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Adolf Hitler, Eugenics, and the Higher Realms

The following article was written by Brian Ruhe. Enjoy!


Do Adolf Hitler’s Ideas About Eugenics Harmonize with the Grey Alien Agenda?

There is a lot of misinformation circulating concerning what Adolf Hitler envisioned for the future of eugenics, and the Thule Society now intends to set the record straight. There is misinformation surrounding pretty much everything that the world has ever heard about Adolf Hitler, and mountains of lies that are taller than the Himalayas have been dumped on Hitler since 1945 because he was the greatest and the most wholesome leader the world has seen in at least 1000 years.

With regard to eugenics, Adolf Hitler wanted Germans be as genetically similar as possible to the Germans who lived in pre-Roman times; in other words, Hitler intended to create a new race of pure Germans; however, Hitler never had ambitions of creating a master race. Foolish talk about Hitler running some type of diabolical scheme to engineer a new “Master Race” of German people is really just slander that has been directed against this noble man, and this same foolish chatter should be viewed as nothing more than idiotic propaganda used by Hitler’s enemies!

Although Hitler never suggested using eugenics to create a superior Aryan man, he certainly had an interest in improving the general quality of the Aryan race; for example, he definitely placed a lot of emphasis on promoting physical fitness and health. Contrary to what has been said about Hitler, he did have goodwill towards all races, an yes, Hitler’s goodwill to all races even extended to Jews. Despite all of the negative publicity that has been heaped on Mr. Hitler, he was actually a rather fair-minded fellow and he simply wanted to ensure that the Jews became properly contained for the protection of humanity and to insulate Jews themselves against the fallout of their own rotten karma.

Adolf Hitler’s plan was to see the nation of Germany progress beyond what had already been accomplished during the 3rd-Reich’s brief reign of 12 short years. Had National Socialist Germany thrived as a 1000-year Reich, then I image that Adolf Hitler and his successors would have continued to improve the Aryan race and humanity itself. For example, during his reign, Hitler established policies that were designed to keep the Aryan race as pure as possible by solemnizing state-sponsored programs designed to ensure proper marriage practices and by furnishing federalized protection and nurturing for White children.

Despite what has been heard by many people, before Hitler’s time as Germany’s chancellor, many nations, such as America, already had their own eugenics programs up and running. As mentioned previously, if Hitler and his political party had survived World War II, then their eugenics policies would have improved the overall quality of the German people, the entire Aryan race, and all of humanity.

With Germany overtaking all other countries by leaps and bounds in the fields of science and technology during Hitler’s reign as chancellor, eugenics is certainly something that the Fuhrer and his successors would have continued to support and empower if history had moved differently. Undeniably, if Hitler and his supporters had been given sufficient time to start their plans at the beginning 1934, then Hitler and his successors would have striven to genetically upgrade the Aryan race into a superior form of humanity, and there is no telling what new levels of mental, physical, and spiritual development could have been reached through Hitler’s seminal eugenics plans over a span of decades, centuries, and millennia.

National Socialism could have been the vehicle to upgrade and improve the entire human race starting back in Hitler’s time, and this planned improvement of humanity would have been an ideal outcome! If Hitler has been able to live out the rest of his mortal life, and if Hitler had been able to truly plant the seeds of his millennia-spanning plans, then goodness and light would have triumphed here on earth; but no, instead, the 3rd-Reich was destroyed in an immediate sense and good was also destroyed by evil for the time being, but this outcome often comes to pass across the span of human history.

Grey Alien Agenda

Where am I going with this line of thinking? What I am doing is introducing a line of parallel development where I compare Hitler’s eugenics plans to the Grey Alien agenda to create hybrids that are a mixture of humans and Grey Aliens. The intended purpose of creating a hybridized race of humans and Grey Aliens is to build a more evolved and improved version of humanity. There is a lot of literature, evidence, and discussions about the topic of cross-breeding humans and Grey Aliens; however, this topic is most-assuredly not accepted by the mainstream of our society.

In Suzy Hansen’s book, The Dual Soul Connection, she describes the process of creating a new race of human and Grey Alien hybrids. As Hansen noted in her book, “This is essential to achieve the final goal of a proliferation of future humans worldwide, who will instigate unprecedented positive changes within humanity and for our environment.” (pg. 93).

There are also plenty of other sources that support Hansen’s views about the topic of creating a new race of human and Grey Alien cross-breeds. Perhaps later, I will footnote more sources that support Hansen’s views, but for now, I am summarizing my own hypothesis that originates from my personal studies which consist of more than 2,000 hours of scholarship logged over the past 15 years. My studies on the topic of Grey Aliens and humans interbreeding average about 20 minutes per day, so my cumulative allotment of research time on this topic is quite formidable.

After countless hours of study and contemplation concerning the topic of developing a human and Grey Alien hybrid race, this is my hypothesis: There is a benevolent federation of planets, or a Universal Governing Body if you will, or whatever other names people might want to call this group. Names for this intergalactic group might also include the term Galactic Council. Additionally, evidence indicates that this pan-galactic governing body has been overseeing our planet for hundreds of millions of years, and perhaps the very creation of the Earth itself along with the arrival of the first forms of life also happened under the Galactic Council’s leadership. I do not know if the Galactic Council actually kick-started the development of all life here on Earth, and I do not expect to ever know if this is the case…at least not in this lifetime.

I also suspect that at least three alien factions have been vying for control of planet Earth for a minimum of 270,000,000 years, and these factions could be the Greys, the White Nordics, or the Reptilians. I do not have any convictions concerning who were the first beings to put humans on this Earth, but I do think that humans have been here for at least 300,000,000 years, yet probably not continuously. I am additionally convinced that at least four or five great civilizations have previously risen and fallen here on Earth.

Jumping forward, I suspect that about 45,000 years ago, the Greys upgraded Homo Sapiens, and the reference for this information comes by way of Richard Dolan’s new book titled, the Alien Agendas. In Chapter One, which is named, A Fresh Look at Our Origins, Dolan writes, “The genetic argument comes down to something known as the D allele of our microcephalin gene. The microcephalin gene turns out to be crucial for the development and size of our brain.” (pg. 12). In this chapter, Dolan also describes how this specific gene may have come from aliens and increased our brain size and also boosted our level of intelligence to that of present-day Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

I believe that over the past century or more, some faction of aliens have been quite busy upgrading human genetics once again, and I believe that millions of people are now being taken by aliens in processes that are commonly known as “abductions.” I have arrived at the conclusion that this systematic cataloging and collecting of humanity’s genes across our entire planet is and has been the focus of a large industrial-scale operation by whomever is behind this new genetic upgrading project.

An abductee named Jeff, who lives in Vancouver Canada, has written that a Grey Alien elder met with him personally many times since he was born and during these meetings this same Grey elder explained that his people “are working slowly and intuitively” to build a new hybrid race of humans and Greys. Also, many alien abductees have received an idea about a “great change” that is coming. This change that alien abductees speak of could take place in 5 years, 100 years, 200 years, or 1000 years — nobody knows. I think people tend to assume that these kinds of things will come sooner than they actually do, so if I had to venture a guess about when this “great change” was going to arrive, then I would estimate the Grey Alien agenda will continue slowly and in secret for many decades beyond our lifetimes, but I hope this change arrives sooner than that.

I truly believe that the end result of this Grey Alien hybridization agenda will be achieved by the Greys, and I think that the Greys will ultimately fashion a new breed of humans which will be able to communicate through telepathy. I am bringing up the topic of communicating via telepathy because this way of interacting with others seems to be the hallmark of various alien species that maintain relations with Earth and humanity.

This new type of human that is discussed by abductees will also possess “Quantum Dimensional Consciousness” in addition to having telepathy, which the Greys have relayed in their meetings with Jeff from Vancouver. As Jeff has noted, once humanity possesses the ability to communicate through telepathy, that is when planet Earth will finally be ready to openly join the Federation of Planets, and this is also the point where humans will start to exist as a spiritually-focused race. When humans communicate with one another through telepathy, this dot on the time line will mark the incept of a new Earth and a golden age characterized by peace, spiritual growth, and realizing much greater human potential.

Our current species of man has failed to develop spiritually because of our collective grasping mind, and it is long past a time for change. This needed change in the way that humans live and think will be characterized by a shift of direction onto a positive path marked by wise and loving guidance from the Greys who will act as  representatives and agents for the Galactic Federation. The Galactic Federation, which the Greys represent, also includes mantis-like beings who have of an even higher state of consciousness than the Greys, as well as the Nordics and others.

Currently, if people strive to develop themselves spiritually, then many of them will be prevented from progressing by the dark-souled people who presently control our society. World War II is the most powerful example of goodness rising and then being completely destroyed by the greater power of evil. Regrettably, during Hitler’s time, evil people who never allowed virtue and goodness to flourish stopped light and goodness from triumphing. If a similar National Socialist movement rose again today, then it would surely be destroyed as well by the powers of this present-day Jewish-controlled world of ours. I believe that the Jewish establishment is controlled by dark reptilian aliens who are above the Jews in the order of things, and I believe that this great cloud of darkness which now hangs over our world will simply vanish or be displaced as the Federation of Planets slowly awakens a new type of humanity in the times ahead.

It seems that Adolf Hitler’s aspirations to improve humanity will become a reality by way of the ongoing alien agenda that is progressing in our midst, and the Grey Aliens also have a higher conception of God which they wish to share with humanity. The world envisioned by the Grey Aliens is a society of order, benevolent, and hierarchical structure that is led by what appears as a white light, or as God. This white light that is described by abductees is similar to what Christians think of as God, the will of God, and doing God’s will. The Grey Aliens may be in charge of this world; however, the laws of karma are still above them, and the laws of karma are above all of us as well. I believe that the Grey Aliens are good, and I also believe that the Greys are also wise and well-intentioned towards humanity and the future of our planet.


This is my current hypothesis.

Brian Ruhe


Thule Society

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