exoteric and esoteric Aryan knowledge. The term “Exoteric” refers to Aryan facts and science which may be lived by every one of us in our day-to-day lives. On the other hand, the term “Esoteric” refers to divine science which may be practiced and spiritually fostered within each one of us in our day to day lives. The end goal is to strengthen both of these types of knowledge within ourselves, within our families, and within all of our social groups. Improving our material and spiritual well-being is the true call of nature and the true call of the cosmos, so each of us is called by the archetypes of the original Thule Society to live our most heroic life.

Living life in a Thulean manner is also strengthened by living a life which is a good example for others to feel and witness. The true call to the Thule Society and the Final Battalions must be realized within oneself because it is not easy to convince another soul to serve into the Final Battalions, nor is practical to try and force anyone to serve. The true Thuleans will be called from within, and this call is focused more on quality than quantity; however, everyone has a place in eternity, no matter how low or mixed their present station might be in this realm. Your soul screams in ecstasy for eternity.

The Enemy thinks he can buy anything with his money, but he cannot” (Source p.190). We are strong; we are one; and if it costs more to do business with companies that are not owned by Zionists, then we will do it. We should not be customers of Zionist companies and evil America corporations that hate us all. We shall not do business with jews and their allies. We shall strive to use as less technology of the jews and their allies as possible and this includes Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Twitter which are all Zio-matrix based systems to control your Aryan soul.

We must live by ideals! In the 55 Club book titled The Final Battalion, the authors highlight this word “ideal” with a capital “I,” and the authors also write this word in the singular form as an “Ideal,” that is spelled with an even bigger capital I, so it is this same Ideal that resides within all Aryans that the authors are describing. Striving to live by an Ideal that is spelled with a capital I is the reason why National Socialism was, and still is, so important. National Socialism is a way of life that goes back to the beginning of human life itself because this way of life lives in blood memory; thus,  National Socialism will last forever due to nature. For this reason, in the days ahead, we must keep to our ideals and not fall for tricks. The karma of nature yearns to take back what is hers very soon.

The Aryan ideal, as in Aryan science that is spelled with a capital “I,” is about discovering and utilizing natural forces to find what is true to our hearts, and in the process of finding what we know to be true to our heart of hearts. We will arrive at an Ideal which is the key to love and the key to National Socialism (Source p.190). Finding what is true in our hearts and what is true to National Socialism is the way to Thule and the way to the Final Battalions. We are in this together every step of the way, and the evil beast matrix calls to us every day and has tried to coax us into laying down our swords, laying down our shields, and laying down our hearts to be robots of theirs. Within our heart of hearts, we burst with the energy of the cosmos for good, and it is this same good energy that will defeat our enemy’s cause here in this Earth realm and the gods and the one God will all be happy as can be.

The term Vril comes from the words hero and virility – it is our WILL that truly makes us human. These ideals are so simple, and yet these ideals are impossible for the jews, the children of mammon, to understand. The Children of Mammon are who are also known as the “slaves of Atlantis.” Don’t be like a jew, a slave of Atlantis. Let us be human ,rather than the animal-men that constitute the greater masses of most people in modern America. The virility and energy of life are yours, and should not to be given so easily to the Demiurge. Yes, even if we are practicing the best virtues, we still need to feed our families; however, little by little we can regain control of our lives and our communities, even if we are only starting along a path which leads to membership in the Final Battalions. It can be done with pride and honor.

Schopenhauer, the great German philosopher, quotes as saying that  our “will is absolute, standing above all corporeality and above nature. It is holy origin, and its holiness is without limitation” (Source p.194).

Thule comes from the word truth, which is the anti-definition to this illusory world that rests on the superficial surface of our Earth realm. Thule is home. Thule is will! Thule is honor, truth, fate, and love! — Thule is you!

The Final Battalions will be made up of people from the beginning of the cosmos until now. The most important ones that we know are from the original Thule Society and the SS of National Socialist Germany —these are the people who will lead us in the Final Battalions’ ranks. Let us not give in to any light-hearted definition, but instead, let us understand that the original Thule Society, and the original SS, were both the real deal and each one of us has the ability to live like them if we work hard towards this goal of eternity.

This is a Final Battalion for men and women alike. The Ladies of Vril were a group of amazing women that supported the original Thule Society. It was, and is, the Vril Priestesses that channeled key information from the ancient Aryans in regards to Aryan Science, such as the implosion technology that is used in the real UFOs. It was and is the men of Vril that built these machines, founded Aryan science, and protected their people. When the forces of Vril are working properly, both the men and the women work together as one — it is an honor to do what one is best at for its group to excel. This is a core tenant of National Socialism and the Thule Society.

The real UFOs, which are of the SS, are always present and they can read our minds, thoughts, and soul vibration (Source p.236). UFOs read into our very souls with a mastery surpassing what modern 5G towers only can do harmfully with our outer human brains, not the soul. Concerning the real UFOs, “Fortunate are those who are able to see them”, for they must have a SS WILL in thier spirit (Source p.237). The technocracy of this modern world has no power to stop the coming age nor in defeating our love of Thule because the Thule is in you as a group. The technologies of the Demiurge and the USA government along with their evil Jews are no match for our spiritual technology. The ENEMY will perish in fire, as stated in prophecy, while the good souls will ascend.

Furthermore, “the New World Order will be impotent against the power of the interior world” (Source p.238). This “Interior World” is the interior world within the “I”, the “You”, and the “We”. We are fearless alone and fearless together. The SS men and their women can hear you and feel you from the beyond in every waking moment. You are an important soul for all of humanity even the ones that cant be saved!

The plan of the New World Order is to achieve total rule over all the peoples of the Earth and the New World Order strives to install their false messiah of evil technology and that includes “everlasting” AI-based remains of humans, who the Zionist Jews and their allies plan to rule over like automated clones. These are the same people who created and placed the Georgia Guide Stones which outline the basics of their plans for worldwide rulership. They think they are honorable by telling us their plan but they are cowards. This is the Demiurge which gets power at tearing you apart slowly, slowly to watch your soul pain day in and day out so they can suck the power from you.

These same evil people of jews and their allies also control most of the music, movies, and TV shows that the unsuspecting public mindlessly consumes day after day. Our dark overlords give the masses little hints to what they are doing presently and what they are planning to do in the future because from their perspectives sharing a little information about their plans is a show of great honor for them. To them, this is as honorable as they can be; by contrast, our heroic Thule plans always operates with full disclosure and nature. The Zionist Jews and their New World Order are scared of the Last Battalions, and they should be, because we hold the keys to eternity and LIFE. By blood and honor, we are not evil enough to be as sick as them. We are the Final Battalions and we will fight for what is ours!

The original Thule Society fought for the same things that we fight for today, which is standing against the decay of White culture, and standing against the principle of Jews constantly moving the goal posts around concerning what is sacred and true in this realm. Over time, Zionist Jews and their allies, USA government, have moved our society’s moral and spiritual goal posts around so much that the most important thing to most people is their money and debts, along with excessive selfish pleasures and material possessions including sexual perversions mostly of selfish vacations. Some of the ways that common people feed this rotten Jewish system include: not improving themselves, taking debt from the Zionist Jewish banks, forgetting their culture, forgetting their ancestors, living like a jew, being a jew, and/or following standards and new norms that denounce both good culture and mostly white peoples which are closest to God’s form. This includes wasting time and energy within this evil system on controlling and soul sucking tasks for example in wasteful technology and blasphemous sciences. Done be a jew! Live like Aryans.

When considering the ways to lead a fitting life, it is the best to think carefully about where your money comes from, where you live, who you associate with, and where your money is spent. Also try your best to not associate with corporations and people who are anti-White or fake. Regrettably, it is now common for White people to be brainwashed into not seeing the decay and slow death of their blood, their selves, and their culture. These types of White Jews are worse than the common Zionist Jew because they are traitors to our Aryan peoples. As bad as things might appear, we can still help the lost masses by spreading knowledge and living lives of honor which everyone may witness. The positive energy lives on forever. The real UFOs know! The real UFOs see every move of the cowardly enemy.

We must understand that our true enemy is not space aliens, nor aliens from other countries, nor neighbors of different skin color; instead, we must realize that our main enemy is actually ourselves so long as we choose to live like a filthy jew, a Zionist Jew or other allies of the Demiurge. We must also understand that the way that we live matters a lot because Zionist Jews gain so much of their power though dominating the people’s psyche and applying USURY OF THE MIND with money and psyche. They use usury of money but also usury of mind like a virus, or more sickly like a slithering parasite. Don’t feed the parasite! Wash away or burn away the parasites in and on you!

Servants of the Demiurge can be identified as those who are anti-White and anti-Thule, which means that they are really anti-human and they represent an end to being humans eventually. They like it slow and evil so they can suck the most life energy from you. We know that National Socialism and Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler worked with other countries to develop their own particular forms of National Socialism, and we also know that Hitler had plans to spread National Socialism to all the peoples of our world. Spreading National Socialism to all of the world’s people involves moving away from Democracy, Marxism, Oligarchy, and Monarchy which are all things that hinder and sink our souls into the mire of being animal-men, and consumers rather than creators. Just because you have an offspring or offsprings in children, that does not make you a real creator. It’s what happens after, before, and during more importantly with that intention of a warrior of love in creation!

Our dark enemy “they are afraid of you finding out about the truth and waking up to the fact that we have much to be angry about, but also that there is a road of hope open for those who care to achieve it” (Source p.106). We are the Final Battalions!

With mind and body that propel the spirit, we are one people and we will succeed. Even with what little you do TODAY will still enhance the men and women that we will all may become tomorrow. With your strong and vibrant energy, you are forming the Final Battalions within you and within the cosmos, even if it is not tangible at this time they will come soon. Zionist Jews and their allies will try to drag you down by convincing you that all that everything which exists is just material in nature and that which cannot be seen either does not exist or does not matter. However, in reality, all is not just material and what is not readily seen still matters a great deal. These are the men and women of yesterday and tomorrow who are waiting for you to join them in the Final Battalions! Soon enough the call will come!

Remember, an ideal is what is truly important because logical and rational arguments will always eventually fall flat on their face, especially in this corrupt system. We need to eat and survive, and sometimes simply surviving means not having choices. Regardless, sometimes we need to bite the bullet and teach ourselves to do better and rise above what is foisted on us in this corrupt matrix system. We can only take poison for so long, and for those who are called to the Thule, it is up to you to learn how to de-poison both you and your communities. For Thuleans, de-poisoning communities requires taking back control of our souls. Just control yourself first!

The source of our soul is Vril, and Vril is the life force of humans and the Earth. Vril is based on not only electricity and magnetism, but something more, which is the energy that animates the cosmos, the Earth realm, and the Black Sun. The Final Battalions and its spiritual forces will be more advanced than the base material forces of electricity and magnetism, and this is true because our blood and our spirit are limitless, above the flesh of this realm. Blood is thicker than water!

You are the hero. “The true mission of the morning star is the ultimate commitment in all of God’s creation. It is a hero mission, a selfless sacrifice for the good of other” (Source p.189). We are the Final Battalions.

The enemy has been playing catch up to Hitler’s Final Battalion since the end of WWII; however, the enemy will never catch up with us, and they know it. We witness our enemies’ desperation bleeding through their fake media day after day, so for now, we must simply ignore their drama and form our own sources of truth. Telling our own truth also includes telling our own stories. When we create with ourselves, for ourselves and others, and we CREATE together, then that is when the TRUTH will be found. The TRUTH has set us FREE!

The genius man, Miguel Serrano the great esoteric Hitlerist states that “It is this power that will come to save all our heroes and those who remain loyal and stay on the right path at the very moment when we think all is lost. ‘The Ultimate Battalion’ will enter into combat at a higher energy vibration when the destruction of our world becomes inevitable”. The legends are with us! It’s all coming to an end soon!

Now, and at the end, join us!

We have no fear! We are Aryan peoples from all over the world!

The real UFOs are piloted by SS men and all the honorable humans. “The flying Saucers that will be piloted by all the fallen heroes in the Final Battle” (Source p.233).

“Hitler swore that the Last Battle would be HIS for the taking” (Source p.234).

With LOVE and Honor! Lets do it for our ancestors and our predecessors!

Heil Hitler!



The Final Battalion: And the Ultimate Hope of Mankind. The 55 Club. 2012. http://www.55clubbooks.com/

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  1. Heil Mick,
    We are very glad that you appreciate Hans’ spirit in editing, and we agree he is a fine blessing for the Thule Society.
    Another wonderful genius is Randall Lee Hilburn, my own father, who I’d been searching for since we were separated at the massacre of Culloden, circa 1774. The devil’s in the British crown held sway over that evil Kingdom and upon any and all lands where their jealous eye glanced. In the confusion of battle I lost my very dear mother. My father had been drawn off into another battle. I have been extremely fortunate, that at six years old, to have been swept up, by the Mac Gollob family from the battle. Their family was fleeing Scotland and moving to Germany, where the prefix of our name, ‘Mac’, was removed. We became simply the Gollob family.
    Thank you, Mick, for your enlightening “Final Battalion”. We love this work.

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