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Everyone is familiar with both Benevolent and Malevolent Karma.

But I think that there is actually a third form of Karma. Let us call it Ambivalent Karma. A karma based on random time and chance. Let me explain just what I am talking about.

For some time now the general bulk of the American population has been described by some as Insouciant. Insouciance=Apathy+Gulibility.


Take for example the Covid19 Hoax. Soon to be joined by Covid20 and so on into infinity. Most people believe exactly what they are told by authority figures and supposed experts regardless of how irrational and illogical it is. Why are they so gullibly stupid?


The answer is quite simple and can be expressed in one word. Apathy! All they are concerned with is chasing the Almighty Dollar and all of the Stuff it can buy. Outside of that they do not bother to do their own thinking. They just blindly accept the words of self-styled experts and authority figures. Who they expect to deliver them from all harm and bring them prosperity. Let us be reminded that Adolf Hiler deva defines intelligence as “The ability to engage in independent analytical reasoning.” Most Americans are quite frankly incapable of it.  Indeed they hate those who try to pressure them into it. They want to be told exactly what to think so that they can just regurgitate it if it is necessary. They have no interest whatsoever in learning why the world is as it is. Is it any wonder that they also swallow so easily the Holohoax con job?  I have sat in too many American college classrooms to have the slightest doubt about what I’m saying.  Now let us return to the subject of karma itself.


A National Socialist may incur Benevolent Karma and the Jew Malevolent Karma. But the American people as a whole are already getting a random karma based on nothing but time and chance, an Ambivalent Karma. Of course the Jew encourages and takes advantage of it. But we all know that Karma is never unfair though it can sometimes be brutal in its workings. The American People as a whole brought  this problem down on their own heads. Nobody made them listen to the Jew.


Some very ancient prophecies from millenia ago are very explicit about what the end result of this situation is going to be. The vast majority will perish in a random fashion at the hands of various calamities, both natural and unnatural. BUT! There are going to be random survivors. Who will have finally learned their lesson about taking responsibility.


Into this world now comes, or should I say returns, the Great Civilizers, the Aryan Nobility. To teach the survivors of the inhabitants of Midgard how to build a new and better world and bring on the Satya Yuga “Golden Age”. The Nobility of the Aryans will not be rulers as we conceive rulers. More like Priest-Kings, and Priestess-Queens in certain areas pertaining to women. Teachers, Elders, and Sages. Healers of body, mind, and spirit in a manner of speaking of The Earth, of Our Folk, and ultimately of everyone else.


The Children Of The Devil, what is left of them anyway after their debacle at Ragnarok, will be driven back into Helhiem and once again imprisoned there where they belong.  Their prison revolt and jailbreak now decisively crushed. Totally incapable of causing any serious problems during the Satya Yuga.


(I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Hel, female warden of Helheim, in the preparation of this vignette.)


Heil Hitler deva!

Randall Lee Hilburn

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