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The 20 Eternal Laws of Nature that Govern Our Lives

Cover image furnished courtesy of EcoTour Adventures and buckrail.com

Editor’s Note:

The list furnished below is provided courtesy of John N. and does not necessarily reflect the Thule Society’s official beliefs.


We Believe in the Laws of Nature as they are Revealed through Science, History, Logic, and Common Sense

  1. 🔹 What is Nature? The broad answer to this question is not difficult: Nature is simply the whole cosmos and the universe in total including the innumerable natural laws that apply across space and time.
  2. 🔹 Our universe is governed by the laws of Nature.
  3. 🔹 The laws of Nature are fixed, immutable, and eternal; therefore, the laws of Nature are not subject to modification or interdiction.
  4. 🔹 The laws of Nature apply to living creatures just as firmly and
    relentlessly as they do to inanimate objects.
  5. 🔹 Individual humans and human races are creatures of Nature; therefore, individuals and races are both subject to the laws of nature.
  6. 🔹 Nature is interested in the survival of a species, not the welfare of individuals. Genetic survival is defined by continuity between generations.
  7. 🔹 Those that survive are those that can complete against others and either hold their ground or increase their numbers.
  8. 🔹Nature continually upgrades a species by culling the misfits, the sick, and the weak.
  9. 🔹 Nature shows that the struggle for survival is completely “beyond good and evil.” The struggle for survival is devoid of compassion, knee-jerk morality, or any sense of fair play. The only yardstick that really matters is survival, and the end (genetic survival) justifies the means.
  10. 🔹 Nature favors and promotes the segregation of each species and causes each sub-species to compete against each other.
  11. 🔹 Nature frowns upon mongrelization, cross-breeding, and miscegenation because Nature has given each species and sub-species an instinctive drive to mate with its own kind.

  12. 🔹 Nature has evolved a life cycle that each species must follow and these lifecycles are called instinct. Deadening or dulling instincts leads to the extinction of a species. The White Race in particular should take careful note of this natural law.
  13. 🔹 Nature is completely impartial to which species survives in hostile competition against others.
  14. 🔹 Nature compels each species to be completely indifferent to the survival of other species. Nature relentlessly strives to expand and multiply to the limit of its ability, for this reason, Nature tends to reserve love and tenderness for one’s own kind.
  15. 🔹 The leadership principle is instinctively ingrained in most animals, including birds, insects, and humans; therefore, the natural principle of leadership must form the foundation of social organization.
  16. 🔹 One species will sometimes wage wholesale war against another species, such as times when flocks of seagulls attack a swarms of locust or packs of wolves attack herds of musk oxen; however, fratricidal wars that pit members of a species against their own kind are against Nature.
  17. 🔹 In the realm of Nature, a stronger species does not retard its own advancement and expansion to assist a weaker species. There is no compassion between one species and another, there is only competition for survival.
  18. 🔹 Species themselves are continuously changing and evolving over time; however, evolution can be guided by deliberate selection, as in the breeding of horses. Species die out, new species evolve, and no species remains static; these principles also apply to humans. Changes are inevitable, yet changes are never automatically for the better; therefore, only strict, disciplined, and mindful application of eugenic principles can insure that change happens for the better.
  19. 🔹 Nature has given each creature a strong natural instincts to perpetuation of its own kind because instincts provide a blueprint that helps a species propagate its own kind generation after generation. A species must follow instinctive patterns or perish.
  20. 🔹 Eternal struggle is the price of survival. 

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  1. Leadership. This is right on, thanks!:
    15. The leadership principle is instinctively ingrained in most animals, including birds, insects, and humans; therefore, the natural principle of leadership must form the foundation of social organization.

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