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Will the Best Magician in Israel Please Stand Up?

Israel’s Greatest Magician

By Mischa Popoff


If you think there is no such thing as magic, then think again.


Right now, Israeli Mossad agents are being ushered into a secure room deep within a top-secret underground facility that is buried beneath the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. The men who are assembled here today have no idea why they have been summoned, yet they have journeyed to this spot because they were following orders. Some of the men present at this surreal gathering have not been back to Israel for decades, yet a steady stream of new arrivals continues to trickle in from around the globe. Some of the newly arrived travelers have just flown in last night, while others are still tugging their wheeled luggage behind them as they walk into this entombed conference room.

Agents of this caliber are usually contacted in the field to avoid blowing their cover, and some of these Hebrew spooks actually thought that they might be executed upon arrival at this location, so they are understandably quite relieved when they see so many of their peers assemble together. This roster of Jewish spies is collectively feeling a solid sense of relief after finally arriving at the intended destination, and the generous spread of bagels, lox, and coffee that rests atop a large folding table erected on the far side of this room brightens everyone’s mood.

“They can’t shoot us all!” one agent nervously utters while spreading way too much cream cheese on his bagel. This last remark was made as a cavalier attempt at throwing caution to the wind, yet this half-hearted stab at sardonic humor and bravado is receiving with only mild fanfare by the man standing next to this aspiring comedian. The man standing next to the bravado-charged fellow is now sucking down the tailings of his fourth cup of black coffee in a row and he is getting down to the embers of his second pack of cigarettes. It is hard not to notice that the hands of this chain-smoking coffee connoisseur are shaking a bit and the muscles under his left eye are visibly twitching — clearly this poor fellow is not earning a passing grade for concealing his agitated mode of being. Smoking is allowed in this room, and some of the assembled professionals even joke that smoking is mandatory in this line of work. The agents who are present call the nervous banter that fills the room “shop talk.”

Everyone assembled here is clearly feeling uneasy, yet they are all doing their best to hide this fact, even the senior agents with multiple “kills” under their belts are also feeling a bit jittery while attending this unusual gathering. Interaction between this conference’s attendees is cautious because everyone is rightfully fearful of saying something wrong. It seems that the annoying buzz given off by the florescent lights on the ceiling is growing louder as the assembled cadre passes their time. The insectoid din of the overhead illumination is complimented with the annoying sounds of mouths chewing, the muted slurps of coffee being imbibed from disposable paper cups, and the hollow sounds of men swallowing out of nervousness as beads of sweat form on their bodies.

Eventually, the bagels on the folding table disappear and the coffee turns cold. After their makeshift feast has been consumed, a few men nervously pace the room trying to remember the last stupid thing they did that might account for their presence in this windowless and clinical environment; however, the only door to this room eventually opens and everything suddenly becomes clear.

The man of the hour steps into the room and his presence stuns everyone there like a lively battery cable does when it lovingly caresses the testicles of an unruly Palestinian teenager.


“Is it really…?” one starts to say, “No way!” blurts out another.


At first, none of the Levantine spies in the room can even process what they are seeing.


Once everyone in the room has absorbed what just happened, one of the men who is perched on a stool resting at the back of the room begins to methodically clap his hands together which is the spark that is needed for the whole room to burst into raptured applause. So, who has just graced this room with his rock-star-like presence? Why none other than the most senior agent in all of the Mossad! Even the most hardened agents have tears in their eyes when the see who has finally arrived; there is so much joy in this room right now that you would suspect that these revelers were witnessing the Parousia, and as far as these agents are concerned, they are.


Standing before them in his trademark denim shirt is the only Mossad agent on the planet that they all know by name… and by reputation. So, who is this international man of mystery? The debutant at this swank party is none other than…….


Jeffrey Epstein!


Is Epstein really their man of the hour? Hell no, wily old Jeffrey is their man of the century!

Epstein Killed Himself

Image courtesy of makeameme.org

Many people still think that the QWERTY keyboard was designed to facilitate faster typing. No dear friend, the keyboard that you are condemned to use every day was actually set up to slow you down. The arrangement pfletters that you see on a typical keyboard is actually a form of magic, and misdirection is the key component in any magic trick, you see, magic exists to fool you into believing that whatever you are doing is your own idea and that you are doing this thing for your own good.

For example, sometime in the late nineteenth century, typists were jamming up the little hammers that pounded out the text on their mechanical typewriters. Early typewriters had all of their letters mounted on long metal arms that would strike an inserted sheet of paper with each push of a letter key, and a long ribbon of ink-soaked cloth would rest between the printing levers and the paper to maintain a steady flow of the ink needed to print letters.

The early mechanical typewriters that graced offices across Europe and her diaspora were so prone to jamming because the flailing metal printing arms inside these machines frequently did not have enough time to get out of the way of the incoming printing arm after it had just struck the ink ribbon and left its mark on the waiting sheet of paper; therefore, the printing arms on these antediluvian and diabolical devices of diction would often collide with one another in mid-stroke and force the typist to pry restive pieces of metal apart. Back in those days, it hardly mattered how many words per minute anyone could type on those clunky old devices so long as mechanical jams kept happening. So, what did the makers of these early typewriters do to fix this jamming problem? Did they try to improve their product? No, they just chose to scramble the letters on those old keyboards with the intention of slowing down even the fastest of secretaries.

Of course, sooner or later, even this ingenious keyboard scrambling hack could no longer slow down the best typists in the business. The best typists of the 19th century eventually became so wickedly fast on their chaotic keyboards because humans can adapt to almost anything, even magic. Sure, we have all heard stories about how separating commonly used pairs of letters like S and T would actually make typing faster! But, hang on… what about all the commonly used pairs of letters on your QWERTY keyboard, like WE, ER, RT, AS and GH?

More to the point, even if the mixed-up QWERTY keyboard served some solid purpose back in 1874, then why was this mixed up keyboard design not abandoned half-century later with the introduction of the electric typewriter, and why was the old keyboard design not discarded in the 1960s when IBM made the first hammerless electric typewriter?

Magic always relies on the negative, never the positive, just as genetic adaptations in biological organisms, whether natural or through selective breeding, always occurs when information is decreased within the DNA strands, but never when information is increased. Magic acts like a stain once is has been imbued into the matrix of a society, or when it has been imbued into the soul of an individual, plus a magical stain never leaves once it has been made, which explains why America is still stuck with the ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade and why America will never pull its troops out of the Middle East. Whether it is a card trick, an international political-blackmailing operation, a child-sex trafficking ring, or a honeypot ploy, magic always relies on deception and slowing down the subject and all of its observers.


Image courtesy of islandwavesnews.com

Retardation, to put it simply, is the sine qua non of magic, without which only truth would remain, and what good is truth?

If you are still having trouble believing that magic exists, then consider these two simple examples:
#1. Coffee does not wake you up; it just suppresses your sleep function.

#2. Booze does not make you into a brilliant philosopher; it just suppresses your inhibitions.

Now do you see how this works?

Imgflip.com Confuscious Say

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

While we are on the subject, your computer does not slow down to a crawl after its warranty runs out simply because you have stored a few too many pictures and documents inside it. No, once your old computer begins to perform poorly, the manufacturer knows that you will simply transfer all your data to a new computer and they know that your shiny new computer will run great… until the warranty on that new machine eventually ends as well. The people who make computers program them to slow down over time so that their customers are forced to buy new computers every few years — just like magic!

Every time you fill out a government form, you are being retrograded by magic because the onerous forms that you are forced to fill out are never meant to actually help you, but you already know this in an intuitive manner. However, here is one additional thing to consider… the act of filling out governmental forms does not really help the government either! Do you think that the government does not already know all of the information that they are demanding in their forms? And please, do not even get me started on HIPAA forms. So, how does generating more unnecessary documentation about your health history protect your health privacy?


Image courtesy of islandwavesnews.com

For 2,000 years, magicians have forestalled our ancestors by constantly confounding them, endlessly delaying progress, and continually preventing the spread of charity, love, understanding, and spiritual synergy wherever they possibly could. The result of this ongoing gaslighting process has been fighting endless wars and suffering under a capitalist system of state-sponsored usury that pits people against one another. In this system of enforced usury, brothers are aligned against brothers, Christians are antagonized against Muslims, Buddhists are manipulated into fighting Hindus, blacks are goaded into hating whites, and even women are played off against men while parents are deployed against their own children — and for what? So that Benjamin Netanyahu can brag about how the tech sector in Israel “punches way above its weight”?

And just why, pray tell, are the tech giants all moving to Israel? Why for the magic of course! Which brings us back to the sex magic games that Epstein played.

So, what was Jeffry Epstein’s particular brand of sex magic? Well, one fine example of Epstein’s magic at work is illustrated by following the career of Mr. Denny Hastert. It should now be perfectly clear how a forgettable high-school wrestling coach not only got himself elected to the House of Representatives back in the 1980s, then quickly worked his way up to being the Speaker of the House by 1999, and finally earned an honorable retirement from congress before eventually being exposed as a serial pederast.

Imgflip.com trafficed woman

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

You would think that Hastert’s relative lack of education when compared to the lawyers that constitute the majority of the people who serve in Congress might have been an impediment to him having such a distinguished career in politics, but the most important question is why nobody noticed that Hastert was sexually abusing young boys during his meteoric rise? The truth is, Denny Hastert rose to the third-highest political office in the America BECAUSE he was a pedophile, not in spite of it, and as long as public knowledge of his sordid activities could be hidden, then he was forced to serve the will of his masters. The will of Mr. Hastert’s masters was to have their errand boy delay, and perhaps stop, any undesirable legislation from ever reaching the floor of America’s House of Representatives.


Undesirable to whom you ask? Exactly! Start asking yourself this question, before it is too late.


This, my friends, is magic, and this is magic as it has been practiced for centuries by the imposters who remain largely invisible. Remaining inviable while practicing the art of magic is itself an act of magic… and this is the blackest type magic by far! By way of deception they wage war, and the most important aspect to this deception is the fact that it is often illegal to even ask who these people are, which brings us to the topic of AI, i.e. artificial intelligence. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is probably the most misleading name ever given to any branch of technology.

imgflip.com na ting wong

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Today, you are constantly told that you will soon have a self-driving car and an attentive refrigerator that will warn you when your cartons of yogurt are about to spoil; however, the real goal of AI is to spy on you. A car that can drive itself will obviously be able to tell alphabet “intelligence” agents where you have been and where you are now, but you will also be assured that such information could never fall into the wrong hands. Assurances that none of the information which is constantly being collected about you will ever be misused is likely to come from the same guys that were mentioned earlier who are happily munching bagels in that base beneath Tel Aviv. And remember, you have been told over and over again that Tel Aviv will soon become the new Silicon Valley for the entire world, so just shut up and cheerfully accept the Great Reset you dumb goy! Or else you will be left behind.


Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Your new AI-assisted car can also be immobilized by remote commands or launched headlong into oncoming traffic with the press of a button, as is suspected to be the case for one of Vladimir Putin’s advisers who, the media assured us, simply lost control of his car and died in the ensuing wreck. Yeah right, but do not worry you dumb goy, such incidents will only be carried out by the proper authorities.

This form of “self-driving” AI is already being sold to the public as a way to catch criminals and ensure communal safety by preventing high-speed chases from ever happening in the first place, just like taking your shoes and belt off at the airport prevents Arabs from flying airplanes into buildings! Right, and do not even think about bringing an 8-oz. bottle of breastmilk onto a plane for your newborn because that liquid just might be a bomb!

The goal of implementing mass-scale AI, no matter how you slice it, will be to intrude into your life, to slow you down, and if necessary, to disconnect you from certain key features of the modern economy, like freedom of mobility and access to credit. This planned ability to digitally excommunicate disagreeable people will eventually include full ostracization from all aspects of life which you will not be able to exist without and will happily pay more on a monthly basis for these services than you would pay to feed your family. In this grand new future, you will not own anything at all, but as you have no doubt heard, you will have unlimited credit! Well, sort of… and you will love it! … Or else.

Thad AI Takeover

Image courtesy of reddit.com

Today, low interest rates masquerade as a “thriving economy,” “safe sex” pretends to be love, abortion is touted as “freedom”, sex-education is classified as real education, pornography is labeled “free speech,” internet censorship is rationalized as “protection for minorities,” watching professional sports (including fishing!) is substituted for authentic social interaction, militarism is mislabeled “patriotism,” Darwinism is taught as “biology,” the CERN Hadron Collider is discussed as if it were “philosophy,” the fashion industry is marketed as “culture,” postmodern art is displayed as if it were… well art, and modern architecture is palmed off as actual architecture.


Image courtesy of coalregioncanary.com

Then we have smart phones, smart cities, smart cars, NASA (which still plans to send a lesbian to Mars even though the last one actually committed a crime while floating around in “space”), and finally, the coup de grâce for Christendom is transgenderism being marketed as the height of human self-expression and the epitome of cutting-edge medical science! What could possibly go wrong?


Dumb goy, we know what is best for you, so shut up while we stuff this tube down your throat — moron.


Everything mentioned earlier is a form of magic that has been designed, sanctioned, and promoted to trip you up, to separate you from your family and community, and to separate you from your ekklesia.  The word ekklesia is always mistranslated from its original Latin to English as “church” in most version of the bible, but this word really has nothing to do with any building or piece of real estate because the true meaning of this term is congregation, i.e. people. Misunderstanding the idea of ekklesia is a crucial distinction that is lost on anyone who is preoccupied with any of the misdirections that were cited previously, especially within the ranks of our ruling class, and especially if these ruling elites have a predilection for underage sex. Anyone who has a taste for child sex is a person that has been abandoned by God and who has been captured like a caged animal in the cold embrace of Satan’s worldly magicians which all possess licenses to kill, if not to kill the body, then certainly to kill the soul.

Who is Jeffrey Epstein exactly? Well, he is Jewish, and nobody can deny this fact; however, one other thing is certain: the Mossad takes very good care of its own people. So, what did Epstein’s activities represent from a historic perspective? Simple, Epstein’s activities represented everything that is presently wrong with America. Okay… but wrong according to whom?




May God have mercy on our souls.


Image courtesy of the New York Post. 

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  1. The Jewish Press claimed that Epstein’s island was not under US Jurisdiction. Yet they never said whose it was under. This was all a damned lie! The key is in finding out what the OFFICIAL name of the island really is. Which they would never tell us. No it isn’t Epstein’s Island in case you’re wondering. Once you discover the actual name of the island. I found out online by just asking, “What is the name of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island?” Then look for it using Google Earth. Lo And Behold! You will discover it is part of the US Virgin Islands. That it was under the jurisdiction of Washington all along. “Will wonders never cease?”

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