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Why Poland’s Jewish History Matters Today

This article is the introductory passage to an upcoming book written by Barbara Ann Novak. In this book, Novak discusses the importance of leaning about Poland’s 1,000 years of Jewish cohabitation. Novak wrote her book because she feels an overpowering need to share her personal experiences and she sees a desperate need to inform others about the extant dangers posed by Jews. Novak feels that Jews pose a terrible threat to the world’s people because the Poles were deeply exploited and truly troubled by the Jews for such a long time.

Novak’s book is an autobiography to a large extent, but this book is also intended to serve as a stern warning to people who are living today because the same patterns of Jewish exploitation that have tormented Poland for a so many centuries will be repeated on a world level and across a host of other nations if people remain unaware of the threats posed by Jewish scheming, tribalism, ethnocentrism, and malevolence.


Barbara can be found on her website https://www.queenofkaraoke.com

Barbara has a long history of activism for social justice and a long history of speaking out against Jewish tyranny; her forthcoming book about Poland’s long Jewish history is set to become a key academic reference for future future generations and a clarion wakeup call for the entire world concerning the dangers represented by unchecked Jewish influence and power.


Queen of Kareoke





You can read the lyrics to a song that I belted out with Rock Star / Rock Band as the universal Queen of Karaoke in Las Vegas. The song is called Home Sweet Home, and it was originally performed by the band Mötley Crüe.[i] The lyrics of this classic tune speak of sharing your heart with the world, and sharing my heart with the world is what I intend to do.


My heart’s like an open book

For the whole world to read

I’m on my way. Just set me free! Home Sweet Home.


In addition to being and author, I am also an accomplished portrait artist whose palette has wielded many colors. From the experience I gained painting portraits, I have learned that white is the color of God, yet are White people ever included in what is now called “diversity?” On the other hand, I have learned that Black is a non-color that is actually a mixture of three distinct hues, so perhaps the color White is really not a part of “Diversity.”

In this book, I have applied my artistic skills to intelligently describe the different peoples of the world. So, who are these different peoples of the world that I describe? In answer, I describe Whites, Yellows, Blacks, Browns, Reds, Jews, and half-breeds of all types.

Within the pages of my book, I may paint a mental picture that includes different races, yet I present a personal autobiography that exposes the worst enslavement in human history, and that enslavement is White Christian Poles who were held in servitude to Jews. When I say “Jews,” I am referring to the “Zionists” who occupy the racist state of Israel and lust for a new world-wide empire ruled from Jerusalem where nobody except Jews will ever prosper. In this text, I discuss the descendants of historical Jewish criminals, yet I also write about the ancestors of these Jewish miscreants.

Regrettably, entirely too many White people unknowingly adore and support Jewish criminals, and this has been the case since 1948. For the longest time, Jews have defamed my people by calling them Dumb Polaks. Another definition of “dumb” is “silent,” but I refuse to remain silent. When I was growing up, my mother repeatedly told me, “Barbara Ann, you’re smart and you’re intelligent.” I am grateful that my mother gave me so much love and support in my formative years because her encouragement has been an effective counter measure against all of the hatred Jews have directed against me for being Polish. I did not see it at the time, but all of the nasty things that the Jews said about me for being Polish was really a gradual attempt to murder my mind, and this is the worst kind of murder to endure. After having experienced Jewish attempts to murder my mind, I coined a new word: “Intellicide.” The word “Intellicide” describes the murder of a person’s mind or intelligence!

In my book I discuss:

  • Brother Eddie was a teacher of English Literature who said that Black women are the toughest women in the world. For sharing his opinion about black women, the local black community continuously sued Brother Eddie during his full 30 years of employment. The local black community also disliked Brother Eddie because he dared to fail black children if they did not pass his class, yet the black parents who were always suing Eddie conveniently ignored the fact that he also failed White children who did not pass his class.
  • The richest woman in the world is a Chinese Communist real estate agent who is buying up all of the properties in the USA, Europe, and South Africa.
  • Two Jewesses controlled all of the tax money going in and out of the US treasury!
  • By 2042, Mexicans and other non-Whites will constitute a demographic majority in America.
  • Whites have been financially supporting Native American women since 1620.
  • Hindu women have 9 slaves.
  • Half-breeds are the future.
  • Me, a good White woman — abused!


Why Does the Story of Polish Enslavement Matter?

A contemporary discussion about the history of Jews in Poland is relevant in our present time because 92% of all Jews alive today have ancestral ties to the White Christian nation of Poland, and these ties stretch back to the year 1025 A.D. Given the outlandish power that Jews wield on an international level, every nation and people on Earth need to study Poland’s relationship with Jews because Poland’s history will eventually mirror their own unless counter measures against Jewish power are taken.

A discussion about Poland’s relationship with Jews is also important because after World War II Jews from Poland seemed to magically arrive in America and Israel, and in 1934, the White Polish Ambassador named Count Jerzy Potocki wrote about the Jews extensively and discussed the significance of Jewish propaganda and how it relates to war. I admire Jerzy Potocki, so my blog features a painting of Count Jerzy Potocki’s royal father whose name was Roman Potocki. In this featured portrait, Jerzy Potocki’s father is caped wearing royal white fur. [ii]

Jersey Potocki had this to say:


Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe . . . President Roosevelt has been given the power . . . to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for. (1934)


In a similar fashion to what is happening in Western nations during our time, in 1931, Communist Russian Jews passed an “Anti-Semitism” law that was intended to protect Muslims and themselves because both groups can be considered “Semites.” However, the “Anti-Semitism” legal measures that were passed by Communist Jews in Russia were really intended to work against a third ethnic group; namely, White Christians. These “Anti-Semitism” laws were fueled by Karl Marx’s Jewish Communist revolution, and since 1917, Jewish Communism has claimed the lives of more than 100,000,000 White Christians, so any contemporary “Anti-Semitism” laws should be seen as a precursor to Communism that foreshadows mass killings of White Christians.

The countless deaths of White Christians at the hands of Jewish Communists began in 1917, and these mass killings lasted until the final fall of Saigon in 1975. The final fall of Saigon in 1975 is important because it marks the time when America finally ended its bid to stop the expansion of Communism in Vietnam that was masterminded by Jews and their Chinese Communist lackeys. The Vietnam war has special meaning for me because my husband fought and died in that conflict.

In light of all the death and suffering that Jewish Communism has unleashed on the world during last two centuries, and on White Christians in particular, I submitted my Anti-White / Anti-Christian Bill to the United States Congress back in 2018. The bill I submitted to Congress demands protection and equal rights for both Whites and Christians. I submitted this bill before Congress because there are presently no laws in place that protect White Christians; however, there are plenty of laws that militate against the continued existence of White Christians. By contrast, the present laws of the United States are built to protect and pamper the Jews, just as it has been in Poland for entirely too long. The bill I suggested would merely offset the worldwide deluge of Jewish “Anti-Semitism” laws that protect Jews and Muslims yet punish Christians. As of now, there is a separation between Christian churches and the secular American state; however, there is presently no such separation of church and state for American Synagogues and Mosques.

If you wish to help preserve the existence of White Christians, then please call, email, or send a paper copy of my Anti-White / Anti/Christ Bill  to your congressional representative just as I sent a copy of this document to my representative in Washington D.C. I sent a copy of the bill that I drafted to my political representative who was Billy Long of Springfield, Missouri at that time.[iii]


Communist Stalin’s 1931 condemnation of antisemitism

Under U.S.S.R. law, active anti-Semites are liable to the death penalty.[iv]

 Remember, the actions you take today will affect you and your descendants. When thinking about the future, ask yourself this: Will your White (Christian) children be executed if they challenge a Jewish-created conception of reality?  Furthermore, did you know that the countries where most White people live today have a political and social situation that mirrors the centuries of White enslavement in Poland?

If you are a White Christian and you do not want to be a slave to Jews, and if you do not want to see your descendants enslaved, then you must take immediate action and become “Enwhitened.”   The word “enwhitened” is a term I coined myself that means being a White person who is united with his community, living life to the fullest, and involved in community activism for his people. As stated in the Bible passage written below, Whites must all speak the same language and maintain a European dialect to communicate amongst themselves. To put things in perspective, American Jews have passed more than 672 unjust laws against Whites, but Jesus has simply commanded that White people obey three laws: Love your White God FIRST, love your White neighbor, and love your White self. If you are a White Christian, then think about the mountain of laws that have been written by Jews that specifically target White people. It is important to remember that anti-White laws written by Jews encompass hundreds of thousands of pages of text and these laws are still in effect.



To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.

 The laws of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening (En-White-ning) the eyes.

 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.


I have accidentally, or perhaps divinely, unlocked a secret that is 1,000 years old, and I have dedicated my book to sharing this important information. I have written my book to help derail any plans that the Jews who immigrated to the USA and Israel after World War II might have to transform the United States and Europe into White slave states. I wish to avert disaster for the world and for my people in particular by sharing the history of Poland’s enslavement to the Jews because the Poles have suffered starvation, illicit sexual exploitation, engineered illiteracy, and countless wars as a consequence of Jewish domination, so I do not want any other people to suffer a similar fate. The Pols have been silenced… until now!

What was a typical day in the life of a White Pole like while his country rotted under the ownership of Jewish bankers? In answer, typical Polish men have historically built the villages, constructed the castles, labored to erect the churches, and farmed the fields. In addition to performing all of the labor needed to keep life in Poland moving, the typical Polish men also spilled their blood in unending pointless wars against neighboring peoples, and these wretched conflicts were always deliberately engineered by Jews.

To add insult to injury, while the Polish people labored and fought in pointless wars, the Jews repeatedly set gunpowder around the bases of Polish churches and castles then blew them up. In the cycle of life under Jewish rule, White Polish people would unite to fight another fruitless war, then they would work to rebuild their country after each war. This diabolical cycle of wars, famines, and reconstruction efforts has repeated itself without a moment of peace or freedom for a millennium in Poland, but this cycle will stop!


[i] Home Sweet Home


[ii] https://barb-nowak.com/2019/04/white-polish-count-jerzy-potocki/

[iii] https://barb-nowak.com/2020/04/my-anti-white-anti-christ-congress-bill/

[iv] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalin_and_antisemitism

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