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Reply to Email From Ammar

From: Ammar Al Dewani
Sent: Monday, June 22, 2020 2:13 AM
To: ThuleSociety
Subject: Re: Installment for The Thule Society

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if you can really help me in miserable life for almost 6 years , nothing works fine for me

I’m not a beggar but I just wanted a normal job to just try to survive in this mad f world specially in 3rd world countries , thank you all.

Yours Sincerely مع الشكر والتقدير

Ammar Hashim
Web Developer And Designer


Dear Ammar, email: info@safnah.com;

What you don’t appear to know, is that nearly all of the USA and much of the rest of the world are in your same difficulty. The Sons of Satan have attempted to break every country and culture, again! In India, they starved millions to death in the early 1930s in Bengal. Look up the ‘Bengali famine’. Hitler had the only healing answer that really worked, but most countries are too afraid to try his National Socialist order for fear of those Sons of Satan, who believe they are, “The Chosen of God” superior to all others. Just their believing that eliminates them from the Creator’s roster! When in fact they are the self confessed Children of the Devil, their Father the Devil. Never make a deal with them! By obligation they must lie to you and deceive!

You might try leading a group of anti-Communists. The Communists are right now causing your situation, where you have not been able to obtain work. These Devils that look human, are impoverishing countries around the world, so that they are weakened and can easily be taken over by them! They are causing economic disaster around the world right now. National Socialist Germany was the only country in history that recovered, from a massive depression like the one the world is in now, in just 3 1/2 years, by following the National Socialist outline for prosperity, Hitler brought Germany from the most devastated/starving nation to be the strongest nation in the world. He said that building armaments make a nations poor, for there is no return on that investment. But, investing in your people and what they can produce, will make prosperity.

May Vishnu Bless you! مع الشكر والتقد

Nayaswami Shankari

Ammar Hashim
Web Developer And Designer @ Safnah.Com صفنة دوت كوم
Mobile: +90 536 2301 563 | @ : info@safnah.com | w: www.safnah.com

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