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Happy Birthday Angel Hitler

This excellent article by Lorenz Kraus comes from Renegade Tribune at:


Angel Hitler’s 129th birthday is today. It is our feast day.  Feast on these truths.

What did Hitler want? Hitler wanted a German-serving government to protect blood-Germans on traditional German soil.

Hitler is a simple man to understand.

Hitler EVICTED Poland from German soil and repossessed what was rightfully hers.

He thwarted the Soviet Union’s planned invasion and conquest of Europe; otherwise, we would all be ‘speaking’ communism.

Hitler knew Jews CAUSE communism, which is the slavery of mankind to Jews. He led the slave revolt to save the Volk. A true Volksaver. To stop communism you have to stop the Jews. Hitler is the world’s true anti-communist. No one has done more to fight communism. Imagine the best years of your life suffocated by Soviets under a 45 year prison occupation sentence, which was the case for Eastern Europeans. Hitler tried to stop these and all subsequent crimes of communism.

Nevertheless, the world is better off that the Angel Hitler gave the world everlasting knowledge of the biological and existential threat of mankind’s veritable demonic enemy.


Your enemy is not your equal. He has no political rights. A ruthless leader denies Jews the chance to influence your system. You must ban the Jew to defeat the Jew. You don’t debate Jews. Your existence is not up for debate. Hitler took action against Jews. Action is effective. Hitler didn’t stand athwart history and cry, “stop, stop it!” He was not a feckless William F. Buckley conservative… a Limbaugh ditto head, getting picked on at the playground. He rallied a manly fight for Europe’s existence.

Hitler evicted Jews from Europe; they had no right to be there, in the first place.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

Hitler did not fall for the false song of inclusion.

“Goy, please goy, love your enemies. Love me. Diversity is your strength.”

“Let me manage your money, goy! I’m good with money.”

“Let me train your police, goy! I’m good at fighting terrorism.”

“Let me make your laws, goy! I’m good with the law.”

“Let me teach your children their values, goy. I’m am the light of the world, goy.”

“Goy, here is my 1000-page book to talk you out of your folk wisdom. Celebrate me as a world class genius and prophet of the age!”

“Goy, Jesus gave (((Peter))) the keys to heaven. Whose your god now, goy?”

“I can’t believe the goy bought my shit…AGAIN!”

The worst event in Europe’s history was the emancipation of the Jews. Once Jews gained equality, they demanded communism. They sought the slavery of the indigenous people who gave them human rights which they never deserved.  The holocaust is nothing more than when Jews lost control over Europe during the all-too-short Hitler period. Hitler was merely restoring the old order, when Jews were in the ghetto, to Europe for Europe’s sake. Hitler was putting the demons back into the genie bottle.

The eviction of Jews from Europe was a great thing that all politicians should aspire to. Hitler was a better European than the traitors running the European Union today… and everyone knows it. Europe needs an SS and the eurocrat-cucks prove it.

Everyday, more people understand that Hitler, warts and all, was an angel and a necessity; that if there is to be a Europe in 20 years, we need a million more Hitlers to finish the job. Exclusion is the answer.

Hitler restored German sovereignty. He restored self-determination to the German people, which was the alleged aim of World War One, yet denied to Germans. “Make the world safe for democracy,” cried Wilson. Germans elected Hitler. What’s the problem?

The vulture empires couldn’t stand nationalism anywhere. No empire can stand nationalism. Hitler conquered world empires with the intuitive truth of blood nationalism, a feat never to be repeated again. This is why Hitler is a hero across the world. Hitler is the voice of a generation and the voice nature. How could the word of nature, and nature’s presumed god, be wrong?


National Socialism is common sense Germanic folk wisdom. Hitler is the avatar of that folk wisdom. Hitler will never go out of style.

Nationalism is necessary, righteous, and beautiful.

Nationalism didn’t kill anyone wrongfully in WWII; Jewish imperialism did. The vulture empires didn’t want peace. Jews wanted to turn Europeans into debt-slaves or slaves of the gulag. Their vulture empires were fullyresponsible for the war. Jews are responsible for all the death of WWII. Morally, self-defense is fully exculpatory. Hitler did nothing wrong. Literally.

Israel’s Zionism depends on the evil of everyone else’s nationalism. Jewish imperialism goes against the natural order.

The axiom of a living Europe is that nothing truly counts besides its own existence. Jews have no standing. There is no debating Europe’s existence. The opinions of Jews have no meaning to us. Sweep them aside. We live our own story. We evict without mercy. 

Nothing of Europe can be held against its existence. Nothing German can be held against Germans.

You can’t blame natives for fighting off an invasive species. Germans are the natives of Europe. Jews are the infiltrators. Case closed. The lion has to do what the lion has to do. Jews gave the world collective punishment. They only understand and respect collective punishment.  Hitler gave the Jews what they dished out to everyone else. That works.

Jews don’t laugh at Hitler because Hitler was an angel.

Next time, they rest of us won’t be.

“May National Socialism be to the world, what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all,) the signal arousing men to burst their chains under which Jewish lies had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings of their sovereign Volk.” What Jefferson could have said, and what Americans will say, before it’s too late.

3 Responses

  1. This is such an inspired piece of writing! I really want to thank Lorenz Kraus for creating this for the fuehrer’s birthday.
    – Brian Ruhe

  2. Adolf Hitler was the avatar of Vishnu. The next to the last one before the final one Kalki comes to establish the Sattya Yuga (Golden Age). He is not truly dead and he did not really fail. He has simply changed forms and is now living elsewhere after moving things forward a ways. One incarnation at a time.

    Only a worldwide confederation of National Socialist states will leave the enemy with no soil in which to put down roots. That is why they hate it so. It is the only thing that can defeat their agenda of achieving a global plantation for themselves worked by mongrel goy slaves.

  3. Lorenz has conveyed much supportive thought in this piece, for which we appreciate. We do need thousands more of those carrying Hitler’s consciousness!

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