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National Socialism In Cyclical Time. Installment #6. The Naval of the Earth (PART ONE)


National Socialism In Cyclical Time

Installment #6

The Naval of the Earth (PART ONE)

During the early years of the Aryan Migrations the bottomlands of the Nile Valley in Egypt were even more extensive and fertile than they are now. The hinterlands which are now desert were open savannah similar to what one would now see in the Serengeti of Tanzania. A time when Egypt had a wetter and more temperate climate than they do now.

The Aryan Nobility, overwhelmingly at least, eventually settled in the bottomlands of the Nile. They established themselves as an agrarian people, renowned for their wisdom and peaceful disposition. At the same time the savannah came to be inhabited by nomadic bands of Black African hunter gatherers. The two groups got along with each other. But there were no mixing of the bloods. These Aryans were very strict about that. There were already a small number of great abandoned structures, in very deteriorated condition, along the Nile when these Aryans arrived. This Aryan Nobility was described as quite tall, and on average, in the order of Seven To Eight Feet. They were very Fair Skinned With Blue Eyes And Red Hair.

Here we enter a veritable minefield on our journey. These were taller and in some cases far taller than other peoples. But they were people. The actual Giants were not human, though there were some outward resemblances, in some cases. The Giants were the predatory invaders from Jotunhiem (The World Of The Giants). There are several different varieties of Giants. The ones that concern us here are those described as of very large stature, with blue eyes and red hair, and they are Vicious Evil Predators.

One can see the problem here with so many seemingly and wildly conflicting traditions. I discovered the solution to this conundrum. By studying certain Native American Stories of these Evil Giants that described them as having double rows of teeth and six digits on the hands and feet. I had my palm to the forehead for a moment. I said to myself, “Now I know the answer to the dilemma. This description I have encountered before. That is how our Germanic Ancestors described the appearance and nasty disposition of the notorious Frost Giants. The arch-enemies of All-Father Odin & Co.”

During each Great Year (The approximately 26,000 years it takes our Sun to complete its orbit around the center of the galaxy.) there is established at the beginning of the Satya Yuga (Golden Age) a sacred center or navel of the Earth, from which is the exact point the lands and sacred sites are laid out FOR ALL PEOPLES, in reference to the other stars in the galaxy. The land surface of the Earth will change greatly over time so that the various Great Years will not always share the same navel.

In each Great Year there is a Sacred People selected to take care of the Sacred Center and keep everything in order. Not As Political Rulers, but rather as Judges and Civilizers. Each People has their own culture and spirituality but these Judges and Civilizers make sure that they maintain certain minimum standards so to speak. These special people maintain their influence through their wisdom, unwavering impartiality, and their firm but considerate dispositions. In order to maintain their impartiality they are strictly forbidden to intermarry with others. No matter how closely they may be related through blood.

The navel for the previous Great Year was located on a great land mass which lay in the Northern Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea). This wasn’t Atlantis, Lemuria, or Mu; which were located in other places. In time there came a Dark Age where Evil Ones Ruled. They began to fancy themselves as God. The Earths solid crust is only about fifty miles thick. It essentially floats on top of a semi-molten Mantle, in which convection currents exist. They cause the Mantle to expand and give support to the Crust. These Evil Ones through the misuse of certain very powerful crystals, inadvertently, or through divine punishment, caused these convection currents to fall away. This caused a great void to open up between the top of the Mantle and the bottom of the Crust. Certain people who found favor with the Higher Powers were warned. They managed to escape just in time, but just barely, what was about to happen. No longer supported by the Mantle the Crust over the void collapsed very quickly, and the sea poured into the depression. This is called a surface subsidence rather than earthquake.

Some of the survivors fled east to the Indian sub-continent. Other survivors fled by a round about route to Ireland. Certain key individuals went west to Egypt.  These latter would encounter the Aryans whom had settled along the Nile Valley. Under the guidance of the Higher Powers these two groups would merge. They restored the abandoned structures and added more of their own, as a part of establishing the new Navel Of The Earth in Egypt. This was that which was located specifically on the Giza Plateau. With this, The Aryan Nobility is established as the world’s Sacred People.

The other “Aryan” tribes settled across the lands to the north of Egypt in what would later be called Europe. These would become known collectively as the Men Of The North.

(This concludes this installment. The next installment will be The Navel Of The Earth – Part Two.)

Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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